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Extra Ordinary (2019) Movie Review

This Movie Review is the Brain Child of so many different personalities!!!


MPAA Rating


Running Time

94 minutes


Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman


Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman

Since you’ve spent so much time over the past couple of months watching movies in the theater and then going to public restaurants publicly, you might want to slow it down just for a little bit. You’ve got the entire summer to go outside and play.

Might as well spend some time indoors for a chance. Maybe watch a movie on your own television instead of driving over to your local theater and seeing it on a 40-foot screen. A little change will do you good.

I hope you had a wonderful time with other members of the community.

Sorry to hear that. I’m doubly sorry to hear that because, being dead, Mr. Greengrass can’t read this Extra Ordinary review. He loved to read my reviews.

Just because Mr. Greengrass is dead doesn’t mean you can’t read this review. If this feels like something you might want to see, maybe you can watch it at home before you go out again. You can only see the newest Marvel movie in theaters so many times.

Rest assured, this Extra Ordinary review has consequences…and you might not like them.

No, I was just trying to sound ominous.


Extra Ordinary opens with a “videotape” playing in a “video cassette recorder”. We’re watching the locally popular videocassette series by psychic and seer of ghosts Vincent Dooley (Risteard Cooper). He has the extraordinary ability to see into the other realms. So much so that he’s parlayed it into a moderately successful franchise of tapes you can purchase from television if you’re up way past midnight.

Extra Ordinary opens again years later. Vincent is dead. He’s survived by his very pregnant daughter Sailor (Terri Chandler, don’t ask Sailor her real name) and his very single other daughter Rose (Maeve Higgins- don’t ask her why she’s not married).

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Vincent died under very f*cked up circumstances and Rose blames herself for her father’s death.

Rose is right to blame herself because it’s all her fault and Vincent would still be alive if she didn’t ruin anything by her very presence. Maybe that was a little harsh.

You see, Rose has some of Vincent’s extraordinary abilities. She can see and hear into the other realms just like her father but has chosen to lead a more ordinary life because when she uses her abilities, people get hurt and some (her dead dad) even die.

Now Rose wiles away her days as a driving instructor. She’s very okay at it. People still solicit her if they’re dealing with any paranormal activity, but Rose does her best to ignore them.

We’ll get back to Rose in a bit.

Maybe the girl on the right really doesn't want pizza.

Maybe the girl on the right really doesn't want pizza.

We also meet Martin Martin ( Barry Ward- and yes, that’s his name) and his teenage daughter Sarah (Emma Coleman). Martin’s wife has been dead for almost a decade, but she just can’t help sticking around and interjecting herself into Martin’s waking life. Sarah’s getting tired of mom still being around, but Martin can’t let her go just yet.

Sarah wants her father to get in touch with Rose so dead mom will stop contacting them. It’s not that Sarah didn’t love her mother, it’s just that after 8 years, it’s finally time to let go.

We’ll get back to Sarah and Martin in a bit.

We’ll also meet crooner Christian Winter (Will Forte). He had that one famous song a while back and nothing he’s released since has even charted. He’s known as “one-hit Winter” and Christian’s grating wife Claudia (Claudia O’ Doherty) never lets him her the end of it.

Christian needs some help getting back on the charts. He’s made a new album. He’s also enlisted in Satan’s help in getting him money and fame. But he has to find a virgin to sacrifice to the dark lord. You know how that goes…

Fortunately, Christian’s use of the dark arts has led him to the Martin residence, where Sarah has been deemed the best virgin sacrifice.

Maybe someone with the ability to see ghosts and commune with the afterlife can save Sarah.

And maybe…the world.


What Works With Extra Ordinary

  • Will Forte’s droll delivery of his lines as the hilariously inept Christian is the only thing in the movie that consistently gets laughs. He’s not playing anything too different from any of his Saturday Night Live characters, but he commits so fully that whenever the movie drags you wish they’d cut to Christian.
  • “Don’t Awaken a Hanging Goat”- This phrase will now be used to get you into any Eyes Wide Shut orgies you may be invited to after you go to the movies.

What Doesn’t Work With Extra Ordinary

  • While the movie’s never, or rarely, boring, you’ll find yourself smiling and waiting for a joke to detonate more than actually laughing. After the movie ends, you’ll recount at least half a dozen opportunities where the movie played it too safe and the laughs became mere chuckles because the production was too tame.
Maybe they should just go around her.

Maybe they should just go around her.


Extra Ordinary is merely an ordinary horror-comedy. It’s worth your 90 minutes if you’re in the mood for something light and fluffy with a side of gore. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

And when you go about town please pick up something for me at the dozens, nay hundreds of open local eateries.


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