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Extended Synth Single Review: "VideoSomatic" by Red Stoned Dog

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VideoSomatic kicks off with big, hollow-sounding drums that are joined by a rough-edged, oscillating synth pulse. The power of the drums only increases as a bright line of relatively warmth synth moves over them. The heavy drums and jagged synths are joined by a repeating chip tune line that moves over them.

The main section features a heavy, growling synth underneath a wandering line of brightly chiming sounds. There's a break through which more chip sounds wander before the electric guitar fuzzes and cuts in.

A slightly dissonant wall of synth fills the space behind the guitar as a wandering, gentle line of synth drifts in over the wall of power behind it. There’s a return to the high, chiming segment shimmers out above all the aggression, weight and growl behind it and the massive percussion clashes and slams into the other musical elements and the track fades out.

Howling, snarling electric guitar starts “Out of Simulation” before the hard-hitting drums come in along with a deep growl of bass. A dancing, shining lead synth with a minor key twist winds out over the battering drums and howling guitars.

There is a powerful drive from the drums as the guitars shred and an oscillating synth pulse with a hollow feeling shifts and shudders through the music. The drums keep up their aggression while the shining lead synth vaults over seething weight underneath it.

There’s a delicate, minor key piano melody that moves over the snarling edges and jagged strength under it before we return to the main melodic segment of the track.

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“Overlighted" comes to life with delicate, brightly metallic synths that reverberate out over the soft sounds flowing under them. An a uplifting, soaring melody dances over the gentleness flickering under it before a powerful, gritty growl comes in underneath and the drums being their throbbing.

Electric guitar growls under the thick, shifting drifts of synth and drive of the drums before a nasal, hollow synth and the echo of piano keys over the hard hitting rock drums and the storm of guitar sound as that minor, almost classical sounding melody line cascades and spins out over the pounding of the drums and the gritty noise of the guitars.

Another rather classically-inflected, minor section moves out over the charge of the drums and guitars, stacked and full of aggression and we get back to the gentler main melodic section although the drums still hit hard and the guitar still slices with power.

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