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Experimental EP Review: "Like Kaiju Vermin" by Wiley Soule

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Wiley Soule’s Like Kaiju Vermin is a skittering, rumbling journey through challenging, unsettling and mind-bending auditory experimentation. It is rich with tones, textures and timbres all meeting in madly varied sonic combinations.

“not even your moon (for Delaney)” commences as a reverberating, sweeping glide that has breadth and depth to it, laps around the rich, slipping sound that breathes into the music.

There’s delicacy as a quick burst of radio-like static moves in and out, ghostly and ethereal while the shadowy depths tremble below it. A burst of jagged, heavy sound breaks in along with clattering chains to add a darkly metallic sensation while battering sounds bounce off one another.

A watery wash is joined by bending, grinding noise and static crackle. Sounds arise, tumble through the track and fade as violent noises clash and expand. The track trips and pops, shattering and scraping as a wet splatter of noise is touched by more delicate notes like a distorted xylophone.

Thunder rumbles and open sounds flutter before bell-like chiming sounds add metallic light. The track's underpinnings vibrate and clatter together while round sounds ring out in distorted jangles that flutter in and fade. The track becomes more broken and violent again, sonic shards breaking in to rattle and slice as the windy rush and watery trickle end the track.

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Chiming sounds move above a skittering wash of radio scanning sound as a broken series of drumbeats trembles to open "come we, like kaiju vermin.” A wall of intertwining, shivering noise breaks in with an uneven and unsettling series of squelching pops. Snatches of what might be singing, along with a distant and muffled voice move tripping, trickling sounds.

A burst of static-filled, broad noise moves along with sounds hovering on the edge of coherence but never really getting there. This is sound unable to find a centre or meaning, but feeling like it wants to do so.

The chittering, popping, uneven soundscape twines together hard and soft parts, razor edges and summer breezes. It is a challenging auditory exploration that unfolds in shattered, disconnected fragments.

“a scudding low-god breath” starts as vibrating, metallic sound echoes into wide open space, swelling and diminishing in slow waves. Shivers of quick sound, a thundery rumble and a droning, chiming string-like noise move together.

Broad, hollow tapping moves over bass rumble that shifts ponderously. Quick sparks of tighter, higher sound scuttle through and a scraping noise rattles as the gigantic void is also cut by electric zapping.

The colossal weight below howls and grinds below the other sonic elements. There’s a haunted twist as the vague hint of what might be voices moves over the sweeping, twisting sounds around it. Another unbelievably heavy bass rumble carries on below.

The metallic ringing and muscled heaving move together as a snarling, demonic vocal sound rattles through the music, threatening and deep. There’s a deeply unsettling feeling emanating from the sounds as windy wobbles and scraping, tapping noises move along with a watery wash. This is uneasy, uncomfortable and intense sonic exploration.

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