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What Does Martha Stewart Have That I Don't Have??

Martha with her two  French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey

Martha with her two French Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey

I'm always comparing myself to Martha Stewart. What does she have that I don't have? We both have brains and imagination. She just uses her gifts in better ways than I do. Martha Stewart is the person I most admire. If I am asked that question, I don’t hesitate; I don’t even have to think twice. I admire this American Icon, Martha Stewart. I’d like to pattern my life after Martha. Maybe not so much on a personal level, because she hasn’t been too lucky in the man department (if you know what I mean). There are those people who have worked very closely with her that say she is hard to get along with. Some of those people use more colorful language to describe working with Martha. Underneath that hard exterior, I think she has a wonderful sense of humor: Just watch the videos below and listen to her laughter! Martha Stewart is talented in so many ways. I personally think she is a genius!

Martha Stewart Was Named The Woman Of Our Time

Martha Stewart was named by the New Yorker magazine as “The Woman of Our Time”. So, like her or hate her, you have to give her credit for her many talents. She would not be where she is today without her brains and hard work. Martha and I are a lot alike. We could be sisters. I have tried to learn from Martha. I don’t make a move to do anything until I consult her.

Martha And I Have A Lot In Common

We are about the same age:

Ok, so I have a couple of years on her, and I have a few more wrinkles. If I could afford to go to beauty spas and have facials like Martha probably does, I’d have fewer wrinkles, too.

We both prefer to wear long sleeved blouses. Have you ever noticed: Martha is hardly ever seen wearing short sleeved tops. I haven’t figured out why she wears long sleeves all the time. She was asked by a guest on her radio show recently if she had any tattoos. She answered NO. There have been rumours that she does have tattoos on her arms. I wear long sleeved shirts and blouses because I have fat, flabby arms.

We are both blond:

Well, I was blond all my life, does that count? I refused to go grey for a long time and remained a blond with the help of the bleach bottle. I have since given up being a blond, and now my hair is almost white. If you want white hair like mine, you have to raise at least seven children like I have done

We both learned cooking and sewing at our Mother’s knee:

I’ve never been asked to write a cook book like she did, even though my cakes and pies have won numerous prizes at our County Fair.

My Mother taught me how to sew at an early age just like Martha’s Mother taught her. I happen to think I am an excellent seamstress. I made my children’s clothes until they became embarrassed to wear “homemade” clothes. They begged me to buy them “store bought” clothes.

Martha excels in making crafts by hand:

I enjoy watching her make beautiful crafts on her TV show, and I have copied her every move. She even has written books about her crafting talent . Now her products are in the big Craft Stores. She has even invented special tools to make perfect circles in different sizes. In every aisle in the craft stores, you find sale items bearing her name.

Everything I make looks like I made it. I make lovely handmade gifts for all my friends for Birthdays and at Christmastime. When I go to my friend’s home I never see the things I made for them out for display at their houses, and I wonder why that is. I think my crafts are beautiful. I make them just like Martha does; you know, wreaths covered in pine cones with lots of ribbon.

Martha and I are both publishers. She publishes a sleek magazine called Martha Stewart Living which if just full of her ideas. She has publishes numerous cook books, crafting and others.

I am a publisher, too! I am not as famous as Martha, and my works have not been read world wide like Martha, but I do publish at HubPages. You can, too! It's fun and profitable!

Flowers From Martha Stewart's Garden


Martha Stewart's Vegetable Garden In Neat Rows

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Martha Stewart's Dogs: Francesca And Sharkey


Other Things Martha Stewart And I Have In Common

Martha and I both love beautiful flowers. Her flower gardens are absolutely beautiful:

Maybe mine would be beautiful if I had full time gardeners tending to them, and if I had a huge greenhouse like she does for her Orchids. My Orchids hang from a big tree to protect them from the hot sun. In the cool weather, I have to bring them inside.

She grows her own vegetables for her cooking: She always has fresh lettuce and tomatoes for her salads.

I tried a vegetable garden once, and the pests ate my beans and corn so fast I never had the chance to eat any. I buy my veggies from the supermarket now.

Martha even has her own flock of Chickens: She has fresh eggs for all her baking.

I tried raising chickens so I could have fresh eggs. The hens didn’t get old enough to lay eggs before the raccoons ate all my chickens. Now, I just buy my eggs.

We both love our dogs. Martha has two French Bull Dogs: Francesca and Sharkey. They are so well behaved that she puts them up on her studio kitchen counter (the same one where she cuts up the chicken and veggies). I roll my eyes in disbelief when I see that. I have seen her dog’s clothes that she designed. She has Francesca and Sharkey model the clothes on her show. I tried to copy her doggie designs that she had on her website. My Miniature Schnauzer, Baby, wouldn’t even go on a walk with me wearing the outfits I made for her. I thought they were quite beautiful and chic.

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes


Martha Stewart and I Both Love To Cook

Whenever I have a baking project to do, and I’m not sure about how to do it, I go straight to Martha Stewart’s website. I can always find an answer. I have to admit, my end result doesn’t always look like Martha’s, but more times than not, my results are satisfactory. When my Daughter celebrated a birthday and wanted a Christmas theme with cupcakes, I asked Martha for ideas. Following her instructions, I made beautiful cupcakes that were the rave of the party. Martha even taught me how to make and roll out fondant. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that. Now I know how, thanks to Martha. Martha instructed me on how to build a cupcake tower to display my cupcakes. I can always count on Martha for the right information.

The Cupcakes and Cupcake Tower Martha Stewart Taught Me How To Make

Martha Spent Time In A Federal Prison

Martha was convicted of lying to investigators about her stock sale. She spent five months in a Federal prison. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! She spent her time teaching fellow inmates how to run their own businesses and build their own empires. Would that experience kill the Martha Stewart empire? No, she just came out and continued to expand into other avenues. You really have to admire a woman like that.

Bloopers From Martha Stewart's TV Show: Funny!

More Funny Bloopers From The Martha Stewart TV Show

I Can't Compare With Martha Stewart

There is NO way I can ever come up to Martha Stewart. Her name is on just about everything, it seems: Pet products, Home Furnishing, Carpeting, Craft, Cooking Supplies, even "green" cleaning products. I just have to admire a person like Martha. I don’t think she invents all these products, but I do believe before she will allow her name to be associated with the product; she will try it and make sure it meets with her approval.

Martha is an expert in cooking, crafts, home improvement, gardening and more fields. She is a magazine publisher among all her other businesses. How does she do it, I ask??

I don’t think there will ever be another Martha Stewart. I will continue to “pick her brain” and follow her advice because I think she is a pretty smart gal! I admire her very much.

I just read that the Martha Stewart Show will no longer be shown on the Hallmark channel. I looked forward to watching her show every day. What will I do now? Who can I turn to for advice?

I hope she will be back on the air very soon. I miss her already. In the meantime, I have subscribed to her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. Every issue is packed with wonderful recipes that I save, but never get around to making.

I just read an article she wrote in the November, 2012 issue that just astonished me! She writes that in her Bedford farm, in order to prepare her schrubs for the Winter, she wraps them in six foot wide burlap! Not only does she wrap them, she sews the seams together. This is where she and I differ.....I just would not go to all that work.