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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

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The greatest movie that nobody will ever see. The screenplay was nearly perfect. The film editing was precise and purposeful. The score was beautifully in tune with the events on screen. The costume design is Oscar worthy. The directing style is like nothing I’ve seen before. While it feels independent, it also feels like it should be deserving of the limelight.

There are plenty of times where you might ask yourself if you are going to be able to continue following, keeping track and understanding the direction the film takes you. But you will surprise yourself by never actually getting lost. The film does an excellent job never giving you more than you can handle, but still never holding your hand through the trickier parts.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have somehow mastered how to get their audience to experience multiple emotions all at once, then a completely different set of them only seconds later. The film keeps you engaged for the full two and a half hours, but still manages to let you wander off in your own mind, drawing parallels into your own life while still giving the movie your attention. It was wonderfully done, and while nobody will watch it, I believe that everyone should.


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