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Even without Meat Loaf There Are Ten Musicians Who Could Be On Your Dinner Table

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Badfinger and Meat Loaf Were Both Produced by Legendary Artist Todd Rundgren


Marvin Lee Aday changed his name completely before he embarked on his music career, although he did keep the same first initials. The Grammy-Award winning singer, who became a household name as Meat Loaf, passed away on January 20 at age 74.

Meat Loaf was one of the few musicians who could be present in food form at your dinner table, using either stage names or given names. Here are ten other solo artists or band members who could also lend their names to items that might be part of your dinner, only to reduce the number of meat items I excluded some folks like Captain Beefheart and Michael Franks.

1. Bun E. Carlos

Cheap Trick's drummer made plenty of bread backing Rick Nielson, Robin Zander and Tom Peterson classic hits such as “Surrender”, “Dream Police” and “I Want You To Want Me.”

2. Adam Met

Brothers Ryan and Jack could be included here as well, as their initials form the band name AJR, who made a sensational album OK Orchestra in 2021.

3. Iggy Pop

As front man of the Stooges he created a lot of art rock, while his last name would also provide a “pop”ular dinner time drink.

4. Robert Lamm

Outside of guitarist Terry Kath, Lamm is probably the most important catalyst in the rock band Chicago.

5. Pete Ham

Not only did he win a Grammy for writing Nilsson's “Without You”, but he also founded the Beatlesque Badfinger of hits like “No Matter What” and “Day After Day.”

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6. Fiona Apple

The indie artist has been making quality indie records for over twenty years, but her debut album and “Criminal” won her the 1996 Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

7. Stu Sutcliffe

He was the original bassist for The Beatles, deciding to abandon the music world to pursue his interest in art.

8. John Cale

Paris 1919 was his most accessible solo record, as it proved that the talented musician could succeed after the demise of Velvet Underground.

9. Lol Creme

Along with Kevin Godley, Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, Creme formed 10cc, makers of timeless hits like “Dreadlock Holiday,” “I'm Not in Love” and “The Things We Do For Love.”

10. Jelly Roll Morton

Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe was his birth name, but this stage name was certainly sweeter and more filling.

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