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Even Waiting to Stream On Netflix, Morbius Was a Disappointing View

High Expectation, Low Results - The Thoughts On Morbius

I walked into this movie without any prior knowledge, I was expecting a great film and having a fun time learning about a character that is now given a chance to shine. Morbius was produced by Sony, the same studio that released Venom. Recalling the fun ride Venom provided to us, I was hoping for the exact same expectation, even as a Marvel movie, only to come to find out Morbius was one of Marvel's giant disappointments.

Believe you and me when Morbius came out, I was looking to see a film that at first had the potential to be like Venom, as a point of an antihero. But, this had such a lack of story, this almost could have been a stand-alone film without any relation to Marvel, or maybe, such in the event of Price Nuada from the Hellboy universe, he could’ve been an original villain to said hero a la Hellboy. But, no… Sony thinks Venom was a great idea, which they did really well on and executed Spider-Man at the end of the second movie (hoping with the promise of a film between Spider-Man and Venom), but Morbius took all of this way from us.

This Marvel movie focuses on Jared Leto's character, Michael Morbius, who was diagnosed with a hazardous blood disorder. On a vessel, Morbius, who is a doctor, was testing with vampire bats he captured from Costa Rica and hope to, in a way, split their blood and DNA and mix it with Morbius with anticipation of a successful cure. It did work, for a price. Michael has now become a vampire, becoming an ultimate superbeing (one of many) including having abilities similar to a vampire bat such as -

  • Supersonic hearing
  • Stronger than an athletics jump
  • His speed is 3x faster than a normal human
  • The bat colony accepts him as a member

Lucas, a childhood friend of Morbius, discovered that found a cure and demanded, plead for Morbius to provide the cure. Morbius took the right move and declined, thus causing a whole heap of problems, including movie development.


Morbius Review

My husband sat and watch this film with me fifteen minutes after I started the movie since he was taking care of some of his business in his office. He asked me how it was and I stated it was so boring. Later in the film, my husband was very confused during the subway scene between Luca and Morbius about how the wind was so strong with the train coming in the general direction towards the vampires.

The biggest shame of this movie was that it did have the potential to be at least decent, some proof of this potential was the few fight scenes and special effects. If only there were more fight scenes and less dramatic scenes...

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Let's get to the biggest point of it all - False Advertising.

During the very first credits, behind Morbius, we saw a poster with Spider-Man down an alleyway with the words painted on the poster 'Murderer'. Clearly, this event was taken place after Spider-Man: Far From Home, specifically recalling where Peter Parker was framed for murdering Mysterio. Also, we witnessed Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, in prison. Sure, this point showed up in Morbius, but it was not in the main storyline. That scene was cut completely and only during the post-credits did he appear, appearing in prison thanks to the universe rip. Turns out, thanks to the effect of the rip and Vulture just randomly showed up in prison, he was released... This told us Michael did not belong to Morbius' universe.

During the second post-credit scene, Morbius met with Vulture, discussing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and a possible alliance, hinting at the Sinister Six. Now, I was anticipating a villain origin story of the Sinister Six, but thanks to the failure of Morbius, this is making me very nervous.

Positives & Negatives


Vampiric abilities


"That thing since San Francisco" was a reference to Venom

Small back story with no relevance to story

Morbius did have a unique weakness


Final Score


Final Thoughts on Morbius

This was the worst Marvel movie I have seen, even the worst movie of the year. The fight scenes were promised and I could've seen so much more promise, but it was boring. There were scenes that were unrelated and were possibly the biggest false advertisement for Spider-Man.

My friend attempted to watch this movie, but her Netflix failed to connect for her, so she never got a chance to see it. Well, I summarized it for her and she sighed a breath of relief, "Oh, good that my Netflix failed!"

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