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Eurovision 2022- and the Winner Is...Ukraine

Born in the 1950s in Yorkshire where she still lives this English woman has a keen interest in politics, travel, music and animal welfare

Eurovision is not Europe


What is Eurovision?

To give Eurovision its full title it is The Eurovision Song Contest, sometimes shortened to the ESC. This international song contest dates back more than six decades and although its basics remain there have been some changes down the years.


The contest began in 1956 and was always a song contest with a difference. Each country that was a member of the European Broadcasting Union could take part. Changes in recent years to the European Union have had little impact on Eurovision-the two are not related.

Different countries each find their own ways of selecting the artist and song which will represent their nation and all the effort that goes into these selection processes you have to wonder why some entries are just so bad.

More than 60 years on the countries involved have changed a little and these days a Yugoslavian entry for example has been replaced by entries of countries such as Serbia and Croatia.

Strangely when you consider the name of the contest Israel has always been a competitor, and a fairly successful one at that. However that country will have been part of the EBU and therefore eligible. Australia has also been a more recent competitor and then there is Russia and Ukraine.

The winning entry is judged on song and performance though politics is always in the mix with allies supporting each other.

Greece always gives the Cyprus entry top marks and Cyprus reciprocates. The slavic countries also tend to save their best marks for each other.

It is a long time since the United Kingdom enjoyed Eurovision success and in recent years has often hardly hung in there, failing to get a single point!

Recent changes have also included pre the main event qualifying contests reducing the overall number of performers who will appear tonight in Eurovision 2022.

This year’s contest, held in Italy, is almost a back to normal event post the Covid-19 pandemic, but not quite.

ABBA won with Waterloo


The ESC used to be such a long drawn put affair but the qualifying rounds have cut tonight’s event down to size. It is still quite a lengthy show as it incorporates voting.

Each country has a number of points allowed for voting, a top mark being 12 and the least mark 1. Callers ring in to place their preference votes, obviously not for their own country’s entry.

1981 was a good year for the U.K. and Eurovision

Second Semi-Final and the U.K.

The War Effect

Weeks ago Russia invaded Ukraine and an ongoing bloody war is still playing out.

Russia Is barred from entering this year’s Eurovision as the World deprives Putin of any success at such events and gives the country a cold shoulder.

Ukraine has however decided to still take part and many on social media have been pushing for a win for Ukraine ahead of the contest. The idea appears to be to show support and solidarity with Ukraine by returning a unanimous win.

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For me however that is a bit silly. Why bother hosting this year's contest if the winner is a given?

That said it looks certain to be Ukraine’s night whether or not the entry deserves to win.

Time will tell.

Love it or hate it Eurovision 2022 is here.

Fans in many countries will tune in, some even hosting ESC parties, dressing up and more.

One question this English writer has on her lips is will the United Kingdom get at least one point or will we be out for a duck again!

Semi-Final 2022 Ukraine

Voting 2022 underway

Early national jury voting puts the U.K in a strong position but there is a long way to go. Viewers votes from each country  will follow

Early national jury voting puts the U.K in a strong position but there is a long way to go. Viewers votes from each country will follow


And the winner is...Ukraine

Wishing all the participants and fans a great, safe and fun event tonight.

Will Ukraine win Eurovision 2022 and will it be on merit or for another reason?

(Traditionally the winning country is the host of the next year’s Eurovision contest.That could be interesting)


After each country’s jury vote is complete Sam Ryder for the U.K is top of the leader board.

Next follows the so-called tele vote which can switch things up.

So who is Eurovision 2022 winner?


The United Kingdom came second.

Ukraine wins with the United Kingdom coming second


The final word goes to President Zelensky of Ukraine

President Zelensky posted a statement on Instagram which has been translated to English in the media-

Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision!

For the third time in its history. And I believe it won’t be the last time.

‘We will do everything to ensure that one day the participants and guests of the Eurovision Song Contest will receive Ukrainian Mariupol. Free, peaceful, rebuilt!

‘Thank you for the victory of @Kalush.official and all those who gave their votes for us!

‘I am sure that our victorious chord in the battle with the enemy is just around the corner.

‘Glory to Ukraine!’

Who said Eurovision is not political?

The talk on the street already has the U.K. hosting Eurovision 2023 if hosting the event in Ukraine is not possible.

Another ‘time will tell’.

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© 2022 Ethel Smith

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