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"Eternals" Movie Review

Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry who hopes his writings will help launch his career.


Chloe Zao has made a beautiful, brilliant film in Marvel's Eternals. After a couple weeks filled with critics and Rotten Tomatoes bashing the film, it's become clear to me that the film was far too smart for them. They've long lost their humanity it seems, and Eternals is a celebration of it.

The film follows a group of ten heroes known as the Eternals who have been tasked with protecting Earth from a long-time enemy known as the Deviants. The Deviants seemingly had been wiped out and, for thousands of years, the Eternals waited to hear from their celestial creator that they could go home. Now, in the present day, the Deviants have returned and have somehow discovered the ability to absorb an Eternal's power in order to transcend. With the Emergence coming soon and the world in grave danger, the Eternals must unite to stop the coming threat.

First off, I want to praise the emotion in this film. There were beautiful, heartfelt moments and there were hilarious moments. Anyone not touched in some way by this film desperately needs to examine their own hearts. Faustos and Druig actively grieving over humanity were both such rich and powerful moments that is not shown very often in films dealing with god-like beings. As far as humor goes, Brian Tyree Henry and Kumail Nanjiani stole the show. Their naturally quick wit and charisma made them two of the most loved characters. Angelina Jolie was good as Thena. Although she didn't have a whole lot of screentime, she could potentially return in the coming sequel.

Chloe Zhao is a brilliant director. Her ability to capture the beauty of the world to reignite hope in humanity was absolutely brilliant. Not only that but she was also able to capture how the Eternals felt, how humanity's actions affected and changed them. She was able to make you care and fall in love with ten new characters and invest your heart in the story.

In conclusion, don't listen to the hateful, dumbed-down critics of the world that hate on this film. Give it a shot, open your heart and mind, and fall in love with this film as I did. I give the film a 4 out of 4.

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