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"Escape Room: Tournament of Champions" - Movie Review

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This is what the first film should have been. Escape Room 2 had me on edge literally the entire time, had me looking for clues right alongside the characters, desperately trying to help them escape as if I was there. There was only one real time when I got frustrated at them. You know how in thrillers there's always that "argue amongst themselves" aspect in a tense moment that makes you just want to scream "shut up and think!" at the screen. Why filmmakers think this is the greatest writing scheme since the invention of the plot twist, I'll never know. But, there was only one moment of this in the film, which was a major improvement from the first film. Honestly, when the first film came out, I didn't even want a sequel. I did not care at all. This film reeled me in and had me caring about these characters and now I look forward to a third, if there is one.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions picks up where we left off. Zoe is now in therapy and Ben is struggling with severe PTSD. They've vowed to bring down Minos and end the deadly escape room games. But, in their pursuit of the man behind the curtain, they become trapped in another series of escape rooms, this time alongside former champions.

There were a lot of story elements and character development that I loved in this entry. For instance, Nathan - a former priest who tells his story about how he and 5 other priests were lured into an escape room as a test of faith only to lose his faith when he was the sole survivor. And Brianna, a travel journalist who was lured in by the promise of the find of a lifetime only to have her influences turned against her. These are some compelling and heartfelt stories that truly give each character depth and makes you root for them.

Ben as a whole was much improved from the first film as well. He started out as a whiny, self-deprecating nobody and graduated to a confident leader. That's probably due to becoming friends with Zoe. Interesting how life and death situations make you realize what matters to you.

The only couple of issues I had were small issues. As I mentioned above, the whole "argue amongst yourselves" schtick is overused and aggravating. The second issue is that a medic immediately pointed out they were in a "tournament of champions" after Zoe figured out they had all played before. I've met nerdy nurses before but for some reason, that moment did not sit right with me. It seemed more like something Ben would have said, or maybe Zoe.

In conclusion, this is a truly exciting and thrilling film and I anxiously await the next entry. There's a ton of plot twists in this film so get ready for one wild ride. I give the film a 3.5 out of 4.

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