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Escape Room (2019) Review

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This Escape Room is Deadly

Escape Room follows six strangers invited to the best Escape Room via a puzzle box given to them under mysterious circumstances. Upon arrival, they realize this escape room is deadly and they need to use their combined wits to survive.

Escape Room includes of the cast of Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell), Ben Miller (Logan Miller), Jason Walker (Jay Ellis), Mike Nolan (Tyler Labine), Amanda Harper (Deborah Ann Woll), and Danny Khan (Nik Dodani).

Escape Room is an underrated horror movie that gained enough attention to have a sequel which is coming out sometime within 2021. We follow six strangers all with varying personalities forced to fight for their lives.

The cast of Escape Room is one of the best strengths. We figure out near the end of the movie that they are all lone survivors of a traumatic event. We see Ben frantically try to escape a collapsing room working as a stocker at a grocery store annoyed with his boss for not giving him a promotion. But explained he has a drinking problem, which is hindering him from getting a promotion. Ben is a character who grows throughout the movie in the best way possible. He was driving drunk late at night with his friends and he killed them in a crash, being the only survivor. Throughout the movie, it is clear he is affected harshly by this and hates himself along with everyone around him. Ben turns out to be the survivor of the escape room overcoming the crazed Jason to an antidote injection saving himself. But even with him surviving eating the Gamemaster, the Gamemaster tries to kill him through stranglation. With the help of Zoey, he kills the Gamemaster and both of them escape. We see him later as a different man with a clean look and seems to have bettered himself.

Zoey is the main protagonist of the movie and has brilliant growth by the end of the movie. In the beginning, we see her as a timid girl not even wanting to answer a question in front of her college class, but she is forced to step up to help the group survive the rooms of the Escape Room. For many of the rooms without her assistance, they would have died. Also, she was smart enough to rig the game, pretending to die from the toxic gas, killing two cleaners, and escaping to save Ben. They then both leave together agreeing to go after the organization behind the escape room.

The only thing I saw that bothered me with Escape Room on my second watching is how they handled some of the puzzles. Most of the time they picked the worst solution to the puzzle that always ended up hindering themselves or getting someone killed off. This also surprised me from someone like Danny who knows the most about escape rooms and he probably contributes the least amount to the group. Also, I feel in the end the "sacrifice by Amanda was pointless. Going across the pool table like that would have been a challenge for an experienced climber. Also in the end it seemed like she ultimately just gave up.

Overall Score: 7.5 out of 10 Puzzle Boxes

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