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Erin Burnett bio with Pictures

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Erin Burnette on CNBC

Erin Burnette on CNBC

Erin Burnette

 Erin Burnett is a fun loving beautiful woman often seen on CNBC as she is a business news anchor, reporter and interviewer for CNBC television. Erin has grown into a famous television personality on CNBC. Erin anchors business news, handles news reporting and conducts interviews with business magnates, economists and CEOs. Erin has a signature smile and personality that makes her very likable by all sections of the audience. Hope this brief bio of Erin Burnett and Erin Burnett's beautiful pictures shared on this page motivate you to learn more about her by digging through so much information on the internet.

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 Erin Isabella Burnett was born in July 1976 in Mardela Springs, Maryland and lived on a farm. Beautiful and talented Erin attended the highly competitive St. Andrew's School in Delaware  Do you know Erin played lacrosse, squash & field hockey which tells us how fit and active she was? Erin later went to Williams College in Williamstown, MA and excelled in sports as well as academics. Erin graduated with a B.A. in Political Economy and got hired by Goldman Sachs and then moved on to CNBC. Erin Burnett's interviewing skills and her knowledge on the stock market impressed everyone.

Erin Burnett hosts the popular Street Signs program and anchors the hit show "Squawk on the Street" on CNBC. Erin is also seen on The Today Show, Meet the Press, NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe & Hardball. In 2007, Erin Burnett received high praise from talk show host Rush Limbaugh for her excellent analytical report on the DJIA and the strength of the US economy on "The Today Show". Erin Burnett has also been chosen as the hottest financial news anchors in an online poll by the Wall Street blog Dealbreaker. Erin Burnett is number one as she received 37% of votes. Her close friends and rivals Becky Quick and MAria Bartiromo received 22% and 13% respectively. Eric Burnett pictures are great to look at as it shows her in full action as she performs and communicates on screen.

Erin Burnette on Talk show

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