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Eric Church - Random Fun Facts

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Eric Church the Chief of Country Music

Eric Church isn't your ordinary country music singer. Since he began his Nashville journey in 2005, Eric Church carved out a genre of music that suits him. Is he a little bit of country or a little bit of rock and roll? He's both and he excels in both genres. Outlaw country is what he does best.

There was actually a period of time when Eric Church was banned from country salons because he seemed to be too much of a rebel. He claims he always felt like an outsider, like he never really fit in. Mr. Misunderstood, I understand.

Due to his life experiences, Eric Church has created quite a career of awesome music and quite a following of fans!

If you haven't heard of Eric Church yet, you are about to learn about a multi talented artist. Not only has he been writing music since he acquired his first guitar at age 13, but he also gives a performance that will leave an everlasting memory.


Random Fun Facts - Eric Church

  • Born on May 3, 1977 which makes Eric Church a Taurus, the bull, which suggests a willful individual with meaningful strength and stamina. Ain't that the truth!
  • Birth name is Kenneth Eric Church.
  • Born in Granite, North Carolina.
  • Has two younger siblings. Brandon and Kendra.
  • Eric Church's second grade teacher, Miss Abernathy, told the media that his favorite song to sing while he was in her class was, Elvira.
  • His songs, like most country songs, tell stories. He writes from the heart.
  • Has a college degree in marketing from Appalachian University. His dad told him if he graduated college that he would pay his living expenses for one year when he moved to Nashville. Both men stuck to the deal.
  • Was in a cover band while in college named, Mountain Boys.
  • Wanted to play college football, but a bum knee prevented that from happening.

More Random Fun Facts about Eric Church

  • He loves whiskey. Jack Daniels has created custom made bottles for him. There have been empty autographed bottles sold on eBay! That is quite a collectible item for a Eric Church fan!
  • One of his first jobs was working on a Golf Range and collecting golf balls from slimy water that was 4 feet deep!
  • He answered telephones for the Home Shopping Network.
  • Was fired from a tour by Rascal Flatts because he overplayed the time for his opening act and the extra time was costing the tour money! He just couldn't stop playing! He was replaced on the tour with Taylor Swift.
  • In 2008 he married Katherine Blasingame, who at the time worked for a publishing company that pitched songs to artists.
  • They have two sons. Boone and Tennessee (Hawk).

Eric Church Number One songs...

And More Random Facts about the Chief

  • How did his nickname Chief originate? He is known for wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. His friends began calling him, Chief.

    In addition his maternal grandpa who was Chief of Police in Granite Falls, NC was also nicknamed, Chief! Eric Church is only to be called, Chief on the road, never at home.
  • Why does the Chief wear sunglasses while performing? Due to his height of 6'2, the lighting could fry his contacts, so "save the contacts and wear shades!"
  • He is a fan of his mom's cooking, but his favorite dessert she makes is banana pudding. He revealed the secret as to why his mom's recipe is the best...she mixes sour cream with the cool whip. (I intend to try this, Thanks, Eric!)
  • Eric is a quiet family man who appreciates his privacy. (So maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the pudding secret!)

Raise 'Em Up - Keith Urban and Eric Church

Albums by Eric Church

  1. Sinners Like Me 2006
  2. Carolina 2009
  3. Chief 2011
  4. Caught In the Act 2013 (Live Album)
  5. Outsiders 2014
  6. Mr. Misunderstood 2015

Eric Church - Smoke A Little Smoke

Country Music Awards Won

2011 - Top New Solo Vocalist. "Chief" won album of the year.

2012 - Song of the year for Springsteen. "Chief" once again won album of the year. In addition won a Vocal Event of the Year and Collaborative Event of the Year for the song, "The Only Way I Know," along with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

2014 - "Outsiders" won Favorite Country Album. Eric Church received the ACM Jim Reeves International Award which is given to an artist for outstanding contributions to the acceptance of country music throughout the world.

2015 - Musical Event of the Year for Raise 'Em Up a duet with Keith Urban.

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Eric Church - Drink In My Hand

Sunshine's Random Facts...

I collect my random facts from research on the internet.

As we all know if the internet says it's true, then it must be! Ha! All joking aside, I only use reliable sources and would not add a fact unless there was truth to it. Such as interviews by the artist, family members or friends.

My random facts articles are all in fun. They are my way of exposing one of my favorite country music artists to those who do not know the artist or do know the artist and want to learn more facts.

If for some reason you are reading this and disagree with a fact, please let me know.

Eric Church - Mr. Misunderstood

Chief Cares

  • Chief Cares - Eric Church
    Chief Cares is a charitable fund which is organized by Eric and Katherine Church. Discover how you could help their cause by visiting their website.

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Louise Barraco from Ontario on March 08, 2017:

I love Eric Church only heard him near the end of last year but love his music great hub

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on April 04, 2016:

Thanks, FA!

drbj and sherry from south Florida on March 02, 2016:

Dear FlourishAnyway:

Thank you for your comment. My Mom passed away February 20, 2016. I will try and continue in time her HubPages that is what she wanted.

FlourishAnyway from USA on February 27, 2016:

Great collection of personal background facts on this country star, Linda!

TruthisReal from New York on January 16, 2016:

Very interesting love your hubs keep them coming and now following :)

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on January 13, 2016:

Thanks for introducing me to this country artist.

I enjoyed this sampling of songs and will add Eric to my musical library.

Great work - Love, MM

drbj and sherry from south Florida on January 13, 2016:

I'm already an Urban fan, Linda. Now, thanks to you, I'll have to add 'Mr. Misunderstood.' Thanks for the intro and the fascinating facts and videos.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 12, 2016:

Thank you for stopping by to check out Eric Church, V!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 12, 2016:

Hi Sha, I had no idea who Chris Stapleton was either until the CMA's...I am now a fan! :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 12, 2016:

Keep on tapping your feet, Nell! I have a few more music hubs coming up...soon.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 12, 2016:

Hi Vellur...I am glad I was able to introduce you to Eric Church!:)

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on January 12, 2016:

I do not know or recognise any singer. I simply enjoy music of all kinds. So, I listened to some of his music also as two of the songs provided by you look much familiar to me. I love both country and rock.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful facts about Eric Church.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on January 11, 2016:

Great hub, Linda. I actually never really heard Eric Church's music until I watched the CMA awards recently. I love his sound and attitude. I knew the reason behind why he wears shades all the time. Not sure where I read it. I probably ended up Googling him after the awards.

I also like Chris Stapleton, whom I also didn't know until the awards. He reminds me of my son's father (except he couldn't carry a tune).

Nell Rose from England on January 11, 2016:

Hi Linda, I had never heard of him before, but after listening to the music I am sitting here tapping my feet! lol! always great to read one of you music hubs, great read as always, nell

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on January 11, 2016:

I love country music but have not heard of Eric Church. Thank you for the wonderful introduction, enjoyed reading.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 10, 2016:

Hi Mike...You are correct! Country music is good for the soul! :)

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on January 10, 2016:

Hi Linda, sounds like you may be more than a little bit country. I appreciate the introduction to country music.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 10, 2016:

I just love your comment, Effer!! You are truly the queen of comments!! :)

Suzie from Carson City on January 10, 2016:

Linda Sue....I can always count on our Queen of Country to keep me updated and fully informed. If not for you I'd be denied all these C&W Hotties that do my heart so GOOD! (The video with TWO hotties, Keith & Eric may have been a bit much for my heart at my age!) Go easy on your old GF! Wow. I LOVED that duet. In fact, I liked all the videos.

I checked out pictures of his lovely wife. Another beautiful blonde like Blake's "Miranda" (we won't discuss that due to my severe disappointment in Blake!)

I hope Eric is a sweet, loving hubby and stays with his family! "Boone & Tennessee" those crazy Southern names!

You do a sensational job, Linda Sue and no one compares to your C&W hubs! You put the RED in my NECK! LOL.....

Thanks GF....You've lassoed another Eric Church Fan!! EEEEE-Haw~..........Hugs, Effer

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on January 10, 2016:

Yay, Shyron! It is always nice to know of a fellow fan of Eric Church! From the start I have enjoyed his music. His voice is unique and his songs are easy to relate to. I haven't watched Idol in years, but I think KU will use his time even more constructively when Idol is done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on January 10, 2016:

I loved Eric Church singing from the first time I heard him. Thank you Linda for all the personal information about him. I also love him and Keith Urban together, and will be sorry to see Keith leave American Idol.

Maybe if America screams/sings loud enough maybe Idol can come back.

Blessings and Hugs

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