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Empire -- Candace Is Being Abused


But you'll never guess by who...

Last time, the last flash forward or whatever appeared to reveal that Cookie and Lucious broke-up and she was shagging Damon Cross, the guy Lucious met at the poker game and who bought Cookie's painting that Lucious secretly sold.

Kingsley still trying to give the Divas a thumbs down. He won't let them go, but he won't let them have any kind of career, especially if Lucious is trying to help them.

Tiana suggests Hakeem take the kids for a few days.

A blonde woman comes to visit Kai and Jamal. Winter wants Jamal to finish her album as she announces she's moving in. Jamal was/is still trying to create a career away from Empire and she's an artist he signed.

Cookie and Gisele try to get Lucious and Kingsley to agree to work together. Kingsley reluctantly agrees to a deal with Lucious over the Divas.

Cookie becoming an Internet sensation.

Terry upset that Quincy still can't get out of prison. Andre says they'll take it to the court of public opinion.

Jamal doesn't like it when Cookie tries to sign Winter to the company and he shows her to the door.

Becky wants to know why Gisele is exploiting the war between Lucious and Kingsley and advises Becky to learn to maneuver more. Says she'll get further in her career if she does.

Jamal bitches to Kai that Cookie thinks everything he has is hers. Kai asks why Jamal hasn't told her they're engaged and says Jamal doesn't need Cookie to be his own man. Jamal catches Cookie sniffing around Winter, again. Jamal tells Cookie that Winter is his.

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Jamal tries to stand up to Cookie. He tells her that he and Kai are engaged. She accuses him of doing it behind her back.

Cookie sees more marks on her sister, Candace, and it's obvious she's being abused. Cookie tells Carol that Candace is getting beat on. Carol is not surprised and says it happened before. Cookie asks how long Kevin has been abusing her. Candace tells them to stay out of this and denies she's being abused.

Kingsley complaining about the song because it's missing certain keywords from their song. Buzz words he feels will make it popular and connect with people. He wants Lucious to rework the entire song.

Terry and Andre trying to find the right picture of Quincy to use for the media. Andre sees a pic of Quincy's father. Andre vows to get Quincy out of prison for her and then he kisses her. He apologizes and she kisses him back.

Hakeem's got his rat pack with him at his place. He learns Blake put out a diss track on him. Hakeem vows to give Blake war.

Hakeem trying to get ideas to attack Blake with. Then in a rare move for Hakeem he puts on the net he's not taking Blake's bait and he's going to concentrate on his kids.

Andre visits the prison wanting to know if Quincy is getting bothered by anyone. Andre asks for a favor from one of the inmates he knows.

Candace learns Kevin has come by. Candace locked Kevin out of his house. She asks their son Franklin to give Kevin his keys. Candace reveals she's getting a divorce and Franklin tells Candace they've got to go.

Lucious invites Kingsley to dinner so they can get to know each other. Kingley accepts. He looks at the picture of the woman he's got hidden and takes it out. Then he goes visit her in the hospital. Turn out the woman is his mother. Kingsley says the monster has invited him into his lair and he's going to make Lucious pay for what he did to her.

Kingsley comes in as the Lyon family are making dinner. Lucious asks why Kingsley went after Empire, he says his mother raised him on that type of music. Kingsley asks Lucious the same thing. Lucious doesn't apologize for selling drugs to get ahead.

Lucious goes too far saying Kingsley doesn't have the feel for music and he should get out of the way and let those who can do. Kingsley just watches Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal jamming. I'd be very uneasy if he looked at me that way, but they really don't notice.

Lucious and Cookie think they're dinner with Kingsley was a success. Carol tells Cookie that Candace hasn't shown up or answered her phone. Carol and Cookie head to Candace's.

Terry tells Andre that she shouldn't have sexed up Andre the other night. Andre says they don't have to blow this out of proportion. Terry gets a call that someone confessed to Quincy's crime and it looks like he's getting out. So, that was the favor Andre asked the inmate for.

Kingsley visiting his mother, again. He unfolds the picture and Lucious is in the picture with his mother. He vows to erase Lucious from the face of the earth and reveals he's also Lucious' son. Okay, I didn't see that coming.

Carol and Cookie find Franklin beating on Candace. Yep, it's the son and not the husband that's the abuser. He punches Cookie in the face and Candace and Carol lock themselves in the room while Cookie calls the cops on him. She gets him to put down the weapon before they come in because she's afraid because he's black and holding a gun the cops will just shoot him down. Then police come in and tazer him, which wasn't really necessary, but proved that Cookie's concerns weren't unfounded. Candace hits Cookie for calling the cops on her son. Candace declares Cookie is not her sister and she never wants to see her, again. Carol comforts Cookie after Candace runs after her abusive son.

Cookie looks at her beaten face in the mirror and then puts it on the net. She tells them that no, Lucious didn't do this. She tells them what she did. She said she was afraid Franklin would be killed by the cops. She asks who will protect the black people when they're in trouble and they need help.

Okay, admit it. When you saw the promo and the way last episode ended with it being revealed that Cookie is cheating on Lucious, who didn't think Lucious had popped Cookie in the face. He's more than capable of it.

Well, Empire pulled a fast one. This is the first time I think a show has covered a story about a child abusing his parent. I imagine it does happen and a lot of parents are like Candace and protect their child instead of doing something about them. Cookie did the right thing, but I doubt Candace will see it that way. But if the situation was reversed I think Cookie might react the same way.

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