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"Elvis and Nixon" Movie Review

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Elvis and Nixon was an interesting film that told the events leading up to Elvis's meeting with President Nixon. The actual photo of their meeting is all over the internet and it's the most sought after photo of all time, so, I'm not going to hold back spoilers with this review. It's no secret they met.

Elvis was disturbed about the direction the country was headed. He saw on TV where kids were dying because of drugs, the wars raging all over the world, the hippie movement, the lyrics to some of the songs out there, He decided he had had enough. He wanted to make a difference and help change the world. So, his mission became clear. He had to meet with the president and have him issue Elvis an FBI badge. Elvis delivered a letter to the White House, stating his concerns and intentions. It took a while for the letter to even reach Nixon, and at first he refused to meet him, but Nixon eventually reluctantly agreed to it. He thought he could say hi, nod, smile, then send Elvis on his way. Elvis was far too determined to be treated that way. He spoke and continued to speak, barely allowing Nixon to get more than a sentence in. Before long, though, Nixon was fascinated with Elvis and decided to help.

The acting was excellent. Kevin Spacey was brilliant as Nixon, proving once again that he can do anything and portray anyone that he wanted to. Michael Shannon did a wonderful job as Elvis, capturing his voice and mannerisms perfectly. The only problem I had with Shannon was the fact that he looked nothing like Elvis. But what can you do when the acting is perfect? Do you go with the guy that looks like Elvis but can't act, or the guy that looks nothing like Elvis but can act phenomenally?

In conclusion, I still have to give this film a 2.5 out of 4. The film focused mostly on Elvis's side and gave us very little Nixon. I would have liked to see more of what Nixon thought about the whole situation and if Elvis changed him in any way. On top of that, Michael Shannon's looks compared to the real Elvis, as I mentioned above, were severely lacking. I still say it's worth seeing, especially since it's a good learning experience, and it's a fun film overall.


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