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Eleven Question Songs That Do Not Ask Anything

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Depeche Mode Without Question Had To Make The List


How many days had passed in the ninth month before Monday, September 28? If you asked that question, then you certainly paid homage to that special day.

September 28 is, after all, “Ask a Stupid Question Day”, so you may have had to suffer friends or co-workers asking you all sorts of inane queries. Thank goodness the day only comes once a year, even though some of those same friends or co-workers seem to celebrate it several times a week and the more tiresome may pose silly questions several times a day.

I noted the occasion not by asking a stupid question, but instead by listening to one. Outside of its musical form it would be annoying, but with the great drum work by Paul McCartney, “Why Don't We Do It in the Road?” turns a stupid question into a highlight of the White Album.

In addition to the short classic by The Beatles, I also listened to eleven songs that feature the word “question” in their titles. Not making the list was “96 Tears,” which is the biggest hit for Question Mark and the Mysterians.

1. Don't Ask Me No Questions by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Second Helping served up a delicious feast with “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Curtis Loew” and “Call Me the Breeze” so this classic might be considered dessert.

2. Question by the Moody Blues

Actually this Question of Balance opener started out as two distinct songs by Justin Hayward, who eventually combined them into one of the MB's biggest hits.

3. Question Ball by the Bongos

Richard Barone used this jaunty tune to close the new wave band's first LP, Drums Along the Hudson.

4. Questions 67 and 68 by Chicago

Queries one through sixty six may never be revealed, but this pair were given immortality because of this hit from Chicago Transit Authority.

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5. Questions by Buffalo Springfield

Outside of Neil Young's “I Am a Child,” this Stephen Stills cut is the most enduring song from the quintet's final record Last Time Around.

6. Impregnable Question by the Dirty Projectors

This Swing Lo Magellan track is without any doubt the most well-known song that bears the adjective beginning this title.

7. A Lover's Question by Otis Redding

R&B legend Clyde McPhatter has the most popular version, but as its writer Redding's original has more feeling

8. A Question of Time by Depeche Mode

By the time this title track hit the British charts, Dep Mode had already placed sixteen others.

9. No Questions Asked by Fleetwood Mac

Unreleased until a greatest hits collection, this track showcases the songwriting and vocal talents of Stevie Nicks.

10. (Such an) Easy Question by Elvis Presley

“Do you or don't you love me” is supposed to be the question here, but in most people's experiences it is far from an easy one to answer.

11. Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions by Graham Parker

Howling Wind was an early offering from the Brit alt rocker, and this prayer served as its first single.

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