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Electropop Single Review: "Speed Limit" by Rivita

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Rivita’s Speed Limit begins with deep, resonant, bell-like synths that shift and move along with deep bass pulses and a unique percussion sound. Rivita’s smooth, smoky voice is joined by an active, groovy electric bass line and a solid beat that falls right into the pocket.

A jazzy organ bursts into the track below the breezily flowing vocals the round bell sounds Additional percussion moves along with that beat’s pulse. The interaction of the full synths, the beat and bass adds to the depth of this song.

Sometimes letting go and breaking free are what we need to do. As the song starts, our narrator feels she has been “walking on my own for too long” and looking for a home. The sense of life’s rush is clear in the words, “There’s no speed limit. My heart is racing out of time.”

The narrator goes on to say that she wants to take a break and “leave it all behind.” There’s a love in her life who has been “holding on to my heart for too long” and she wants them to let her go, even though “I’ve been your sun and you’ve been my moon.” She concludes that "I am not alone."

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