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Electropop Single Review: "Butterfly" by Alan Dreezer

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Alan Dreezer’s Butterfly is full of passion, desire and unfulfilled need. Alan Dreezer’s voice echoes out before an energetically bursting snare drum drives the track along with quick sonic ripples. Alan Dreezer’s richly expressive vocals flow, carrying an actively uplifting melody as funky slap bass pops.

There’s a seductive quality in the smooth, enfolding vocals as deep bass throbs. That funky bass groove interlocks with the drums and the vocal melody has a propulsive quality. Rapidly pulsing sounds move before drifting, round synths climb in luscious layers and the drums and bass propel the song. Alan Dreezer’s voice pours out passion and deep in them as the song ends on layered guitar.

As the song opens, the narrator confesses to an obsession and adds “when I close my eyes you’re undressed.” He goes on to say that he’s “blessed” when he’s near the song’s subject in a room and adds that it makes him sweat.

Our storyteller goes on to say that he just wants to be noticed by the object of his affection. He wonders what he can do to get her to notice him because “you're my walking fantasy and only you can set me free.” In the chorus, he tells her that she doesn’t know how beautiful she is, talking about her “floating across the room” and “begging me to chase you.” He goes on to ask “Why, my butterfly?”

The narrator continues, saying that her smile is breathtaking along with “those big brown eyes and the rest.” He says that she is out of reach but is the best as she makes “my heart jump out my chest.” He adds that she’s “unobtainable” and say that he always wants her so he falls to his knees and crawls “begging.” He concludes by saying “Oh my lord! You’re so good, don't know what to do.”

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