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Electropop Single: "Lonely With Someone" by Rivita

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Rivita’s Lonely With Someone is a reflection on the toxic effect that addiction can have on relationships. It’s full of aching emotion and the music emphasizes that ache. An easy flow of sound moves over the delicate, mournful piano along with Rivita’s touching, deep and expressive voice. Solid, deep pulses of drums thunder into the music as light sparkles of sound glint over top of the heavier sounds.

There are piano notes that move in delicate waves under the vocals that are so intensely full of feeling. The steady, slow drum is joined by the movement of bright strings, a depth of sound that grows and swells, lighter sounds contrasting with darker ones. The guitar solos, full and deep, a unique tone that adds to the emotion expressed in the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics of this song examines another person’s damaging addiction in the context of relationships. As it opens, Rivita talks about hurtful treatment in the lyric, “You said I'm everything because of you.” The damage continued on as reflected in the line, “The world broke you, so you broke me too.”

In this relationship, she feels the other party was the winner. Rivita points out, “Oh the glass is full always on your end.” There is bitterness in the next line as she asks, “Tell me what's your drink.. are you gonna pour me in?”

The chorus shows Rivita in a more defiant mood as she says, “I know the night is young,
but you're not the one” and adds that she’d rather be alone than lonely with someone.

The spiral of mutual destruction is clear in the words, “We go back and forth, always round and round. You push, I pull, never making a sound.” There is a sense of something poisonous in the relationship as Rivita asks, “Tell me what's your drug? Are you gonna light me up?”

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As the song ends, she points out that “the knight is unsung, so hold down your gun” before again repeating that she would rather be alone than lonely with someone.

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