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Electronica Single Review: "Been Midnght by wiley soule

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


wiley soule’s Been Midnight is a sonic journey across fragmented, shattered soundscapes that twist and break. There’s a sense of collision and surreal distortion that engages the ears and keeps the mind working.

“Prefer The Lie” comes to life with a trickling, glitching sound and insectile shuffling. All of the sonic elements feel broken and distorted as a deep well of wet, round sound is joined by a metallic sound reminiscent of chains being dragged along.

A wall of intermingled, twisting noise is punctuated by a rough grinding contrasting with watery drips and vast openness. There’s a surging tide of sound that creates a beat of sorts. This is a track full of shadow and unease as the stuttering beat and discordant sounds create a disturbing, unfocused sensation.

Metallic sounds pop and glitch through “Mostarda, Been Midnight” as chimes ring and shine across the shuddering, heaving background from which emerges a unique string-like sound . Cavernous, chattering sounds all flow and ring together, darkness edging under them. A higher sound, flickering and bright, moves as the dangerous, shadowed surge of noise rumbles below.

Popping, grunting sounds seethe and fade as chiming sounds ring out over the distorted sensations shivering underneath. There’s a chaotic rush of ringing as a slamming aggression of a beat begins to rise out of the cacophony and metallic assault. The wild chimes carry shifting tones as the throbbing noise under them breaks into jagged pulses that shuffle and grunt.

“Univer Zeroth / On Twig Fond Provençal” starts out with delicate, crystalline sound with a heaving weight and a skittering pseudo beat underneath. Hollow wetness shifts below the twisted, gnarled rush of noise. There’s a vague suggestions of voices, like a radio scanning stations. All the sonic elements are shattered and fragmented, a high wash over the subdividing sounds below.

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There’s a roiling madness which coalesces into a semi-rhythmic pattern as barely perceptible vocal fragments ripple through the track. All the sonic elements become thready and diffuse as high sounds float out into silence.

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