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Synth Single Review: "A Drive Through Khao San Road" by Scottish Force

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Scottish Force’s A Drive Through Khao San Road is full of dark tension and surging power. The track begins with quickly shimmering, metallic ripples that have a sense of seething tension in them as the other elements of the track come in. Every sonic component feels urgent and dangerous as the beat thuds under the whirling, hypnotic pattern of darkly melodic synth. High, ethereal sounds drift around the musical space like an alien choir.

The beat, the thick bass and the metallic synth drive only add to the feeling of power that surges below the surface. All that depth adds to the sense of darkness while gentler, shifting lines of crystalline synth along with a choral sound cry out. The chiming, glittering sounds that rise above the darkness are cosmic in nature while digital sounding synth notes flicker through and the vocal synths howl out before everything fades away.

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