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Electronic Music Single: "Celestia" by IXVE

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


IXVE’s Celestia takes the listener on a journey through the stars through drifting soundscapes and driving energy. A softly bouncing beat with a deep flow of swirling sound around it Is joined by a softly brushing drumbeat.

The deep throb of bass and a solid drum pulse moves below a gentle flow of lightly touching synth with a round feeling. The synth notes move distantly, an ethereal and lost pulse that intertwines over the beat, sounds flickering and moving in gentle patterns.

Oscillating bass adds form to the music while the metallic, expanding, evolving synth shifts in a sliding pattern while the beat’s pulse goes on and the bass balances the more hazy elements the music. A floating segment comes in as a wandering, distorted synth is joined by unique hollow percussion sounds.

A wave of glowing light rises to shimmer over all of the sonic elements. The beat launches again as metallic shivers of sound tremble and the drums throb. There is indeed something celestial in this music as it carries the listener on a wash of sound.

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