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Electronic Music Review: "The Boor" by Priest of Beards

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Priest of Beards’ The Boor mingles cutting edge electronic music with traditional folk tunes from around the world to create a unique end result. A steadily throbbing drum and sharp, metallic chimes play a slowly evolving note pattern that begins to deepen and match the pulse of the percussion. A whirling sample of Mexican folk music with dancing violin and ancient-feeling vocals moves over the steady, even heartbeat of drums, propelling the music onward.

A synth melody full of tight, bright notes creates an energetic pattern while the distorted, character-filled folk vocals carry on. Air sweeps over the track and hard, sharp-edged sounds form a shadowy, aggressive pattern that grates into the music over the unrelenting drums and bass. The sharply bright, metallic chimes ring out and the track returns to swirling vocals while the beat establishes a solid throb before the distant sounds fade away to silence.

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