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Electro Synthpop Single Review: "Miss a Beat" by Earlybird

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Miss a Beat by Earlybird is a track that combines strong lyrical content, Andy Mort’s unique voice and warm, full synth sounds along with a moving, engaging beat. This is a thoughtful piece of music with a richness to the sonic environment it creates.

The first comment I want to make about the music is how full and round it feels. The warm quality of the synths as they waft into the track along with the bass underneath that flow create depth and breadth in the song.

I was also pulled into the music by the ghostly, melancholy minor key melody that flickers behind the words. It adds an ethereal quality to the music which suits the overall mood and tone of the song. The whole song has a disconnected drift and a feeling of loss that I found touching.

Andy Mort’s voice is clear and sharp with a distinctive quality to it. It adds a depth of feeling to the lyrics that makes them more impactful and expressive. The words of the song have something to say so their effective delivery only heightens their message.

The combination of bass guitar and electronic beats is quite effective as well. There’s a strong heartbeat in the song that allows the other musical elements to stand above it while it holds the tune well. I liked the skittering nature of the drums on this song.

There are strong, concrete images in this song that are sharply delineated. There’s a sense of division in the line, “You’re thinking in dollars and cents, I’m thinking in pounds and pence” and a sense of uncertain conflict in the words, “You're ready for war but I’m not sure what we’re fighting for, is there any point in finding out?”

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The sense of things falling apart is clear in the chorus, “I need somebody to catch me when I fall. Not sure why I’m out here at all, but you pushed me, I think you pushed me.”

There’s a feeling of being by circumstance is clear in the lyrics that say, “I'm watching the night time news, it's all about the blues and twos, I never thought I'd end up on.” There’s a sense of thwarted hope in the words, “I wanted you to join this school, but I didn't want to play the fool in a family where I don't belong.”

Perhaps the most powerful imagery in the song comes in two lines, “He's a hyena in the cupboard, he's been laughing, watching everything” and “A hairless skeleton who's insides have been rotting, like ageing chicken in the sun.” The strength of the metaphor and simile make the shadows in the words palpable.

Whatever’s happened, it leaves the song’s narrator asking, “What went wrong here? Did I miss a beat?”

Miss A Beat by Earlybird is a slice of thoughtful, well-conceived synth pop that has something to say and does so with a combination of interesting musical ideas and well written lyrics wrapped up in an engaging package.

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