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Electro Swing List

Jazz Meets Electronic


Electro Swing combines vintage or modern swing or jazz with house, hip hop or EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It originated in the 1990s when hip hop artists sampled jazz and swing music to form a totally new genre that clubbed nostalgic old melodies with futuristic sounds of EDM and hip hop.

The genre is vast and gives the license to experiment with various sounds and instruments. Usually, an electro swing band comprises a DJ, vocals and a number of jazz instruments like trumpets, trombones, saxophones, etc. Violins and cellos are also used in some tracks. Melody meets groove and the resulting product forms music that taps the pulse and moves the hips.

Put your dance shoes on and party!!!!

  1. Caro Emerald – Back it Up
  2. Electric Swing Circus – Valentine
  3. Caravan Palace – Rock it For Me
  4. Swing Republic – G’bye now
  5. Swingrowers – Midnight
  6. Charlie Beale – The Gal from Joe’s
  7. Parov Stelar – Catgroove
  8. Cissie Redgwick – Gimme that Swing
  9. Little Violet – Don’t Stop
  10. Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine

Back It Up - Caro Emerald

Back it Up - Caro Emerald

Peppy with a nice rhythmic sound, Back it Up is a track by the Dutch singer Caro Emerald. This song was initially released as a single in 2009 and later added to her album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor in 2010.

Emerald’s jazzy voice and classy style fascinated many hearts. The song hit the charts with a bang. It has 17,559,229 views on YouTube and still rising.

Valentine - Electric Swing Circus

ValentineElectric Swing Circus

The Electric swing Circus is a UK based band with six members led by a brilliant female duo. The band is known for its excellent stage performances and a sound that is a combination of popular old notes and a strong electric stream.

Valentine is a multilingual song with an exploding video and brilliant tones of instruments melded together with a boisterous electronic mix.

Rock It For Me - Caravan Palace

Rock it For Me – Caravan Palace

Rock it For Me is a song from the second album of Caravan Palace named Panic and released in 2012. The band gained immense internet popularity through a number of singles. They are based in Paris and their music is inspired by those of Django Reinhardt, Vitalic, Lionel Hampton, and Daft Punk.

Rock it For Me is particularly popular for its catchy tune and an amazing conversation of the instruments. It comprises traditional jazz beats with completely contrasting electronica with a funky tone perfect to get one into tapping the feet.

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G'bye Now - Swing Republic

G’bye now – Swing Republic

Swing Republic was initially a side project of Danish song writer Per Ebdrup, one of the original proponents of the electro swing genre. The addition of singer Karina Kappel boosted the sound and popularity of this ensemble.

G’bye Now is not one of the most popular numbers, however it has a particularly catchy set of notes that makes the song a necessary addition to this list.

Midnight - Swingrowers


The Swingrowers have been touring incessantly throughout Europe and have now set foot beyond in USA and Canada. They have a striking sound with a combination of swing, hip hop and electronic.

Midnight adds a spooky tune with a Halloween-like video along with a peppy upbeat sound that gets one into a dance groove. The song is arranged with brilliant combinations of guitar, sax and violin coupled with some excellent vocal workings by Loredana Grimaudo.

This Italian band is a sensation and have received multiple esteemed recognitions over the years. Enjoy this track with a rhythm in the heart and a beat in your shoes.

The Gal From Joe's - Charlie Beale

The Gal from Joe’s – Charlie Beale

Charlie Beale from London experiments with classic jazz numbers mixing them with a twist of electronica. His remixes of vintage hits are created with a funky angle yet keeping the revered tunes intact.

Duke Ellington’s The Gal from Joe’s has been beautifully combined with a vibrant electronica and the tempo has been tactfully increased to fit the new age style. His music doesn’t butcher the classics, instead pays tribute to the fathers of jazz.

Catgroove - Parov Stelar

Catgroove – Parov Stelar

Austrian musician, composer and DJ Parov Stelar makes sensational tracks where he mashes various genres of music to produce something unique. He often creates electro swing tracks that combine a proud portion of the quintessential jazz tunes with modern electronic beats.

Catgroove is one such track. It was used as a TV commercial for the Belgian telecom operator Proximus in 2014. It has also been used in various You Tube videos. Its catchy rhytm with the element of swing makes it a perfect party song. It must be admired for the ingenious mashup of house, jazz and the artist's original touch.

Gimme That Swing - Cissie Redgwick

Gimme that Swing - Cissie Redgwick

Producer and musician, Bob Bradley collaborated with Cissie Redgwick to compose this brilliant track in 2013. Cuckoo Records was the label released by Leeds. It includes a number of feet tapping beats and an amazing combination of sounds from a variety of genres.

The lyrics speak of love lost followed by a strong eviction from sorrow. It encompasses the feeling of strength and independence of mind along with a joy in the step. Swing in all its glory meets electronic beats to form a joyful rhythm while the lyrics reflect a sense of freedom.

Don't Stop - Little Violet

Don't Stop - Little Violet

Don't Stop is yet another song that was released by Cuckoo Records. Little Violet collaborated with Bob Bradley to produce this unique track. The beats along with Little Violet's perfectly sonorous voice will make you swing and sway.

The video is also very interesting where the concept of perception has been brilliantly portrayed with a simple story.

Jolie Coquine - Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine

This track was released as a single back in 2008. It is immensely admirable how the traditional jazz tunes have been articulately combined with electronic music to produce a completely original sound.

From the very beginning of the song, it grips one and transforms them into the times of jazz but with a twist of modern day grooves.

That's all for now folks. Hope you have enjoyed the list. I will soon come up with the second set. Till then, enjoy life and let music guide you to a positive note in such troubled times.

© 2020 Tiyasha Maitra


Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on November 21, 2020:

Thanks for going through this Lora. I am a jazz fan and this modern genre keeps me tapping my feet. Glad you enjoyed it. Take care and stay safe.

Manatita, thanks for your comment. Glad you found the videos interesting. Stay safe and healthy.

manatita44 from london on November 21, 2020:

Interesting set of videos. They're fine but I'm not into them these days. Thanks for your efforts to keep us smiling. Peace.

Lora Hollings on November 21, 2020:

Absolutely loved your wonderful article on this new type of music to dance to! I’m always looking for new music that I can really enjoy and swing to and this fit the bill. I love this new take on the big band music and classic jazz singers of the thirties and forties. It is very interesting how these composers combined electronic music with these vintage classics to create such energizing music. Thanks for the great list. I really enjoyed my time listening and watching these videos of great performers too.

Tiyasha Maitra (author) from Gurgaon on November 21, 2020:

Thanks Liz. Glad you enjoyed it.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 21, 2020:

This is an interesting and upbeat set of tracks.

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