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Eight Reasons Make Me a Passionate Fan of the Turkish Series Çukur

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What's Çukur ?

Çukur (or the pit) is a Turkish drama. its title refers to a district located in the capital Istanbul, this district is run by a family namely koçovali, and its reputation makes all outsiders poised to put their grip on it. the result is an endless conflict between the district and its enemies.

despite my non-tendency to watch Turkish series, as it's full of exaggeration. I've to acknowledge this series grabbed my attention and makes me digest an episode after another to the end.

along with the hectic excitement which I feel while watching this series, what makes it worth watching it includes many artistic elements that makes it a blend of entertainment and interest.

in this article, I analyze the ten reasons that contributed to the series’ success in turkey and made the hero Aras Bulut get the butterfly’s reward as the best actor in 2018 for the third time.

The Koçovali Family


The Value of The Series

Family is everything, This sentence is echoed throughout the series, whether said by the father Idris or the uncle Mujahid. all the series revolves around it, and the family doesn't just confine to the little family, but it includes the whole residential district. The tale begins as Idris described: I lost my family then I went to this district and established a new one.

family is a haven for a human, from which he gets his power and protection. the more I watch this series, the more I believe in the concept of the family, it becomes a synonym of unity, strength, and solidarity. that family's sentence resonates with all the series. and sticks to my mind even when I don’t watch it.

ÇUKUR A Collective Image For The First Season


A recipe of drama, action, and comedy

  • It’s rare when you see all those types blended in a single series, and what’s rarer to be well-fitted in a way that doesn’t spoil the series, or makes it look like a patchwork. the three types are integrated into this series as a symphony consisting of different instruments and each of them participates In producing this art-of-work. This series can induce all kinds of emotions, and moving smoothly from comedy to drama in a blink.

ArasBulutIynemli/ YamaçKoçovali In The Series


The collective performance:

  • That’s one of the best things I love about this series personally, as by nature I prefer the collective work than absolute individualism, Çukur is characterized by collective performance. we can see a group of well-woven characters cooperating in making up the whole story. some times the hero hides behind the curtain and lets another one of the crew take the precedence of the scene we can notice that especially in the first and the second season when vartoluo surpassed Yamaç Koçovalı and got a lot of popularity that’s still existed till now.

The harmony of the work

As a viewer, I can feel amazing harmony between the members of the cast. this harmony is led by spontaneity and flaw which springs from solid friendship among the actors. I believe that what happens behind the camera sneaks in front of the camera- even if you try to conceal it, and while I watch this series I‘m always grabbed by this feeling that there is a strong bond ties all of the parts of this work by invisible gravity, even sometimes I can feel that gravity when I become addicted to the series and feel like I’m also a member of the family.

A Meticulous Eye to details

  • what lends reality to the characters is those little details linked to each character, those details go beyond the style of talking or the outfit, it’s embedded in the character: Yamaç's guitar, egg with tomato - the best meal for vartoulo- and we don’t forget to refer to Aliço’s chocolate.

    those details make the character real and more earthy as one of the best points in any series is to add some features to each character, regardless of the position it takes or the role it plays.

    Those details also affect the course of the series what makes its scenes connected, a passing scene can lead to a sudden result, and spontaneous conversation could hold the key to reveal a mysterious puzzle.

The soundtracks and songs

  • This is one of the strong advantages of the series, music, and soundtracks aren’t just fascinating, but also a mirror that reflects the character’s properties. each character has its particular music, and the music is diverse, classical music is intertwined with modern ones in the series what makes it a kind of meal satisfying all people.

Çukur Jenerik Müziği Music Of The Series' Introduction

• And street art is words of wisdom

street art resembles pages of a book, a record for all the events and memories of the series, it's paintings or short sentences evoking great impact, each episode involves around 5 sentences contemplating over life and love, sometimes it alludes to the mainstreaming issues such as feminism, and sometimes it celebrates universal occasions as Christmas Day.

ÇUKUR. Murals


• The unexpected end

There is no one can expect what will happen next, characters appear and disappear, and everything is changeable, friends and foes don’t last forever. You can’t expect what will happen at the end of an episode, what about the end of the series, there is always a constant question who will win: Çukur or the enemies, oh and the enemies never end.


Introduction About The Writer

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