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Edward Cullen Facts

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Edward Cullen is a character from the Twilight series. He is Bella’s true love and soul mate, but what makes his character captivating in the novel, is that Edward is a vampire. As Twilight fans know, the twilight plot does not depict traditional vampires, but vampires with superpowers and motives that may be well intentioned. Edward is a leading character in the Twilight series, a story of the star crossed romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, because Bella is human and Edward is a vampire. Edward Cullen was turned in 1918 into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen and he has chosen to be a vegetarian vampire to avoid being a monster. For those who read the books, or even watched the movies, readers know Edward’s history, and that even though Edward has a dark side, he is a just a good person (or in this case good vampire). Edward Cullen’s character has become transparent to readers, but some details about him have become hidden in the Twilight universe, and even if you are an avid fan you might not know these facts.

In Twilight Edward Cullen is tormented by his existence, and love for Bella.

In Twilight Edward Cullen is tormented by his existence, and love for Bella.

Edward Played Matchmaker with Ben and Angela

This fact isn’t revealed in the Twilight books, unless you read the partial draft of midnight sun, it is never mentioned. Edward was tormented and depressed when he fell for Bella, but believed that he could never even attempt to court her. He could read Angela and Ben’s mind, and realized that Ben and Angela liked each other. Even though Ben had a crush on Angela, he would never ask her out because he felt he was to short (4 inches shorter than Angela apparently.) At that point Edward identifying with her and Ben’s plight, felt they should be together. He asked Emmett to help him, much to Emmett’s shock, match make them. Edward and Emmett talked about Angela and Edward dating her, while Ben could overhear, to make him jealous. It worked and Ben asked Angela out.

Edward Cant's Read Charlie's Mind

This fact is also only revealed in Midnight sun. It’s not that Edward can’t read Charlie’s mind, all through the twilight series he tells Bella things from Charlie’s thoughts. Edward just gets the impression of what Charlie is thinking, unable to hear his thoughts in detail, like he does with everyone else. Edward never realized Charlie’s thoughts were guarded until Bella came to Forks, and he couldn’t read her mind. He saw the similarity between Charlie and Bella, that Charlie’s thoughts were fuzzy, and not entirely transparent to him. Bella’s shielded mind may have been hereditary.

The Cullen Vampire clan has many supernatural talents, that the novel describes in detail.

The Cullen Vampire clan has many supernatural talents, that the novel describes in detail.

Edward Owns his family's House in Chicago

Edward’s place of birth was Chicago, and his parents owned a house. When the Spanish influenza hit, Edward Unfortunately contracted the sickness along with his whole family. Carlisle treating suffering patients found Edward on the brink of death, and changed him into a vampire. Every fifty years Edward inherits his family fortune from himself, including his previous home.

Edward's First Victum

Edward’s first victim was Charles Evenson, Esme’s ex-husband. Esme’s ex-husband was abusive and treated Esme with cruelty. Edward resented that Carlisle controlled his diet, choosing not to hunt humans. Edward decided he would hunt a man of bad character, therefore going in search of Charles Evenson, considering him an evil human. After killing Charles Evenson Edward chose to hunt criminals to feed on, beginning his vigilante years.

Bella's Window

Edward sprayed Bella’s windowpane with oil. Edward began to make a habit of sneaking into Bella’s room in Twilight, and watching her sleep. The window creaked loudly when he first opened it, so he brought oil to spray the windowpane. The window opened quietly after that.

Forest in Forks.

Forest in Forks.

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Plasma TV

In New Moon, after the vote, Bella heard Edward smash something big. Edward broke the 60 inch plasma TV that the Cullen’s had shipped from Korea, because it was not available in the states yet. Emmett was very upset; the TV had belonged to him.

Two Medical Degrees

Edward has two medical degrees, and Graduate degrees in literature, mathematics, law, mechanical engineering, several languages, art history, and international business. He has a lot of time on his hands as a vampire, to dedicate to academics.

Green Eyes

Edward had green eyes as a human. Edward’s human eye color is revealed in New Moon. Carlisle relates to Bella the events of the day he changed Edward, and mentions the color of Edward’s eyes. Carlisle has perfect recall of Edward’s human appearance.

The Cullen family's eyes are gold, because they only choose to hunt animals.

The Cullen family's eyes are gold, because they only choose to hunt animals.

The Scholarship

Edward mailed money to Bella in New Moon. This fact has been debated among fans, since this part of the story is technically an outtake. In New Moon Bella receives a scholarship fund, directly deposited into her bank account, obviously from Edward. Edward continued to persistently send Bella money anonymously, to give her the opportunity to attend college. Bella stubbornly continued to refuse his attempts, ensuing in quite the battle between them. During editing, this part was removed from New Moon for space. These outtakes can be found on Stephanie Meyer’s website, it is known as “The Scholarship.”

Bella's Bracelet

The heart shaped crystal Edward gave Bella in Eclipse was a diamond. The crystal heart had belonged to Edward’s mother, but he didn’t tell Bella that the gift was a diamond, thinking Bella might refuse knowing. Edward attached the diamond heart next to the little wolf on Bella’s bracelet (a present from Jacob Black). Alice and Jacob reveal that the crystal is in fact a diamond, but strangely enough they only hinted to Bella. This little detail has sometimes been forgotten, and Edward’s gift is occasionally referred to as a crystal.

Front cover of Twilight.

Front cover of Twilight.

There are many more facts about the Characters of Twilight that are hidden within the plot. There still may be more to come from this tale, but for now we enjoy reading about these intriguing characters of this fictional world.

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