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Easier Breaking Bad Trivia

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Minor Characters

The main cast of Breaking Bad was amazingly perfect. The characters were dynamic and the actors chosen to play the roles each rose to the occasion. This article is going to look at some of the smaller roles played by the supporting cast. Whether you love or hate the characters, the actors themselves are quite interesting and often very accomplished.

Gale Boetticher


Gale Boetticher is a quirky character. He is a socially awkward loner who seems oblivious to the dangers around him.He has an unusual and eclectic taste in music. From Major Tom to the obscure Tuscan opera song Crapa Pelada, Gales singing voice is one that would only please a loner. One song though, Man Chang Fei (which was playing when he died) is the Chinese equivalent of the Achy Breaky Heart (see video below).

Gale is played by David Costabile. Costabile is a popular supporting actor and has appeared on such television shows and The Wire, The Office, House, and The Closer. He also acted in films such as Lincoln, The Bounty Hunter, Solitary Man, and 13 Hours.

The Chinese Achy Breaky Heart, Man Chang Fei

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Mrs. Spooge is a mess. She lives from one drug fix to the next. Her addictions allow her to ignore the squalor of her home, the care of her child, and her abusive partner. Although this character only appeared in two episodes of Breaking Bad, her character is memorable for accurately portraying the seamy underbelly of addiction that most of us can only imagine.

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The character was played by Dale Dickie. Dickie is a very accomplished character actor who is best known for portraying Patty the Daytime Hooker on My Name Is Earl. Her extensive resume include such popular shows as Frasier, The Middle, Last Man Standing, ER, X-files, Ugly Betty, Bones, Weeds, True Blood, and many more. She worked as a valet attendant and waitress between jobs. She worked for a nonprofit agency until My Name Is Earl was renewed for a second season. On that show she also got to know Raymond Cruz (Tuco) who played Paco, the Senor Lo Mein delivery guy.

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Wendy was the hooker with a heart. Like Mrs. Splooge she exposed the dark side of drug addiction. Although in better shape than Mrs. Splooge, Wendy was still driven by addictions to engage in degrading acts to support her habit. Yet she still had a sense of loyalty and lived in the real world.

The character was played by Julia Minesci. In real life Minesci looks very much like a suburban soccer mom. She has participated in several iron-man competitions.Although she portrayed the character expertly, she has few additional acting credits to her name.

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Old Joe


Old Joe was more than a salvage yard owner. He was educated and knew his rights. He was not afraid to assert those right, even with Hank who can be intimidating to many. Joe walked a fine line between the criminal and noncriminal world. He was both tense and happy-go-lucky. His character added comic relief even during tense moments.

Joe was played by veteran character actor, Larry Hankin. Hankin appeared in Friends, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Malcolm in the Middle, ER, Married With Children, Star Trek TNG, and WKRP in Cinncinati. He has appeared in over 100 movies including Home Alone, Billy Madison, Planes Trains and Automobiles, and Pretty Woman. He began his career as an illustrator.

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An Easier Trivia Quiz for the Casual Fans

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The Airliner that Crashed at the end of Season Two was a...
    • 727
    • 737
    • 747
    • 757
  2. The High School Janitors Name is...
    • Marco
    • Hugo
    • Hector
    • Miguel
  3. The Tiara Marie Gave Skylar at the Baby Shower Came From...
    • Tiffany's
    • DeBeer's
    • Neiman Marcus
    • Gertrude Zachary's
  4. Junior Thinks Veggie Bacon Smells Like...
    • Bandaids
    • Plastic
    • Bacon
    • A Diaper
  5. How Did Walter Whites Father Die?
    • Parkinsons
    • Cancer
    • Huntingtons
    • Stroke
  6. What is Combo''s Real Name?
    • Christian
    • Charles
    • Christopher
    • Clarence
  7. Skylar Once Worked at a Diner, What Was Her Job?
    • Cook
    • Dishwasher
    • Waitress
    • Hostess
  8. The Manager of Los Pollo's Hermano's in Breaking Bad is...
    • Cynthia
    • Charlene
    • Margaret
    • Lorraine
  9. The Make of Walter's Mini-Van is...
    • Ford
    • Chevy
    • Pontiac
    • Chrysler
  10. In Jesse's Narcotics Anonymous Group, What is the Name of the Group Leader?
    • Robert
    • Michael
    • Thomas
    • None of the Above
  11. Okay, One Semi-Tough One, Wendy has a Son. What is his Name?
    • David
    • Patrick
    • Michael
    • Timmy

Answer Key

  1. 737
  2. Hugo
  3. Gertrude Zachary's
  4. Bandaids
  5. Huntingtons
  6. Christian
  7. Hostess
  8. Cynthia
  9. Pontiac
  10. None of the Above
  11. Patrick

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