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Dynasty -- The Divorce Party


But does Fallon really want to divorce Liam?

Last time, Stephen decided to leave for awhile to find himself. Blake and Anders made up. Kirby got a legal love letter from Alexis. And Culhane was caught in a trap with no way out...

Hank with Lexi's painting. Goes to an art gallery. He tries to sell the painting.

Blake and Cristal spending time together. Liam says a story going to be printed about his failing marriage. He says if it comes out he won't be able to protect Fallon from his family.

Lexi comes to give Cristal a hard time. She tries to make Cristal think she's an interloper and Cristal turns the table on her. Blake learns Hank tried to sell the painting and he's out for blood.

Jeff offers to help Culhane break free from Ada, when Culhane tells him the mess he's gotten himself in.

Cristal suggests Sam go to a psychic since he's feeling lost. She says the woman helped her.

Culhane not happy that Liam is working in Fallon's office. Fallon suggests she and Liam have a divorce party to celebrate their amicable separation. Fallon expects Culhane to be there because that's their date night. Not if his master yanks his chain and tells him no.

Lexi calls Hank and he won't stop trying to sell the painting.

Liam says he's read up on the rituals for a divorce party and asks if she'll let him say goodbye to her in his own way.

Culhane trying to turn the tables on Ada and set himself free.

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Cristal doesn't like Blake's vindictive side in regards to Hank. She says she wants to help him get inner peace.

Lexi wants Blake's lawyer to help her get the painting back without Blake finding out the truth. Poor dumb Blake still thinks Hank is his son.

Culhane tells Fallon he has to leave while Sam brings the psychic that Cristal recommended to dinner. Okay, this Cristal is a little too wishy-washy for my taste. I stand by the assessment that only Linda Evans can pull off the wishy-washiness of Krystle and not make you want to sock her in the mouth. She didn't get much kudos for acting the role, but she pulled the character off and made you root for her.

The Psychic passes out tarot cards. She tells Fallon she'll have a betrayal of the bare-chested man and only a kiss will prove whose love is true. Sam has a new life. She says Blake has a new chapter. She says HE is a danger to all Carringtons when reading Lexi. Is she talking about Hank. She must be.

Jeff tries to give Kirby the brush-off. She wants to work Jeff's poker game. She says she needs money. Maybe she could sell all the stuff she bought with Stephen's credit card.

Culhane wants to move Fallon's divorce party to Monica's club. That way he can attend and he and Jeff can pull their sting on Ada.

The lawyer wants to let Blake find the painting so he's not connected to Lexi's mess.

Culhane's phone rings and Fallon answers. It's Ada Stone.

Sam thinks the prediction means that Sam is supposed to have a baby with Stephen. He's interviewing women, and wants Anders to vet them. None of the women pass the baby test.

Fallon tells Monica she thinks Culhane is cheating on her. Liam brings Craig Thompson to the party. Fallon confronts Culhane about Ada and he shines her on.

Lexi tracks down Hank.

Ada shows up at Jeff's poker party.

Culhane watches Ada on camera at Jeff's poker party as Jeff gets her to incriminate herself.

Blake catches Lexi about to reclaim the Rembrandt. Lexi coughs up the fact that she tried to sell the painting for money, but claims it wasn't Hank who tried to sell it for her. He also makes it clear they just screwed, they're not back together, like she thinks they are. Suddenly, Blake forgives her because that's what Nu-Cristal would want.

Liam says the suits are officially eating up the divorce party. They get ready to end it. Meanwhile Ada demands Jeff give her the cut of poker game. She then starts threatening Jeff's family. She says she wants a 40% cur of the game. Jeff and Michael tell her they got her on tape, but she turns the tables on them. Her cohort gets his hands on the tape and now both Culhane and Jeff are in the soup together.

Lexi and Cristal get into it. Lexi says she knows Cristal lost her job. And she showed up there right after that.She threatens to tell Blake she's just using him. That she didn't come there to help him, but to help herself.

Liam plays a slideshow of him and Fallon. Liam reveals he leaked the photo of her and Culhane. He says he's never going to stop fighting for her and that he loves her. Then he recites divorce vows to say goodbye to her. Fallon suddenly kisses Liam, but claims it was just for the shareholders.

She runs away saying it was a mistake, she's with Culhane. He asks where he is. They start getting physical. Meanwhile Ada vows to punish Culhane for trying to trap her. Fallon breaks away from Liam when she sees Ada and Culhane on the closed-circuit TV and sends Liam away.

Fallon says she betrayed Culhane by kissing Liam. Jeff walks in and says he won't tell Culhane but she should and that Culhane isn't betraying her with Ada.

Sam thinks Kirby would be the perfect one to be the surrogate, especially since she's Stephen's half-sister. Like Fallon, maybe he should talk to his significant other before doing something that can't be undone. Like Fallon, he may have misinterpreted what the psychic was telling him.

Blake says thanks to Cristal, he was able to handle Lexi. Then Cristal fesses up to Blake about having lost her job. Blake thinks she's his destiny and kisses her. Lexi watches from afar and is not pleased. Lexi's hope that finding out Cristal hadn't been completely honest didn't get her a ticket out of Blake Land. And there's a good reason for that.

Jeff and Culhane give Ada her cut and she talks about using Monica's club in the future.

Lexi goes to the psychic to have her future read. The woman predicts a marriage proposal for Alexis and that the person will die, but I don't think she's talking about Blake. In the original show Alexis married Cecil Colby and he did when she was a little too much for him in bed. Meanwhile Hank is with Claudia and Baby Matthew. Claudia is tired of letting Hank try to get the money. She says she'll get the money her way.

The reason Blake wasn't upset about Cristal not being honest with him about losing her job before coming there is Blake arranged it. It was Blake who bought Cristal's clinic and shut it down. In short, he made sure she had nothing to go back to if she wanted to leave.

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