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Duality of Ships

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A big fan of anime and a multi-shipper. All ships are valid unless there are negative intentions behind it

Is Duality Neccesary in Fictional Works?

Duality. Light and dark. Feeling and thinking. Masculine energy and feminine energy. Poison and cure. Of course there is always the side of the coin as opposed to just heads and tails, but there is something that seems to intrigue us about the concept of two opposites.

When it comes to anime ships, this is no exception. I, myself, am no stranger when it comes to shipping dual opposites in at least some regard. After all, as they say, opposites do attract! However, in real life, there are exceptions.

But what is it that specifically attracts us to such dual ships? I can't speak for everyone but for me, especially as a writer, I feel like it's just more interesting (not that others aren't!), that there is much more depth and more to explore. When it comes to dealing with polar opposites, there tends to be a lot more conflict and disagreements, which can then, if parties overcome said disagreements, lead to character development and a stronger bond overall. I tend to write a lot with tsundere characters for this purpose, or just people who might be a little more closed off or reluctant to even consider/admit that the other individual could be an option. It provides a lot of groundwork and pathways in which you can build up each character and their personal relationships.

But duality isn't all just bad or good, or differing personalities, it can mean a platitude of different things. And with all duality can bring to the table, it's definitely a great addition to a story or fanfic! Is it necessary? Short answer, no. Although it can help spice things up a little, it all depends on the writer. And the sort of story you want to create! For example, if I want a heroic tale, I could use Deku and Uraraka, two heroes fighting for good, similar in nature, as a basis. For a cutesy story, I could use Lalatina and Chris, two wholesome characters. For a love-hate relationship, I might consider a more dual approach, such as Bowsette and Mario, although you can use whoever you want in whatever style of story you want. That's the beauty of writing. You can do whatever you desire! Use you skills to cheer people up, including yourself! Just never use your writing to hurt another!


Duality- Opposing Sides

The most common example of opposing sides is good vs evil, light vs dark or even noble vs commoner. There are many other barriers you could use too such as background and other differences, for example, Draco from Slytherin and Harry from Gryffindor, or you could even use family feuds like Lagoona and Gill from Monster High.

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Instead of the two individuals just having an easy route to beginning a relationship with each other, they will first have to overcome the barriers and will have to come up with creative ways to test if their love is truly strong and everlasting.

The journey may be long but certainly worth it. It can help create not just a powerful pairing but a major plotline. So maybe when writing a new story, perhaps consider introducing a duality theme!


Love Or Friends...?

So when we think of ships, our minds normally tend to go to relationships of a romantic nature. But what about friendships? These are equally important within your story and can often be prime examples of duality too. All relationships are trials , both fictional and real. They make us who we are and are an integral part of our journey. Love will shape our personalities and how we present ourselves to the world, but with each new person, new changes can occur within us, for better or for worse. Love can come in many forms. Just because it isn't romantic, doesn't mean it doesn't have a beautiful story to tell.

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