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Dream Pop Single Review: "Sins" by Vox Somnia

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Vox Somnia’s Sins explores the damaging legacy of living under an authoritarian regime for one family. Delicately shifting, slowly pulsing sounds are joined by a swirling guitar and floating shadows in the distance along with lightly guiding drums. Anna Navrota’s fragile and aching voice slowly unfolds into the song’s open spaces. The guitar glides smoothly, the drums touch gently and the lead singer’s voice is tender and hurting.

Now the two vocalists sing wordless, ghostly notes over the metallic shiver of the guitar before Anna Navrota’s pained vocals return. The drums slowly guide the music and the guitar has a haunting drift. The lead vocals capture the melancholy and loss in the lyrics. Ethereal vocals slip over the steady drums and mistily winding guitars, as the bass depths add support. The song gains intensity before fading into silence.

The narrator begins by talking about the “spell of terror” that lives in her heart as it constantly alters its “shape and form.” Our narrator says it is the “terror of being alive” that’s been “cut from the cloth” of a mother’s grief and adds that the terror has passed to the first born like “a coat for mourning thieves.” The storyteller paints a bleak picture of waking “clung to tragedy” at the new light’s “breath.” She asks the simple question of “who will pay for sins performed upon a family?”

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