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Review: Method to Hate You

Korean Title: 너를 싫어하는 방법
Director: Oh Kwanjin
Aired: April 1, 2019
Episodes: 6

Sometimes, knowing what you want is a good thing. But there are some cases, especially when it comes to romance, where one’s idea of perfection can get in the way of realizing that there is already a person in front of them that could give the love and happiness that they want to feel.


A Typical yet Enjoyable Love Story

The series was based on a popular Korean webtoon called Method to Hate You. It is a story about two animation students who agreed to pretend that they’re dating to hide the fact that the lead female character is actually in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. There is comfort in its simplicity. It is an ordinary love story that is not overly dramatic; there are no heavy problems and no crazy characters. It’s a nice feel-good drama that a lot of people can easily relate to.


Obsession with the Ideal

The problem with Oh Mi Rin (Kim Ji In) was her inability to realize her feelings for Han Daegang (Na Jaemin) due to her obsession with her idea of an ideal. The perfect man in her imagination suddenly appeared in front of her in the form of Go Eun Tae (Lee Dong Won). Even though her heart shattered when she found out her dream guy was already in a relationship with her best friend, Lee Da Som (Kim Yu Jin), she never once thought of using Daegang to get over Eun Tae.

Mi Rin tried following Daegang’s advice to find something to hate about Eun Tae so that she can focus on it and fall out of love with him eventually. When that didn’t work, she thought of just trying to make Eun Tae hate her, because she thought that it would be hard for her to like someone who despised her. Even in the process of trying to forget Eun Tae, she remained oblivious to Daegang’s feelings for her.

The progress of the relationship between the two main characters throughout the series was good. Mi Rin thought that Daegang was scary at first, but as the story advanced, Daegang’s character development went smoothly to someone who looks out for Mi Rin. His fondness for her was obvious-- Mi Rin just didn’t pay enough attention to him at first to notice it. Even though that was the case, their compatibility was clear just by observing how they interacted with each other. Mi Rin took care of Daegang as well on several occasions, but she was just too absorbed in the idea of liking Eun Tae to realize that she was already developing feelings for Daegang.

Two Cents on the Actors

Na Jaemin is a member of SM Entertainment's K-pop group, NCT. He debuted in NCT's subgroup, NCT Dream on August 24, 2016. This is his first lead role in a drama series.

It was a lovely surprise to see him do exceptionally well. His facial expressions weren’t excessively exaggerated. He can make the audience understand the emotions of his character with the subtle movements of his eyes and mouth. His natural charm is an added bonus. The character that he played is a cool type of male lead who was initially cold and serious during the first episode. It is the complete opposite of the personality that he usually shows on TV, YouTube, and Vlive. He did justice to the character of Han Daegang.

What also helped my heart’s rare excitement for this onscreen romance is Kim Ji In’s portrayal of Oh Mi Rin. She acted her part naturally. She wasn’t in love with the male lead at first and she showed that successfully without ruining the emotional connection between Mi Rin and Daegang. Even in her character’s moments of stupidity, she was neither vexing nor annoying to watch. She can do cute expressions without overdoing it and her calm and gentle voice is nice to listen to as well.

The progression and depiction of the relationship between the two main characters was excellent. The power, chemistry, and talent that Jaemin and Ji In released together are definitely golden.

Kim Yu Jin and Lee Jong Won who played the supporting characters also did well in the series. Jong Won was able to successfully give Eun Tae a likable aura as he should, and Yu Jin did well in portraying Lee Da Som as a cool, smart, perceptive girl.

The Verdict

Despite the inevitable problems that the characters had with their relationships in the story, all of the actors together made the air of the story feel light. Young love is definitely nostalgic. The story’s purity is a treasure. It is a nice feel-good movie to watch for people who enjoy watching wholesome romantic films and TV shows.

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