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Drake songs: "Started from the bottom" meaning and lyrics

Drake's "Started from the bottom"


The meaning behind the music

"Started from the bottom" says it all. Everyone starts at the bottom of the "fame food-chain." People learn to make social connections, they become well-known, and they work their way to the top of the "fame chain." Drake elaborates on this process in "Started from the bottom" by describing what it was like building a name for himself, working from the very bottom to the very top of the music industry. "Started from the bottom" is a song that Drake wrote out of his own personal experience with gaining fame and fortune.

Analyzing the song for the sake of the music itself

"Started from the bottom" takes you through the life of Drake as he explains the difference between where he once was in life and where he is now on the music "fame chain." It's interesting that Drake includes having conflict with his family, from feuding with his mother over differences of opinions to feuding with his uncle over the use of his uncle's car, as being a part of his struggle to gain fame. It's as if Drake might be hinting towards his family not necessarily supporting his dream to sing when he describes his struggle with his family. He also makes the statement that he was "trying to get it on his own" in "Started from the bottom," which also highlights his struggle for fame alone.

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It's extremely interesting that Drake includes the lyric "story stay the same through the money and the fame" in "Started from the bottom." In the context that Drake uses this lyric he is trying to explain that he hasn't allowed the fortune and the fame to go to his head and he didn't turn his back on those he was loyal to before he gained his status, indicating that he kept the relationships/friendships that he has valued before he gained fame. Although the song almost comes across as an arrogant rant against all those who opposed him and (perhaps) all those that stood in the way of his fame, this lyric suggests that Drake has extreme loyalty to his "team," (his words) and wouldn't dream of replacing them. He never lost sight of what was most important to him while chasing after his dreams: his loved ones.

It could very well be that Drake did not intend this song to appear as a rant against his "haters," (as one might believe when first listening to the song) but as a chant to himself reminding him of how he deserves credit for his effort in obtaining fame. This concept is depicted by the lyric "we just want the credit where it's due." I think Drakes true intent for "Started from the bottom" was to prove to others that he put forth a vast amount of effort to rise to the top, and obtain his well-deserved, hard-earned dreams. Just as anyone can do. Perhaps, then, the song should be taken as inspiration for others to be willing to walk a rough road in order to gain one's dreams, just as Drake did.

Drake "Started from the bottom" lyric video

The maker of the music: Drake

About Drake

Although most of Drake's songs reflect his past relationships, and his experience with fame, Drake's music is a direct reflection of his mood. Drake's unique sound is influenced by his role models Kayne West, Jay-Z, Aaliyah, and Lil Wayne. This Canadian song artist grew up in Toronto, Ontario with his mother, Sandi Graham, and father, Dennis Graham. His father has origins from Memphis, Tennessee, while his mother is a Jewish Canadian.

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Unfortunately, when Drake was only five years old, his parents separated and his mother was left struggling to raise him as a single parent. Drake's struggle began with poverty and worsened when his father was arrested twice, and his parents were divorced. Drake describes having to become a man at a young age to make up for the loss of his father in jail.

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Drake's focus in life has always been his singing and acting career. Music had more importance than education to Drake. He ended up attending two public schools, and graduated from neither. After being a high school drop-out to focus on his career, Drake finally did obtained his GED in October of 2012.

Needless to say, the struggles of Drakes life and childhood definitely come out in the lyrics and meaning of his songs. Perhaps to alert others of what he's been through, or to remind himself of how he was able to survive.

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