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DragonBall Super:Super Hero awakens its power in June 2022!

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The first title card we got back in 2021.

The first title card we got back in 2021.

What we've learned recently...

Though since development started in 2019, I have a little bit of hope for Sonic Frontiers. Sonic Frontiers will drop on Holiday season 2022. Hopefully in time we’ll get some gameplay footage, and a plot synopsis as the deadline draws near. And yeah, I’ll be keeping an eye out for that stuff.

On March 7th 2022 Toei animation announced there’d be a delay many animated projects including DragonBall Super: Super Hero. And apparently we didn’t have to wait long, as two months since, we’ve got a new release date will be on June 11th 2022. i.e. next month as of writing this. Well in Japan anyway, as we’ve yet to receive word from Funimation about the dub.

As I stated in my last blog, Toei Animation was hacked and hit with ransomware. No word on who specifically was responsible, but aside from that Toei managed to bounce back. According to Bounding Into Comics, Unofficial Shonen Jump News announced the new date for the film’s premiere of June 30th 2022. But seeing that this was written back back in April, there’s some margin for error.

Who says nerds aren't cool?

Who says nerds aren't cool?

The Premise...

Reminder the premise with a few new details is as follows: The Premise details so far is that The Red Ribbon Army name being used by two individuals seeking its resurrection, and seeking revenge on Goku and his friends. They deployed two androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 who announce themselves as “super heroes” to meet this end. This leads to Pan being abducted, as Gohan sets out to rescue her. Eventually it will be revealed to Hedo(the creator of Gamma 1 and 2) that the Red Ribbon Army were the bad guys and used him to get revenge on Goku and crew.

The second cause of hype for the Super Hero film.

The second cause of hype for the Super Hero film.

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In Conclusion...

In conclusion I’m glad it’s coming in June(next month as of me writing), but I’ve still got my misgivings. I’m not certain Gohan, Gotten, Trunks, and Piccolo will be the main characters we follow in the film. It’d be a risk to not have Goku as the main character, and I’m not sure Toei, Shueisha, or Toriyama would take such a risk at this point.
It doesn’t make sense to give Goku a reduced role, but the trailers imply that much. But trailers tend to be deceptive, hence my cautious optimism. We’ll see when the film drops in June.

DragonBall Super:Super Hero Trailer 4

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