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Dragon Ball Z: Top 5 Chargeable Attacks

 Vegeta and Goku

Vegeta and Goku

Dragon Ball Z

In case you missed out on this classic anime, Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) features warriors who battle utilizing an energy force called "ki" to perform numerous attacks. Fights are furious brawls that often end with a powerful ki beam struggle.

Heroes and villains wield their unique energy attacks; some can be charged, which provides a far stronger blast. Charging a move requires a warrior to remain still as they focus on summoning energy for their technique. Also, yelling. Lots and lots of yelling. But that's the fun of DBZ; a bunch of unnecessary grunts to accompany amazing offensive assaults. And today, we'll countdown some of the most notable charge moves seen in this beloved series!

Caution, spoilers ahead.

Frieza powers up a Death Ball

Frieza powers up a Death Ball

5. Death Ball

User: Frieza

Death Ball is an orb of energy that grows larger the more ki is pumped into it. Frieza's impressive power level allows him to infuse the ball with enough energy to destroy an entire planet. For such a destructive force, Frieza only needs a second or two to charge the move, and it makes a great last resort.: If he destroys a planet, he also destroys its atmosphere. Frieza can survive in the vacuum of space; most other fighters cannot.

Death Ball's ability to obliterate planets when charged definitely make it a serious threat, and to make matters worse, variants of the move called Black Hole Death Ball and Supernova exist.

Goku fires a Kamehameha wave

Goku fires a Kamehameha wave

4. Kamehameha

User: Goku

Goku's signature blue energy beam is shared with other characters like Gohan, Krillin, and Roshi. Kamehameha has some nice advantages. It's a variable move; you can fire it uncharged and it'll still pose a decent threat to foes. Still, when a user is able to charge the attack, even for less than a minute, the move grows vastly in power.

For example, a charged Kamehameha allowed Goku to destroy Cell's body, despite the latter having a clear advantage in strength during their fight. Kamehameha beams may not be specific to one fighter, but they're forces to be reckoned with.

Piccolo shoots a Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo shoots a Special Beam Cannon

3. Special Beam Cannon

User: Piccolo

Yep, it's a pretty sill name, but a fearsome technique. Special Beam Cannon can be fired without charging, but its power is drastically weakened. When infused with energy for at least five minutes, the user can unleash a spiraling beam capable of defeating someone three times as strong as them. Additionally, the attack can pierce through multiple fighters, and may be used with a single arm; useful when an upper appendage has been blasted off (a common occurrence in DBZ).

The green Namekian Piccolo developed this attack and successfully destroyed an enemy far stronger than himself with it. Due to its lengthy charge time, it works best when another fighter can keep the opponent busy.

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Vegeta unleashes Final Flash

Vegeta unleashes Final Flash

2. Final Flash

User: Vegeta

Final Flash fires an enormous burst of yellow energy, capable of traveling through space to destroy distant stars. Who can forget the iconic scene where Vegeta obliterated Cell (a much stronger warrior) by charging this attack for several minutes? Watch the whole scene here to see the buildup and charge time, or skip to about 4 minutes in to witness the actual activation.

Like Special Beam Cannon, Final Flash may be fired uncharged, but its power is drastically weakened. Taunt your adversary into allowing you to power up this move, and the rest of your battle should be smooth sailing.. as long as your energy burst connects.

Honorable Mentions

More formidable charge attacks in Dragon Ball Z


Galick Gun


Releases a powerful purple beam of energy.



Drains user's life force to brandish a mighty ki blast.



Self-destructs user after one minute of charging.

Goku charging a Spirit Bomb.

Goku charging a Spirit Bomb.

1. Spirit Bomb

User: Goku

First place goes to the mighty Spirit Bomb, a technique King Kai taught to Goku early in the series. This move involves a user slowly summoning a huge amount of energy shaped into a large blue sphere, provided by nearby lifeforms. When sufficiently charged, the attack grows to the size of an entire continent and vanquishes enemies far stronger than the user

The main disadvantage is an incredibly long charge time; Goku usually needs his friends to hold off his enemy for many precious minutes while he amasses ki. Interestingly, the Spirit Bomb can only be used by those pure of heart; in fact, Goku can't fire it when using his Super Saiyan form, as the brutal transformation corrupts the soul. The Spirit Bomb can also be reflected by pure hearts; only evildoers need fear its awesome power. For its incredible strength and benevolent nature, the Spirit Bomb is the ultimate chargeable move in Dragon Ball Z.

Future of Dragon Ball

Even though DBZ's anime run has long since ended, the show's popularity continues today, and the series continues to see new releases. For example, check out Dragon Ball Super to continue the Z Warrior adventures. But for now, let me know which of today's techniques you favor, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

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