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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022)

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***Before reading the following review, it may be important for you to recognize my bias, for it may get in the way of a fair review. I have not watched or screened a single episode of the TV Show by the same name before coming to the theaters for this film. My knowledge of the existing lore is extremely limited.***

Immediately establishing the setting, the score comes in full force and at full volume, setting the tone for the time period. Notes of Baz Luhrmann’s and Wes Anderson’s filmmaking styles are prominently spread throughout the film making for a beautifully framed world, or rather village, of Downton. However, after several of these establishing shots are used in the movie, it’s painfully obvious that the same twenty seconds of the score is being played along with the shots. This could quickly begin to annoy some viewers if they keep their attention on it.

Immediate standout performances go to Michelle Dockery and Dominic West, as their line delivery and character believability are unfortunately the only two deserving of praise. The rest of the cast deliver their lines like they are part of a stage play, and seem to anticipate the lines given by their other castmates too quickly. They respond almost instantaneously and sound almost robotic with their retorts. This is extremely evident in scenes where the characters appear to have the desire to outwit, or snap back at one another in a closed setting.

There are several subplots in this film that appear to have no real significant value to the audience, and it is easy to get bored whenever these subplots occur, which unfortunately, is fairly frequently. They feel rushed, abrupt and chaotic. Overall, the movie feels like it may be a bit long for a drama, and wraps up its main plot far too quickly. While this film has its fair share of flaws, it’s certainly a fun and dramatic experience.


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