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Don't Look Up A Cinematic Mishmash

Don’t Look Up Is All Over The Place A Cinematic Mishmash

It’s not terribly funny, which is either due to poor direction or bad acting, but since several cast members have done better, except for Tyler Perry, who is horrible in my opinion. I believe the director is to blame for this confusing movie whose satire and the overall message are all over the place. This movie is all over the place from start to finish, and its satire seems to have misfired, mixing all news reporters in the same bag of moronic morning talk show hosts. And it looks like everyone who isn’t the main cast is just a stereotypical self-absorbed idiot.

The premise sounds exciting and likely drew in all the viewers on Netflix, but the execution is very lackluster. It starts off somewhat decent, but it becomes very grating as we get to the Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill characters. It isn’t very funny and probably should have stayed a straight science fiction flick. The film is confusing overall, a lack of focus muddles its premise. Its satire and comedy are obvious and obtuse, which is also likely due to the lousy writing more than bad direction.

The wealthy billionaire Peter Isherwell, a Mark Zuckerberg/Jeff Bezos, a stand-in for this film, is a weird self-centered amalgamated portrait of American tech billionaires. At first, we think that the problem will be solved after they send out shuttlecraft and other rocket-propelled vessels toward the comet that is set to destroy the planet but is stopped by the moronic CEO of Bash because it contains rare metals. A comet is mainly made of ice and space dust with a gas halo and tail that orbit stars and would melt upon impact with the upper atmosphere. A meteor is an asteroid that enters the earth’s atmosphere, often filled with minerals and metals. Still, most burns upon impact, so Adam McKay neglected to do much research before writing. Anyway, besides that little meteorological mistake, they spend the rest of the movie doing nothing to avoid their fate besides a half baked plan to break it apart so that they can somehow mine it after impact, hoping it will land safely in the oceans with no side effects like flooding or storms from a rise in sea level.

Leonardo’s character, professor Mindy often acts like a fool going along the greedy tech billionaire’s crazy plan and sleeping with someone who he thinks is a sophomoric fake journalist. His wife catches him and throws medicine at him after he decides to continue the affair. He continues on his loveless affair with no chemistry, at least until he explodes on national tv and challenges the president and her cronies. And surprise, the plan doesn’t work for some reason; the professor’s wife takes him back with no fight or anything. Also, another confusing surprise is that the president, who has been fighting with the professor and his grad student since the second act, for some reason offers him a seat on a shuttle to another planet that they somehow had time to build but neglected the major problem of the meteor or comet as they call it in the film which makes the movie all the more confusing.

They try to make it a touching ending with everyone gathered around a dinner table praying for their lives, talking to each other about mundane, irrelevant minutia. Everyone dies, including the people who escaped, as they are all naked on an alien planet and presumably all eaten by alien creatures. Overall this direct to Netflix flick is tedious, confusing, and not funny.

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