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Donald Trump: Undesirable No.1

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Right from the start of 2017 Donald made his presidential debut and took the seat of president elect, completely shattering the seats in numerous states and now a year later that all seems like it happened decades ago, controversy surrounds the new president like a fly, on some sugar. Now more than ever it’s important that we look into the life of the president with a God complex.

The pompous president has a knack for being very out spoken, even during his campaign, but a year later into office we are stuck wondering was it all worth it, he did something right… right? Oh well, the President from the very start office has found himself digging a very big hole and at the top, the American public, democrats’ or other’s gapping down at that hole and laughing, but it’s of little comfort as the government is still run by the Republicans’ and they have found themselves rather surrounded by them, even if their president is sinking.

A racist, seducer, egotistical, narcissistic, liar and a cheat he’s been called it all, but that doesn’t even seem to hinge him even a little, as the golden boy from New York always had his way of doing things, and that resonates even in his political life, as the leader of the free world, resorts to childish tactics even on a foreign standpoint, calling the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, “rocket man”. I mean obviously the golden color is starting to rub off a bit, if you ask me.

However, on the other hand the web of mysteries surrounding his marriage are even greater, than the mysteries about his hair. Melanija Knavs her given name, is a tongue twister on its own. However, the actuals origins off the first lady are like straight out of a movie, controversy is a better suited name for the Trumps as presidents in the past have always tried to put on a good face to the public regarding their marriage life, even the Clintons tried to portray a happy couple, even though there were numerous reports of marriage problems.


The Slovenian Sphinx was born in Novo Mesto a small city and led a normal life, until she signed a modeling contract and became prey to rich playboys like Donald, eventually they ended up getting married. However, reports soon spread from her family that they were angered by her decision to marry trump and they strongly believed that she nailed herself to the cross immediately as her marriage life began or wherever religion she believes in…

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(Sigh*). Hey but who am I to comment on true love!

Anyways, a year into the trump administration and all the American public has seen so far are a whole lot of people getting fired, a house so divided that it can barely pass any bills, government officials being held guilty for corruption and sexual scandals and what’s worse is that now foreign countries are also adding salt to our wounds almost, the economy has almost come to the brink of crashing and people with money problems have began to question about what the future awaits for them while businessmen have been prospering more and more day by day.

The situation is almost too surreal. But I all honesty, I think we all hope Trump will probably do the right thing one day and vacate office that is and if not may God save us in the near future.

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