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Doja Cat Wants to Quit Music After Public Backlash?

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The performer artist, Doja Cat, seemed to want to end her career in the music industry this March 24, 2022, during a series of tweets on Twitter. Many fans were shocked and worried because of the singer's posts on Twitter that day when Doja Cat implied that she was about to quit her music career.

Here are some screenshots of her tweet posts about it.


What happened in the Paraguay Show?

Doja announced these after what happened in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Her performance got canceled on the first day of a two-day show at the Asuncionico 2022 festival. She had meant to perform together with other artists.

On that day, the weather was very rough, resulting in the cancellation of the first day of the festival show.

The cancellation of the first day gets followed by arguments between the artist and her Paraguay fans.

On March 24, 2022, Thursday, Doja Cat tweeted about Brazil in multiple tweets that made the anger of her fans grow bigger. The tweets are also about her performance on that day, March 24, 2022.


A fan commented, Not a single photo being in Paraguay, not a single tweet, not a single Instagram story!!!! You made us empty!! - That made the singer replied that she was sorry. Here is a screenshot.


But that made another person post a photo of the singer.


Then Doja replied that she was not sorry for the post that caused a public backlash.

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She had already deleted some of the tweets she posted, but those I showed you earlier remain.

Doja felt pressured with all the hate she received because of the canceled show, all due to safety reasons.

Some people on Twitter expressed how disappointed they felt because Doja Cat has been reported not to be stopping by to take photos or meet with fans outside her hotel in Paraguay.

Despite the uncontrollable circumstances, some fans thought she could have done something to acknowledge the crowd of people who had spent their time, energy, and effort because they were dying to see her.

That somehow she could have done better to make her fans feel that they are acknowledged and not neglected.

Thursday afternoon fan posted a tweet about a singer to ask her fans if they were okay.


It was another tweet from Doja Cat after the - music is dead to me - tweet from her.


She tweeted again.

CNN and other news companies have requested a comment from a representative for Doja, but they got no response.

While exchanging tweets from the frustrated fans, Doja changed her bio name from - Mike Penis - into - I quit - with a small letter I and then changed it again to - I quit still - with a lowercase I still.

Due to the hazardous weather, other artists like Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly reached out to their fans through social media.

Previously, Doja has been vocal about her struggles and challenges working in the music industry. Also, regarding the pressure, the artists deal with it all the time.

In her Instagram live, she shared how she needs to do things she doesn't want to do, like taking pictures. She talked about having to do "sh*t" like that, despite all she wanted was to make music.

As we all might already know, in January 2021, Doja Cat stopped using Tiktok because she felt fans were - gaslighting unintentionally - she said in a tweet.

On March 30, 2022, she changed her bio to "Mike P*nis" again.

Many fans are finger-crossing that she did not mean what she said about quitting music, and that will not stop making music because we all have to admit that she is a great performer and song maker. She has an extraordinary talent that no one has.

Anyway, I would like to show these tweets, too. They were also about the Paraguay cancellation show event.


It explains why she wasn't getting out to meet fans outside her hotel, but what do you think about this topic? Drop your comments below.

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