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T.I Means Too Ignorant

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Clifton Harris Jr

On September 25, 1980, Violeta Morgan and Clifton Harris Sr moved to New York. Before leaving, they decided to leave a gem in Atlanta. That was Clifton Harris Jr. He was raised by his grandparents in an Atlanta Center Hill neighborhood. With no parents in a rough neighborhood, he saw things at a very young age. At age 8, he started to rap and write lyrics. His career seemed to be promising even at that age but as a teenager, the issues he lived around seemed to affect him. He started dealing drugs and smoking it. Harris Jr. became troublesome. By the age of 14, he was arrested several times. Despite the struggles, he still maintained to stay in school. During it, he created mixtapes with help from friends and sold them from his car trunk. Once in high school, he was not known as just a dealer on the streets but a rapper on it.


In response, he dropped out of school. He continued to hustle for what he wanted. Him dropping out was bold. So he hustled much harder. Seemingly, the dealing he wanted to end. He worked harder to get his talent recognized. Ghet-o-vision records noticed. They signed him. From then on, what he dreamed about was coming true. Gheto-O-Vision Records was an affiliate of ARISTA RECORDS. By this time He was called T.I. The name is short for T.I.P. His paternal grandfather gave it to him. Over time he has matured. It's sad that he's giving people reasons to ask if those two letters stand for too Ignorant. Here are five steps he took to better himself.


1. He Changed His Enviorment

He was featured to play the role of an orphaned teen named Rashad in the movie ATL. The film was about his life. While recording it, T.I violated probation again. Once the movie released he was in court. He was arrested in Florida. He was convicted of battery in 2003 in Tampa. After filming and releasing the film he was arrested in 2007 for two felonies. He had weapons that weren’t registered and during the time he was a convicted felon. He later spent a year and a day in prison. Despite his troubles, he maintained to crawl out of them all. He still struggled to put away that troublesome life for good. His problem wasn't much friends. It was the environment they were in. He continued going back. That was until he met Tiny Harris.

2. He Has More Patience

Tiny was apart of the girl group Xscape. The group is based in Atlanta, GA. The two met and started dating. Their bond became special as time went on. She was there in the midst of all he went through. Instead of being his mate, she became his help mate. The two became one. They started a family before the marriage. He had a daughter from a previous relationship. After they married, the rapper and his wife was arrested for drug charges. T.I was sentenced to 11 months in prison for violating probation again. The charges were later dropped but he still had to serve his time. He was released from prison in 2011. They made it right and the problems slowly drifted away. All he needs to have is patience. Things could be worse. Eventually, love will conquer it all.

3. He Embraced Wisdom

With more money comes more problems. That was a song made by friends Puff Daddy and Mase. The late Notorious B.I.G was also included. After his release, he was sent to a community living facility. There was still a struggle but you could see change. T.I struggles this time were with finances. Change is a hard thing to do. Especially when you have that amount of money. The rapper owned a mansion, cars and much more. As he spent much for his lifestyle, the irs was watching. He wasn't paying taxes. In August of 2015, the rapper had liens on his property from the IRS. The liens totaled $4.5 million for unpaid taxes from 2012-2013. The issues seemed to be too much for Tameka to handle. She divorced him in 2016.

4. He Kept Moving

In 2018 TI was arrested again. He was put in jail and released the same day. He did everything he could but just couldn't get away from troublesome lifestyle. The same year he was arrested he opened a trap museum to coincide with his album Trap Muzik. The exhibit had mixed reviews because of what is in it. There are weapon replicas, drugs replicas and more glorifying a troublesome lifestyle. Despite that museum, T.I loved his community and the youth in it. He wanted them to not be the way he was and looked to inspire every chance he got. In the movie ATL he was a brother that worked hard to take care of his younger brother. His younger brother became involved in a lifestyle that would disable him in the long run. As the older, he saved his brother. His life is that movie. He's just saving the way he knows how. Despite the troubles, just keep moving.

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5. He Lived In Reality

In 2006, he saved a man from committing suicide. He gave back to his community and founded businesses. He wanted to make a great life for himself and others early and after his career was over. He just could not shake the lifestyle he grew up with. In real life, he and his wife created a reality show. The show aired on MTV. On it was his family life. His boys are a replica of him. They rap just like him. His youngest is more identical. The same way TI used to be he is. The truth is, trouble will never go. If you live in reality, you'd know how to handle it. The former rapper is not Too Ignorant. He just made mistakes that will haunt him.


He Must Change His Interior

Everyone makes mistakes. T.I was all over Atlanta before he started and after it. The success came quite fast and the old life stuck around. The troublesome teenager had to deal with consequences. He violated his probation of a 1997 drug conviction. He did the same thing the next year. By 2004, he had a warrant for his arrest and was put in prison for three years. While in prison, he was still working. In May of the same year, he was released on probation. He served his time but continued to struggle letting go of the troublesome life he grew up with and he wanted everyone to know it. He calls himself troubleman on most social media outlets. That is a move I would think he regrets. If you change for the better change it all. Sadly, those little things he did brought bad energy. Energy that has an effect on good energy.

Still Is Too Ignorant

Sadly, all the steps aren't enough. The rapper got into a feud with YouTuber Charleston white. White was threatened by the rappers son King Harris. King is a minor that has been in headlines before this. His rapper father was in those as well. All for the wrong reasons. The rapper took to social media before this happened. He said his son will be in prison. The youtuber echoed similar and the rapper retaliated. He retaliated in a fashion that was unexpected. The rapper took great steps but, he proves to be Too Ignorant at times.

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