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Doctor Who Season 38 (12) Review

Alexander is a lifelong viewer of videos and media pertaining to the Stars Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and additional movie franchises.

Season 38 (12)

Although not my all-time favorite season, season 38 is a treat. I enjoy the acting, the special effects, and the stories. As always, the stories and the acting are exceptional. This seems to be a trend with the show's long history. I haven't liked the switch to computer graphics for the ships (I believe that practical effects work better here), but the show's computer graphics have come a long way as well.


Spyfall, Pt. 1

Spoiler alert if you still haven't watched this season yet. You have been warned. In this episode, we are once again introduced to the Master. He is played by someone who is a racial minority; an Indian man. His role as the Master seems to combine John Simm's Master with something altogether new. I think he does a fantastic job. He is a little over the top, which is good considering the Master has been portrayed as over the top in the past.

Spyfall, Pt. 2

The drama in this episode is good. Again, it's nice to see the Master back in action. For many years, the Master has been a beloved villain in the show (especially since we can now sympathize with him). Moreover, this isn't my favorite episode this season, but it is still quite good.

Season Trailer

Orphan 55

This is another very well written and acted episode. I like the new characters who are introduced. This one has a really intriguing ending. It will give you chills down your spine. I will not include any spoilers here, but this episode is certainly worth watching. Although, I would state that for all of "Doctor Who".

Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror

This episode really speaks to me, because I love Nikola Tesla. I think that he's a hero to a lot of people. I also enjoy the portrayal of Edison. No cybermen or daleks, but there are plenty of extraterrestrials.

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Fugitive of the Judoon

I will warn you; there will be more spoilers. So, the question here is; the new Doctor we meet - where is she placed in the Doctor's timeline? Where does she fit in? We never saw the second Doctor regenerate into the third Doctor. It is possible that this new face goes between those two. Of course, with the second/third Doctor being sentenced to life on Earth, it makes one wonder how this new (to us) version of the Doctor is capable of getting into the Judoon's ship. Although, the Ruth Doctor didn't exactly leave Earth, so I would say that she could be Doctor 2.5. Her ship looks like an older version of the TARDIS, so it is possible. Also, this episode reintroduces us to Captain Jack Harkness. I love this so much! I loved Torchwood, and I love Captain Jack's character.


The characters in this episode are all very enjoyable. The plot is good. It doesn't feel too new, but that is made up for by the horrifying death scenes. This episode is not for the faint of heart.

"Doctor Who" Season 12 (38)

Can You Hear Me?

This one is frightening. There are macabre elements throughout the episode, and I enjoy that very much. The acting is spot on. The story really makes this chapter in the Doctor's story.

The Haunting of Villa Diodati

I enjoy the costumes in this episode. The broken down cyberman is what makes this one. I love the acting. This cyberman has lost part of his left arm, where we see some of the structure under the cyber-suit. It is softer material, but it all looks terrifying. This makes earlier versions of the cybermen in the series seem even scarier, despite their costumes with soft parts. We may be tempted to think of the cybermen portrayed before the 90's on the show as silly and unrealistic, but episodes like this one make those earlier portrayals appear more realistic and horrifying. We are reminded that these are still part human, and not entirely machine. Therefore, their suits would have softer pieces in places.

Ascension of the Cybermen

The intro here is just fantastic! I love the cybermen; they are one of my favorite villains in the series. It's also good to see what appears to be an older model of the cybermen. This episode is where the season really picks up. And, it does it well. I enjoy the cyber-ships. The focus cyberman is acted out very well. It's also nice to see the Master return again.

The Timeless Children

This is an important episode for canon. We learn so much about the Doctor's history. Some people may not like it, but I find it fascinating. We learn where the Doctor comes from... sort of. We still don't know the exact origins of the Doctor, and we still wonder about the role of Omega and Rassilon. Spoiler alert, once again, but one concern for some fans may be the hesitation of the Doctor near the end of the episode. I explain this, as her wanting to not hurt her friend (the Master). The Master has done horrible things, but he is still her friend. I don't believe her hesitation is cowardice, but love for someone who is still important to her.


I love this season, and I look forward to more "Doctor Who" in the near future. This wasn't my all-time favorite season, but it's still amazing "Doctor Who". I think Jodie Whittaker is doing a fine job as the Doctor.

"Doctor Who" Season 38 (12) Public Rating

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