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Doctor Who Funko Pop! Fun And Facts

Doctor Who Dictionary

Doctor Who has a vocabulary all it's own. Here are some of the frequently used terms and what they mean.

Companion: A person the doctor travels with.

Dalek: The Doctor's archrival in the series. The Dalek are members of an alien race whose goal is extinction of all life in the Universe. It's been said they were the model for R2-D2 in the Star Wars films.

The Doctor: An alien Time Lord from the planet, Gallifrey. He travels backwards and forwards in time and Gallifrians, has two hearts. The Doctor does not die, he regenerates.

"EXTERMINATE": The Dalek's goal, the total extermination of life in the Universe.

Fez: A kind of hat, it's conical, has a flat top, and usually a tassel.

Gallifrey: Home planet of the Time Lords and The Doctor. Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War.

Regeneration: A Time Lord has the ability to regenerate and that means they can evolve to a new form physically and each evolution has a new personality. This way the Doctor doesn't die, he changes.

Sonic Screwdriver: A multifaceted tool and sometimes a defense weapon. t

The TARDIS: A Time Machine And Spaceship. TARDIS is an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. The craft looks just like a blue British police box (or a blue American phone booth). It is surprisingly large when you walk inside!

Time War: A war that destroyed most of the Time Lords and the Daleks.

The War Doctor: Is the actual 9th regeneration of the Doctor, but the first words out of his mouth were "with his new incarnation's first words being "Doctor no more". Since he rejects his role as a Doctor, he is not among the final count of that character.

Zygons: The Zygons, another alien foe in the Doctor Who series, are shapeshifters.

"Rule # 1: The Doctor Lies"

— Doctor Who

The Complete Doctor Who Funko Pop! Collection

Great Picture of Funko Pop! Doctor Who figures

Great Picture of Funko Pop! Doctor Who figures

The Funko Pop! Doctor Who List

Look at all these Funko Pop! figures and I bet the list isn't finished yet. You can find stocking stuffers, birthday and Christmas gift ideas, and just anytime I want to add to my collection idea right here.

Series 1
219 Twelfth Doctor

221 Tenth Doctor
222 Fourth Doctor
223 Dalek
224 Cyberman
225 Adipose
226 Weeping Angel
227 TARDIS 6"
227 Materialising TARDIS - UK Exclusive
227 TARDIS Clara Tribute
232 Fourth Doctor w/ Jelly Babies - Barnes & Noble
233 Tenth Doctor w/ 3-D Glasses - Hot Topic
234 Tenth Doctor in Spacesuit - 2015 NYCC
235 Eleventh Doctor w/ Cyberman Head - 2015 SDCC
236 Eleventh Doctor w/ Mop and Fez - Hot Topic
237 Eleventh Doctor - BGV Toys
238 Twelfth Doctor w/ Spoon - Hot Topic
239 Twelfth Doctor in Spacesuit - 2015 SDCC
240 Glow in Dark Adipose - Hot Topic
259 Dalek Sec - Barnes & Noble
275 Evolving Dalek Sec - GameStop

Series 2
294 Ninth Doctor
295 Rose Tyler
296 River Song
297 Jack Harkness
298 Sarah Jane
299 The Silence
300 K-9 - GameStop
301 Ninth Doctor w/ Banana - Hot Topic
302 Jack Harkness Vortex Manipulator - FYE
319 Tenth Doctor Regeneration GITD - ThinkGeek

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Series 3
355 Tenth Doctor w/ Hand
356 Eleventh Doctor / Mr. Clever
357 Twelfth Doctor w/ Guitar
358 War Doctor
359 Davros - 6"
483 Rory Centurion - Hot Topic
496 Clara - 2017 SDCC
508 First Doctor - 2017 NYCC
600 Amy Pond - 2018 ECCC
619 Thirteenth Doctor (1st to market) - 2018 SDCC
686 Thirteenth Doctor
709 Vashta Nerada GITD - 2018 NYCC
711 Missy

Series 4
831 Pting - 2019 SDCC
893 Tzim-Sha - 2019 NYCC
899 13th Doctor with Goggles
900 Kerblam Man
901 Reconnaissance Dalek

45 Freddy Funko as Fourth Doctor - 2016 SDCC

“Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in.”

— Doctor Who

Is There A Doctor In The House?

The Doctor Who series has been running for so long there were 13 actors who played the leading character, each as a regeneration of the Time Lord. It was an interesting way to let go of one beloved actor for the next when the time came for change. You can find the names of the actors in the box below.

The only name that isn't in there is the War Doctor. That role wasn't given a number since that regeneration gave up his role as a doctor. That part was played by John Hurt.

Doctor 13, the current TARDIS resident, is played by Jodie Whittaker. I wonder who will be cast as Doctor 14?

Doctor Who Gift Ideas

Who Was That Doctor Who?

Hopefully this list will continue to grow for years to come!

1. William Hartnell

2. Patrick Troughton

3. John Pertwee

4. Tom Baker

5. Peter Davidson

6. Colin Baker

7. Sylvester McCoy

8. Paul McGann

9. Christopher Eccleston

10. David Tennant

11. Matt Smith

12. Peter Capaldi

13. Jodi Whittaker

Who Will Be Doctor 14

“Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead.”

— Doctor Who

TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space

TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Enemies of Doctor Who


Black Guardian




Ice Warriors

The Master


The Ood





Weeping Angels


The Flux  Doctor Who 2021

The Flux Doctor Who 2021

Doctor Who Trivia Questions

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What Actress Played Red Headed Companion Amy Pond?
    • Billie Piper
    • Karen Gillian
  2. What Actor Played The War Doctor?
    • John Heard
    • John Hurt
  3. In 2020 which Doctor Who companion was voted the most popular by Ranker's viewers?
    • Donna Noble
    • Sarah Jane Smith
  4. Who Is The Doctor Married To?
    • River Song
    • Clara Oswald
  5. Which Doctor Met The Weeping Angels In The Episode Named "Blink"?
    • Doctor # 10
    • Doctor # 9
  6. What does TARDIS stand for?
    • Time and Relative Dimension in Space
    • Time and Reactive Dimension in Space
  7. Which Doctor Defeated The Silence?
    • Doctor # 11
    • Doctor # 12
  8. Who Played Doctor # 11
    • David Tennant
    • Matt Smith
  9. Who Played Doctor # 12?
    • Peter Capaldi
    • Paul McGann
  10. Who Was The First Bisexual Companion on Doctor Who?
    • Pearl Mackie
    • Jack Harkness
  11. Who Plays Doctor # 13?
    • John Hurt
    • Jodi Whittaker
  12. Which Of The Doctors Like To Wear A Fez?
    • Matt Smith Doctor # 11
    • Patrick Troughton Doctor # 2
  13. What Common Household Item Do The Daleks Carry?
    • A Plunger
    • A Frying Pan
  14. What Is The Pandorica?
    • A Prison
    • A Spaceship
  15. In The Robot Of Sherwood Episode What Does The Doctor Use As A Weapon?
    • A Fork
    • A Sword
  16. Where Do The Ice Warriors Come From?
    • Mercury
    • Mars

Answer Key

  1. Karen Gillian
  2. John Hurt
  3. Donna Noble
  4. River Song
  5. Doctor # 10
  6. Time and Relative Dimension in Space
  7. Doctor # 11
  8. Matt Smith
  9. Peter Capaldi
  10. Jack Harkness
  11. Jodi Whittaker
  12. Matt Smith Doctor # 11
  13. A Plunger
  14. A Prison
  15. A Fork
  16. Mercury

“Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.”

— Doctor Who

“Good men don’t need rules.”

— Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Flux | Official Trailer | Doctor Who

Who Was The Strongest Doctor

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