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Do The Guys from Jersey Shore Take Steroids?

jersey shore season 5

jersey shore season 5

Do The Guys from Jersey Shore Take Steroids?

I was reading some of the feedback from the last post and at least 12 people asked me if I thought the guys from Jersey Shore took Steroids.

Lets think about this for a moment.... Ronnie, Pauly D, and Mike "The Situation," are constantly eating Doritos, pizza, burgers, hot dogs, lasagna, other pastas, etc. and are shredded like crazy. hmmmm?

Now, I'm going to talk about them individually and what I think their cycles are.

Lets start with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.... This guy is shredded, has somewhat of a bodybuilder frame, and eats a lot of junk. Besides, I don't know if anyone has been keeping up with Season 5 "Jersey Shore Italy," but Ronnie's anger goes through the roof. He fights with Mike "The Situation" and almost goes to the point of hitting Sammi. You can tell he is enraged which is not always normal for humans. So, due to his extreme anger.... I can tell he is doing some Trenbolone. And because of his size, I can tell he is doing some Dbol (Dianabol), and a high dose of Testosterone. All this keeps him shredded. Oh, and since he doesn't have Gynecomastia he must also be taking in some Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). His hormone levels are all over the place. Lets just hope he doesn't send Mike to the Hospital again.

Pauly D...... "Huge Hair Blowout Pauly D." Well his arms are not as big as they should be, but his chest and low body fat give it away. His anger is not that much of a problem though, but sometimes you see him get quite angry. So all this brings me to the conclusion that Pauly D is taking a low dose of Testosterone Enanthate and a low dose of Tren. Maybe some Winstrol. You can easily tell he is on these because on Season 4 of the Shore he was quite large. His chest was twice as big as Season 3 and had much less body fat. Of course, just like Ronnie, and maybe even "The Situation" he is doing some PCT.

Looking kind of scrawny in Season 5 dude......Get your act together.

So Mike doesn't seem to have as much experience with Juice like Ronnie does, but he sure is doing something. Shredded abs, huge arms, puffy cheeks? Wait a second.... Puffy cheecks? Yeah, that is because he retains water when on steroids. So does Ronnie, but it seems like Mike retains more. He needs to work on his PCT a little bit. This brings me to the conclusion that Mike "The Situation" because of having perfect abs even though he is eating all that junk... must be taking some Winny (Winstrol). And maybe in the past seasons he did some Test.... But what catches my eye the most are his huge deformed arms. All human muscles are formed the same way, but Mike has something weird about his arms. I think he is doing some Synthol. Easy way of getting huge arms quickly, I just don't like the fact that almost everyone that uses Synthol looks deformed. Oh man, I still can't believe he is trying to hook up with Snooki when he can get with those cute twins. Oh well...

I just have to talk about him a little bit. He is probably the most mature guy in the Jersey Shore house and has the best reasoning so he hasn't decided to do Steroids yet. That is why he looks so normal, or average as most bodybuilders would say. No steroids for Vinny yet. Maybe one day the guys will convince him to start with something small and from there he will move up to something more hardcore, but who knows. Apparently girls like him the way he is... Keep it up Mr. Vinny Guadagnino... Just don't, don't, don't get it in with Deena Nicole.

Oh, and as far as the girls. Well, I don't really think they would do steroids. If in case they did, the only one

I suspect from is Jenni "JWoww," Since it seems like her new Trainer/boyfriend Roger Matthews is also a Juice head. I'm sure he loves her and doesn't want her to have a manly face so he might have convinced her to take some Anavar (Oxandrolone). Good thing Anavar is not very androgenic and causes less stress on the liver. Most female bodybuilders take this. Especially those super mega hotties in Brazil. The bad thing about Anavar is that it is very expensive and has to be very high dosed. I'm sure Jwoww has the money though. Keep it up Jenni, you're looking better than ever with your facial plastic surgery and your new designer steroid.


rretard on March 18, 2019:

This post gave me down syndrome you uneducated tincan

Lol on April 01, 2018:

Vinny is the only one who is legit, the rest are hitting the steriods hard.

John on December 07, 2015:

This is so cringeworthy ..the explanation for certain substances is hilarious . Hahaha

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ko on April 12, 2015:

stupid post ever

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