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Do Revenge Movie Review

Do Revenge

Official release poster

Official release poster

Mean Girls with a Twist (Spoilers ahead)

Do Revenge is a very good movie of our generation, and that's a rare breed. It's basically Mean Girls but has a plot twist. It literally looks like a Melanie Martinez music video.

Which brings me to the fashion, I know that they were trying to do something different with the fashion by making it very feminine pastel, and it surprisingly worked, in my opinion. I was hesitant about at first because I was not a huge fan of the bright neon jackets with the pastel green and violet uniforms, in the first scene of them wearing it. The two girls who looked the most beautiful in their uniforms were Tara and Eleanor. However, I mainly liked the outfits they wore outside of school. Eleanor's floral overalls, Drea's all pink outfit she wore after working at the tennis club and her white and hot pink outfit she wore while giving Eleanor a makeover, and almost every singe outfit that Gabbi wore. It's crazy how quickly Eleanor learned to find her style in only a year because her outfits really served. All of the costumes of Do Revenge really served

Maya Hawke is a rising star. Her breakout role was Robin Buckley in Stranger Things and now Eleanor Levetan in Do Revenge. She was phenomenal in the film. She showed so much emotion in her soft raspy voice, like a Harrison Ford. She may have gotten it easier than most because of her parents, but she doesn't disappoint and that's why she's making a name for herself. She's known as Robin from Stranger Things not as Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman's daughter.

Drea, in my opinion, was the most unlikable protagonist I had ever seen. She is a narcissist and she deserved everything that came at her. She used Eleanor, she caused someone to get a coke addiction because of petty gossip, she drugged the entire senior class, she made everyone believe that Eleanor was a predator and didn't even remember it, and proceeded to carve up that old wound in the Admissions Party, and posted girls' provocative photos of them even though the whole reason she did that was because a provocative video of herself was leaked. And her whole defense was that she was a scholarship woman of color. I feel bad that her sex tape was leaked, no one should have to go through with that, but for that to be an excuse to be a horrible human being, I don't think so. At first, I thought she didn't change because a lot of the problems she caused remain unresolved but I'm going to be optimistic and say that she has changed. And if she hasn't, the Peace Corps will definitely do the job. But that's just my opinion.

I really like how they didn't make Drea, a Blair Waldorf rich bitch. It gives her character more substance. She grew up poorer than the rest of her peers, so she feels like she has to prove herself even more by being the Queen Bee of the school. We don't see her mom at all, which kind of shows the lack of attention. Her mother was always working, so she had no one to teach her real values, like status isn't everything. Drea also appears herself to be a miserable ice queen, who's only focus in life is to destroy her enemies. Eleanor has to be the one to hug her and that's after persistence. But she uses this a lot to her advantage. This is what I think also fuels her narcissism, whenever someone calls her out, she reverts to victim mentality. I also liked the scene where Max was talking to Eleanor and he said that he didn't like all this performative, most popular guy in school stuff. That all he wants to do is go backpacking in Europe. I did like that scene but it's a bit confusing because if you don't like what you're doing, then why do it. And also, I wish they explored more of this but they just let it go after one scene. The writers may have just forgotten or he could've been lying to Eleanor because he knew that she was lying to him. Either way, I almost got excited.

I loved the relationship between Eleanor and Gabbi. I wish they had more scenes of her because she was the most beautiful girl in the entire film, with Carissa and Tara being up there as well. I liked Eleanor and Gabbi more than Drea and Russ. He was cute and charming, but he was also friends with a drug dealer. I totally gagged at the scene where he was going down on her and she pretended to be satisfied while scrolling on Instagram and then finally ending with a cute "I came. Let's go to the party."

This was a great movie and I didn't talk much about the story because I mainly cared about the characters. Moral of the story, don't "do revenge" in high school because teenagers suck and your bullies are either going to grow up or face karma when they get into the real world. Also revenge isn't going to make you feel better, it's just going to carve up old trauma and make you more miserable and angry. The best revenge is to e unfazed and rise above them, so the next time they have to look at you, they have to look up.

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