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Do Celebrities Control What Their Fans Do And Think On Fan Boards


Recently there was a huge blow up on a Hall and Oates fan page on Facebook.

It started when I wrote an article wondering why Daryl Hall made his 18 year old stepdaughter, March Fry, the back up singer on his new album, “Laughing Down Crying.” The 500 word article was really nothing, just a news item. Okay, maybe the word “nepotism” was tossed around once or twice but Hall was not accused of this.

Apparently I hit a nerve somewhere and the H & O Facebook page blew up. There were literally hundreds of comments on that thread. The administrators should have thanked me because I don’t think that page has ever seen so many visits within a month let alone in just a couple of hours.

Fans were arguing back and forth, things were a bit heated, but no one was being called a name until Daryl Hall’s son surprised everyone and started posting about his father. He used a few choice words to describe him. He was angry. The son also posted a comment on the original article site.

Within an hour every post, including the article, was deleted from the page. The next day I wrote an article about censorship which heated things up quite a bit too but that’s another story.

When the thread was deleted fans of the page were outraged and asked the administrators why they deleted the hundreds of post. They mumbled something about, "... [We've] been talking and have come to the decision that in the interest of the fans and the integrity of the HOF name that things of personal nature, such as were being discussed here today, are not what the board and affiliated sites were meant for. It is by mutual agreement that we are removing that article and any references to it thereof. . ."

This explanation didn’t make people all that happy but I started wondering just what the administrators meant by “affiliated sites.” Does Daryl Hall pay these women to run this Facebook page? Do they have to listen and do what Daryl Hall and his people want them to do? What would have happened if the administrators actually thought for themselves and let the thread remain up?

Yes, Hall’s son did post some harsh comments about his father but it was obvious that the 27 year old man was angry. If Hall’s people told the administrators to delete the comments I wonder why they’re allowing a comment made by the son to remain on the original article page? They didn’t ask me to delete that one. I guess we could come up with an idea or two.

Then strange things started to happen. I was kicked off the Facebook page, nothing to cry about over that. The threads, the few that are there, aren’t saying much. Mostly they post H & O videos that are found on YouTube.

Then a few friends of mine received messages from a woman who said she worked for Daryl Hall and she asked them if they had a copy of the posts that Hall’s son posted. I guess the administrators acted to fast and deleted everything before copying a few important posts.

My friends refused to send this woman the posts A few of us have them but we’re not sharing.

Then I started to get hate messages from some of the women on the board. Yes, I’ve saved them too. I was told that it was shameful for what I did and that they were disappointed. When I asked them just what was shameful they just repeated themselves.

Then they started posting some vile things on the original article page. But for whatever reason they deleted their remarks. Were they ashamed? I doubt it. But if that article page is looked at you will see some of my responses to them. Yep, they deleted their posts but just because they were deleted does not mean they don’t exist because someone copied the posts beforehand. I’m a pro at “ctrl c” and “ctrl v.”

Then other friends started to get messages from the same woman telling them that I’m a loose cannon, they shouldn’t associate with me any more, that I caused Hall’s son to post those things about his father and that I copied his posts for suspicious reasons, and that I had a hidden agenda. I’m still looking for that agenda. I wish they’d tell me what the agenda is.

When I openly asked this woman to just send me an email, a message, or anything at all she just ignored my request. I guess she’s happier that some of the woman post nasty remarks about me. Looks like you can’t say anything but positive things about Hall but it’s fine to send out the minions to post vile things about a writer who, to this day, has no idea what was so horrible about the articles to begin with.

For the record, I am a Daryl Hall fan. I bought his new album and like it. I’ve been listening to him and John Oates since 1980, and I’ve written a lot about Hall and rarely, if ever, said an unkind word about him. But as soon as I questioned his step daughter’s singing ability the attack was on.

Now for the reason that I’m writing this and rehashing everything. Well, I’m doing it because I want to. I’m annoyed that what I thought was a group of semi intelligent women are now wearing blindfolds over their eyes and attacking people, not just me, because our opinions are different from theirs.

Which leads me back to my original question: who controls fan sites, the celebrity or the fan? You tell me.

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Debbie on July 05, 2017:

It took two to tango. Andrea should have applied common sense if you sleep with someone and you are fertile you stand the chance of getting pregnant. She deliberately got pregnant hoping that she could trap Daryl. She went on to have more babies which is irresponsible as she could not fund the one she had. Also Darren is a complainer. You were not there when he and Daryl interacted. Darren is very irresponsible, he took people's money then disappeared and wants sympathy and he appears to be a freeloader. Daryl had to work hard for his money, he was not given it for nothing and he expected the same of his son. Daryl is old school a very good looking man and women were available for him. No man is going to say no. So before you malign him do your research and get to know who Darren really is.

Joanna Moore on March 02, 2017:

My dad actually was in my life for the first few years. Then he got remarried and it was like I had never existed. He totally threw me away and raised a replacement family. I'd see him every few years. And yet, he was still a gazillion times a better man than Daryl Hall is. (Oddly enough, it was my dad who played Hall and Oates albums for me from the time I was a toddler.)

I love the music, but the way Hall treats his only child is despicable and lacks empathy. His behavior and coldness smacks of narcissism or worse.

I can only imagine how hard it was for Darren to grow up knowing his dad wanted nothing to do with him. That is incredibly rough on a kid and does lifelong damage. And then when he finally met his "dad?" He had to watch his sperm donor dote on two step-kids as if they were his own while treating his biological son like a servant? Truly, truly cruel and heartless.

I have seen quite a few interviews with Hall wherein he casually refers to his ability to turn mean in a heartbeat, his big personality, etc.... There is something very disturbing with his personality, and I doubt it started with his fame. Fame changes a person, but a lack of empathy and compassion for others is a personality disorder that begins in childhood.

And frankly, I suspect Hall's wife filed for divorce because her husband was a little too interested in her daughter, if you know what I mean.

Jamie on October 29, 2016:

Hall points out that he paid all trial court fees and expenses, and that awards for past support create a resource for payment of some appellate expenses for the mother and child. We conclude Zabloski and the guardian should be awarded $4000 and $2500 attorney fees, respectively, together with their respective expenses on appeal of $3515.41 and $780.50.

Darren's Mom was a gold digger. She should have taken precautions. She just wanted to avoid working for a living.

moxie on September 20, 2015:

This is really no ones business except Daryls and Darrens it is a shame that people are so Quick to blame this is a son and father who have talked to one another you dont know what was said or expressed so keep out of their business... the Mother had the responsibility to keep her son safe and protected the dad did his duty and that is the way it goes he paid for a women he didnt even know to raise this child that he never got to know... he had a relatioship with his step children this is good his son has a step dad one big happy family....

JustAnotherOpinion on February 02, 2015:

Out of curiosity, I read all of the interviews Ms. Zabloski gave with regard to the child support case of her son Darren. She admitted she picked the name Darren based on what the baby name book said it meant. "wealthy one". That was even BEFORE HE WAS BORN.

By admission, She never wanted to get a job, she only wanted to be financially supported by the men who gave her children.

I'm a mom too. It's an important job and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I understand the desire to stay home and raise your kids - but I wouldn't depend on everyone else's money.

Not everyone wants to be a parent. As long as he gave the financial support granted to the mother - which he did - then that's all there is to it. I agree... if you don't want kids, make sure you cannot "produce" them. The same goes for women seeking to live off other people's money. It's YOUR body. Use birth control.

SokaGirlMaria on December 26, 2014:

Nicole and Jane, thank you for your insightful comments.

I've never considered Mick Jagger to be a paragon of virtue among men.......but, considering how he has treated his offspring, he is a king among men compared to Daryl Hall.

MJ may be a dog with women. But at least he strives to be a good dad. And this says a lot about his behavior as a human being.

Btw, ever since I inadvertently learned all of this information on DH, I must admit, I cannot listen to the music of Hall and Oates in the same manner.

However, I am very glad that he revealed himself on the Howard Stern show.

Hopefully, this "proof" (of his behavior and philosophy) out of Daryl Hall's own mouth adds credence to the words of his **only** (i.e., not step) child.

I sincerely -- truly, truly -- hope that Darren creates a happy, healthy and fortune-filled life for himself. When we hang on to past hurts and ill feelings, the one who suffers most is the individual who has done so.

And, frankly, I hope that Daryl Hall is able to wake up and create a happy life as well. For all his fame, "fortune," mansions, women, etc., he seems to be quite a miserable human being.

Jane on December 25, 2014:

To Mr. Temptones No one has more women than Mick Jagger who fathered 7 kids. 2 with short flings and yet managed to include all his kids in his life and supported them all.

And it is obviously hurtful to promote the singing careers of your step children while doing nothing to help out your own son.

Jane on December 25, 2014:

I also wanted to add that after seeing him recently in LA I did post that I was disappointed in his inability to sing "Do What You Wanno Do" as he vocally butchered it. My post was removed!!

Jane on December 25, 2014:

It's not an accident that his songs were very feminine based and attracted huge amounts of women fans, many were penned by Sara Allen and her sister when she was alive. Not to take anything away from Daryl's abundant talent but he never had a hit song until he met her. That is a fact! Yes he had a 20 yr relationship which on the road he had a voracious appetite for the ladies of which he was not very nice to after he was done. I know this for a fact. Yes there are 2 sides to his sons story and perhaps his sons expectations are too high. Daryl was clear he never wanted kids. Why he never got himself fixed with all the messing around he did is the real question.

nicole on October 02, 2014:

I love h&O but can't understand why he chose to barely support son($1000 month) when he is millionare and never visited him until he was an adult. Its emotional torture to be ignored and unheard by your parent . It makes even less sense when you hear the beautiful music h&O write that is filled with love and care. How can a man who wrote such spirited music like the song sara smile have no place in his heart to have visited his son as child and give him a better life financially. physically, and give him guidance. It seems to me daryl is immature and selfish. His music is not a true reflection of his character since he lacks the depth to be a father figure( except to his stepkids of course-talk about twisted!). It's a shame since daryl's reputation has been harmed by this situation and everyone knows about it. It is never too late and hope he will eventually correct some of the damage he caused by neglect. My heart goes out to darren and any fan who reads his story knows it is a very ugly situation that he does not deserve. I love H&O music and listen to it all the time at work but am totally perplexed why the only son has been rejected. As a fan I expect the singers we love to model values in their personal lives to a certain degree. Being a deadbeat dad is the worst and even more sickening when you are talented, rich, and writing about love in tons of your music. Its a crime to emotionally neglect and ignore your child from birth.

SokaGirlMaria on September 04, 2014:

Sara Hannah, good job.


Kindly refrain from vulgarity.

You are another one of Mr. Hall's minions.

And guess what?????????

This is a **free** country, where people have a right to express their opinions.

Playboy is a term that is way too complimentary for Mr. Hall.

HE, HIMSELF proved that with HIS OWN WORDS during his interview on Howard Stern show.

How **any** lady in her right mind would even want to go near this deluded man (Daryl Hall), after hearing Mr. Hall's interview on the Howard Stern show, defies logic and common sense.

I feel terribly sorry for Amanda -- and even more so for Sara Allen.

Let it suffice that I felt a need to shower after listening to Mr. Hall's OWN WORDS on Howard Stern.

And, based on this, and some of what I've heard from HIM on his renovation show aired on the dyi network, I am sadly aware that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Darren Hall has had to deal with.

"Temptones1," should you feel the need to continue to "express" your opinions here, and serve as a minion for your old buddy, Daryl Hall (birds of a feather? ;) ) -- kindly address me as a **lady**.

And do so for the moderator here and the other LADIES who have posted here as well.

Perhaps you and Mr. Hall have not had the proper training in addressing ladies as such.

Here is your golden opportunity to do so at an advanced age.

Better late than never.

Dee Smith on January 14, 2014:

I agree there personal life is there business!! My dad has been a huge fan of theirs for years and he has just been diagnosed with small cell cancer that has spread to his brain 11 lesions! Tears stream down my face as I type this! He is not my real dad but the only dad Iv'e ever known!! I wanna do something special for him before he passes away and I was hoping Daryl and John Oates could possibly come see and perform for him cause I know he would absolutely love it!! I wrote on here cause I don't know how else to get a hold of them? Friend of Daryls please help get this message to them!! I would be so grateful!!! My email is and my phone # is 1717-435-8126 or 1717-808-5289 we live in Manheim Pa. He will soon be residing at the hospice care at good drive in lancaster pa. Please contact me thank you!! Him meeting Daryl Hall and John Oates certainly would rise his spirits and bring him joy in his last days!!! Thank you! Sincerely Dee Smith

Temptones1 on May 10, 2013:

Well, "everybody is an expert on Daryl Hall" As you can see by my User Name Temptones 1 is not taken lightly by me. Daryl and I were equal members of our 60's vocal group and I hate to say it but, it's really nobody's damn business but Daryl's when it comes to his personal life.

We all know he was a"Playboy" ...Oh please....when you are a multitalented singer , musician, writer producer and you're 6'1" and good looking with long blonde hair and millions of dollars, what else would you be when every girl wants to get into YOUR pants. Let's be realistic. I've been around Daryl since I was 17 and he was an average girl hungry teen . When he became a star he had to fight the girls off. I have had the dubious honor of trying to physically remove women from his neck...literally. It's part of the business. I'm a singer and always have been. I never made it big but i've worked all my life's what happens to guys in bands and when you are as good at it as he is...well, do the math. But one thing I learned personally from Mr. Hall, after he became famous and rich, was that you will never ever be the guy you were before it all happened. Daryl Hall's privacy was, until now, a closely guarded secret. I've had his phone number for years..I NEVER , ever let anyone know or would tell them anything about HIS personal life. It would not be the thing a friend would do.I also learned that the PRESS and the FANS think they own you and they have a right to be "In Your Face" about your life. Well I've got bad news for you....It's his life and if it makes him happy to have his "Step daughter and Stepson as a part of it...IT'S his business, not yours. the end, you do what you do to make YOURSELF happy and then pass it on to others. I am going to be blunt about the fans that don't like it or the Press that will exaggerate everything that happens....F**K OFF...not real classy but maybe that's the only way to get the message across..

Hall and Oates probably don't need the money the fans will spend or won't spend when they either buy or illegally download tunes that cost $1000's and thousands to produce. They made their money and they have more income than you and I will ever have, just for getting up in the morning , because of the songs they have written and produced for themselves and others.

Daryl has surrounded himself with the most talented musicians, friends and relatives....people he loves and people that are important to him, because we all know, in this business, that fans will leave you at the drop of a hat. They really couldn't care less about the person. Only about the image portrayed on the stage. Well wake up people. Daryl Hall is nothing like the man you see on stage. There's much more to him and to John than anyone knows. Most people , including me, cannot relate to living the life that these two men have led and the experiences they have had...If you really knew them, you would know that they won't lose any sleep over fans that are critical for the dumbass reasons they have come up with as far as Daryl's relationships, family and beliefs....Do us all a favor and "Get a frickin' life of your own"! If Daryl Hall wants to give his adopted kids a job, a future , it's his choice. If he is destined to have a difficult relationship with "son" Darren...then there must be a reason. BUT , it's not your business. You don't know the whole story and you never will. If he wanted you to know, he would have told you himself. One night at dinner Daryl told me, "Don't ever believe anything you read or hear about me or John, unless I told it to you" I will always honor that.

Glannmore on April 04, 2013:

Where can I read Darren Hall's comments? Could someone give me a link? Thank you! I have only seen Daryl comment publicly on Darren once, and it was brutal. You can see it on YouTube by going to:

RotassennaBus on February 23, 2013:

Males will likely be their equipment.

Nature abhors the bathwater.

beassehot on February 16, 2013:

Hi little ones.

Pleasant web site. Use a nice day!

Meeshee on March 07, 2012:

I loved your article. Things haven't changed a bit in H&O land. LOL Years ago, I used to post on the old RSI message board. That was like 1997 to 2002? Well, so much as mentioning Darren on the message board got you deleted and sometimes even banned. And so much as questioning if Daryl colored his hair led to an uproar! The women who defended Daryl up and down called themselves Lustettes. Some of them were funny, but some were down right annoying and living in La La Land when it came to Daryl. I was glad when Daryl went on Howard Stern and admitted to being a Playboy years ago. Anyhow, I am glad those days are behind me. Sometimes I visit the current message boards, including Facebook, and I see the same people posting. I just laugh at it all now.

Sara Hannah (author) on October 20, 2011:

I wish the same thing for him. :)

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on October 20, 2011:

Thanks Sara Hannah. I read Darren's comments on gather and I really feel bad for him. I hope he can find a way to be successful on his own.

Sara Hannah (author) on October 20, 2011:

Thanks for your comment, Alecia. Darren is not the son of Sara Allen even though Sara was Daryl's girlfriend at the time. Darren's mother's name is Andrea Zabloski. She was at one of H & O's concerts. Andrea was about 20 and Daryl was 38. They got together for either that one night or for a very short time and 9 month's later Daryl had a son.

Your comment was very insightful and of course I agree with you.

Thanks again for posting.

Alecia Murphy from Wilmington, North Carolina on October 20, 2011:

I have a question Sara Hannah. Who did Darryl Hall have his son with? Was it his former longtime girlfriend Sara Allen or is it someone else? And I'm also interested in this too because I think as a fan you have a right to your opinion as long as it's respectful and tasteful but I can kind of see why he would take the personal comments down. It is a public fan site that does promote the person's work and not their entire life. If someone wants to trash a celebrity, there are outlets for that but if they want to encourage debate and criticism then I think it's okay. Anyone in the public eye is subject for criticism and ridicule and it's better if someone is honest about their life instead of trying to hide it. Interesting article.

Sara Hannah (author) on October 20, 2011:

Thanks for another good comment, soulalone.

Soulalone on October 20, 2011:

I agree totally Seth, how can we believe a man who says he is now a 'family' man, when for all this time he has ignored the obvious talents of his own flesh and blood. If it was always all about the music, why is Daryl so worried about the way he is percieved

Sara Hannah (author) on October 20, 2011:

Thank you soulalone, zili, and seth for your comments.

Seth on October 20, 2011:

It took me just a few seconds to hunt down your articles on Gaither Magazine's site. Everyone needs to read for themselves what Darren Hall had to say about his father, Daryl Hall. Very eye opening about the man and how he has treated his own son for 27 years. Daryl Hall needs to be ashamed of himself, going around on all these recent interviews talking about his "famiy" and gushing over how talented his step daughter March is. March is featured on his new CD and on his web show LFDH. While Daryl leaves his own flesh and blood out of his life. Darren Hall is very talented himself and if he had also been included in Daryl's "family" and featured with his own father on that CD, that would have shown what kind of man Daryl Hall is. But, instead Daryl Hall made the decision to completely hurt his own son while pushing untalented kids down our throats! I feel so sorry for Darren Hall and find him to be very brave in coming out now with his feelings. Please, everyone go read for yourselves Darren Hall's comments. I hope one day Darren writes his own book about his faather! I know I'd buy it!!!

zili on October 20, 2011:

I've been on a lot of fan sites, that are officially associated with the celebrity... its the celebrity that runs it and his/her "people"

I've been kicked off fan groups and sites because I had an opinion that differed from others. I eventually gave up after a couple of years.

Soualone on October 20, 2011:

I believe this depends on the celebrity. If they cherish all fans, weather rich or poor, remembering it was THE FAN who put them there in the first place, then they would want to be honest and truthful with them and wish to share there lives. If they don't and would rather be secretive, and only share a perception of what they think the fan should know.

So in answer to the depends on the celebrity.

Archsupporter on October 19, 2011:

Some very good points made in this article. Obviously when ugly truths hit too close to home the celebrities get their minions involved. If they would live right in the first place these kinds of things wouldn't come back to bite them in the butt. They have no one to blame but themselves for their deplorable behavior.

Ali Broome on October 19, 2011:

I just happened to be on that fan page when Darren Hall made his post talking about Daryl Hall. It was a very heated discussion at time Darren came onto the page. Questions about the relationship between Daryl Hall and his son was being tossed about. With "some" giving the impression they had all the "inside" answers. A question was asked saying, "who really knows?" Darren Hall answered that question and BOY what he had to say!!! I personally backed Darren in what he said and the right to say whatever he wanted to. I was kicked off the fan page also!!! You don't dare comfort anyone on the administrative board I found out! Apparently, the board members don't want to hear the truth. I feel like Ms.Katz and I also wonder, who runs these boards??

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