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Dil Dosti Dance – Hindi TV Serial Story and Review

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Dil Dosti Dance (D3) - Dance based Fiction Show on Channel V

Dil Dosti Dance (D3) is a youth based show from Cinevistaas. D3 is a dance based fiction show which is the first of its kind where the characters are played by professional dancers. D3 tells the story of 12 youngsters who are passionate about dancing. The cast of the Show are Kunwar Amarjeet Singh (Reyansh Singhaniya), Shantanu Maheshwari (Swayam Shekhawat), Shakti Mohan (Kria Ghai), Vrushika Mehta (Sharon), Vrinda Dawda(Tanni), Tarana Raja Kapoor (Smriti Ghai), Pratik Kalsi aka Archi (Vicky), Alisha Singh (Neha), Macedon D'Mello (Nilesh), Samanta Fernandes (Simi), Amar Gowda (Amar), Priyanka Soni (Rimi), Bharat Ragathi (Bharat), Vinti Idlani (Vishaka), Anirudh Deo (RDX), Vallary Lokre (Nicole), Lavin Gothi (Shivam), Sneha Gupta (Aashi), Areez Gandhi (VP) and Khushboo Grewal (AVP). Shakti Mohan is the Winner of the Dance Reality Show Dance India Dance and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is one of the contestant and finalist of Dance India Dance (DID). Karan Singh Grover made a Guest Appearance in the Serial as Prof.Karan Malik. This College based show revolves around 12 Dancers belonging to two different dance groups, 6 males and 6 females, who are passionate about dancing. D3 is telecasted on Channel [V] Monday to Thursday at 7 PM. The meaning of the title (Dil Dosti Dance) is Heart, Friendship and Dance. So it goes without saying that Love and Friendship are also ingredients of this Danced based show.

D3 was supposed to be the Story of the journey of a girl Kria Ghai who dreams of becoming a Professional Dancer. However, the biggest enemy of Kria’s dreams to become a Dancer is her own mother who makes Kria promise to forget dancing. Kria comes to Mumbai along with her Mother (who gets a transfer) and joins the St. Louis College for further studies. A notice at the college notice board regarding a Dance Competition makes Kria forget all about her promises to her mother and try to organize her own dance group unknown to her mother. She faces strong opposition from another dance group called Dazzlers in the college who tries to discourage and create problems for Kria. But Kria overcomes her hurdles and becomes successful in making her own dance group which she names as ‘Weaklings’. The Story of Kria was brought to an end when the actress portraying the role of Kria left the show middle way to pursue her training in Dance. So instead of the actual story where Kria Ghai succeeds in becoming a Professional Dancer by overcoming the hurdles in her way, the makers ended up showing how Parents can ruin the life of children by forcing Career Choices on them. To move the story ahead, the makers of the Show have introduced a new character instead of replacing Shakti Mohan with another actress. Vrinda Dawda made an entry into the show as Tanni who is Swayam’s cousin. Given below is a short narration of the Dil Dosti Dance Story till now.

Dil Dosti Dance - Reyansh Singania(Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kria Ghai (Shakti Mohan)

Dil Dosti Dance - Reyansh Singania(Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kria Ghai (Shakti Mohan)

Kria and Rey (Shakti Mohan and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh)

Kria and Rey (Shakti Mohan and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh)

Swayam and Sharon ( Santanu Maheshwari and Sneha Kapoor)

Swayam and Sharon ( Santanu Maheshwari and Sneha Kapoor)

Tanni and Rey (Vrinda Dawda and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh)

Tanni and Rey (Vrinda Dawda and Kunwar Amarjeet Singh)

Cast and Characters of Dil Dosti Dance

Cast and Characters of Dil Dosti Dance telecasted on V Channel at 7 PM on Monday to Thursday.


Shakti Mohan

Kria Ghai

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh

Reyansh Singania

Santanu Maheswari

Swayam Shekhawat

Vrushika Mehta

Sharon Rai Prakash

Vrinda Dawda


Archi (Pratik Kalsi)


Alisha Singh


Macedon D'Mello


Samentha Fernandes


Amar Gowda


Priyanka Soni


Bharat Ragathi


Sneha Gupta


Vinti Idlani


Anirudh Deo

Ravi Dixit (RDX)

Tarana Raja Kapoor

Smriti Ghai

Karan Singh Grover

Prof.Karan Malik

Vallary Lokre


Areez Gandhi

Vice Principal

Khushboo Grewal

Khushboo Meerchandani

Dil Dosti Dance - Story till now

Dil Dosti Dance Written Update

The first Episode of Dil Dosti Dance starts with Kria Ghai (Shakti Mohan) who is all excited to go to Mumbai as it is the city of Dance. She convinces her mother Smriti Ghai (Tarana Raja Kapoor), who for some mysterious reason does not approve of Kria dancing, that her intention is only to get a Management Degree from the College in Mumbai when she actually hopes to pursue her dream of dancing. Before leaving the Dehradun, Kria goes to the Disco along with her friends to spend the New Year Eve. Kria and her friends try to enter the Club but fails. It is then Reyansh Singania (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) comes there and gets a warm welcome. After he enters the Club Kriya fools the door keeper telling that they are his friends and enter the Club. Reyansh is asked to dance and he dances. In his total involvement in dance Rey ends up breaking many things in the Club. Kria’s friends get annoyed by this. Some Guys in the Club challenges the girls to dance. At the compulsion of her friends, Kria decides to dance to teach the Guys a lesson though she feels bad doing so as her Mom does not approve of her dancing. Kria is about to dance and the cops arrive there and arrests both of them as the Club Owner had made a complaint for the damage of property in the Club. She tries to tell that she has not done anything but Rey does nothing to help her. They both are handcuffed and taken away from the Club. While talking to the Inspector it is revealed that Rey is the son of a wealthy Steel Merchant in Mumbai and has come to Dehradun to spend the New Year Eve with family. When the Inspector asks about Kria’s father she tells him that she does not know anything about her father and she can give references of her Mother and relatives from the mother’s side. At this time, her mother comes at the police station and gets her out of there. Kria walks out of the Police Station unaware of the fact that Rey has fallen in love with her at first sight itself. Because of what she did, her going to Mumbai for higher studies becomes a problem. But Kria somehow manages to convince her mother who forgives her and agrees to send her to Mumbai for higher studies. Her Mother also takes a transfer to Mumbai and accompanies Kria.

Kria comes to Mumbai from Dehradun along with her mother. She joins the St. Louis College. On her first day at the college, Kria's eyes fall on a poster on the College Notice Board announcing the auditions for an upcoming Footloose Dance Competition. Kria is shocked when she finds out that the College has two major divides, the Dazzlings and the Weaklings. The Dazzelers group had rich and spoilt students with a superiority complex while the weaklings where ordinary students from middle class families who often get bullied by the Dazzlers. Reyansh is shocked to see Kria at the College and makes a deal with her not to tell anyone that he is from Dehradun. Kria finds that Rey is the Captain of the Dazzlers Group. Kria also has an encounter with Rey’s best friend and dance partner Sharon (Sneha Kapoor) who insults her. Kria finds out that Sharon is Gautam Rai Prakash's daughter who happens to be her role model. Dazzlers rag Kria badly, but Rey helps her unknown to his friends. They label Kria as a ‘Weakling’ and she is refrained from showcasing her talent. Kria takes up Sharon’s challenge and tries to establish her own dance team to participate in the Footloose Dance Auditions. She feels guilty for going against her Mom’s wishes and asks the Universe for guidance. She decides on some next to impossible conditions and decides that if they get fulfilled it is the sign of the Universe to go ahead. All the signs she kept gets fulfilled. Kriya faces hurdles when she tries to get members for her team. Rey helps her unknowingly to recruit Vishakha (Vinti Idlani). She then notices that her friend Neha (Alisha Singh) can be trained in dancing and recruits her too. She needs 3 Guys for the team and feels disappointed. Rey makes the students dance to help her and Kria notices 3 Guys who could become the dance partners for the girls. The Girls manage to convince Amar (Amar Gowda) and Bharat (Bharat Ragathi) to be the dance partners for Neha and Vishaka. When Kria approaches Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) to be her dance partner, he refuses as it means that he would have to compete against his love interest Sharon. However, finally Swayam gives in and the team is formed despite of the Dazzler Team's best efforts to stop it from happening. All the Footloose Auditions both the teams end up in a tie and the Cultural Head of the College RDX aka Ravi Dixit ( Anirudh Deo) announces that both the teams would be participating which annoys Sharon. The Dazzler’s get futher annoyed when the Principal informs them that there would not be any more grouping as Dazzlers and Weaklings and all of them would be known as Louins.

Rey helps Kriya in her struggles to make a place for herself and her team unknowing to his Group. Rey’s feelings for Kria become stronger but he does not confess his feelings to Kria. His image of College Casanova and misunderstandings created by his Group members make Kria think of him badly. Rey and Kria’s best friend Swayam becomes friends but they do not disclose the understanding between them to their Groups and try to bring the 2 teams together. Swayam is the only other person apart from Vicky (Archie aka Pratik Kalsi) who is aware of Rey’s feelings for Kria. Swayam who is in love with Sharon tries to woo her but fails in his attempts. Ravi Dixit notices the clashes between the Dazzling and Weaklings and throws a Party to bring them together. At the party Rey and Kria gets locked in the Bathroom and spends time together. Vicky develops feelings for Neha at the Party. Everyone gets drunk and sleep at the Party place itself. Sharon spends some intimate moments with Swayam in a drunken state. Bharat also takes a liking on Vishaka who is tomboyish. In the morning, Vicky finds himself with Neha and walks from there without acknowledging his feelings. Simi-Elesh and Rimi-Amar are also found together and the girls walk from there as if nothing happened. Sharon is shocked when she finds herself in Swayam’s arms. She remembers though he could have taken advantage of her, he did not do it. Vicky opens the bathroom door and makes a comment to Rey seeing Kria sleeping. Kria misunderstands Rey and storms from there. Sharon calls Swayam to meet her and tells him that they can never be one. Swayam starts sending gifts to Sharon as her ‘secret admirer’. Sharon gets impressed by the costly gifts.

During the College Elections, Rey and Kria compete with each other. Sharon insults Kria publicly while addressing a speech to students on behalf of Rey on Rose Day. Rey who is unaware of it tries to get friendly with Kria by giving her a yellow rose. Kria slaps Rey thinking that he is responsible for the insulting speech. Rey gets angry and decides to bury his feelings for her. They declare an open War. Swayam manipulates the College Rose Queen results and Kria gets announced as Rose Queen instead of Sharon. Rey plays a prank on her which makes her cry after hearing a student making bad remarks about her. Rey regrets and beats up the student hurting his hand. Even Sharon who hates Kria stands up for her. Kria, as revenge, tricks Rey into signing a blank paper and uses it to her advantage to create a bad impression on Rey which results in both of them getting a detention. Kria becomes Assistant General Secretary to Rey and Swayam is appointed as Assistant Cultural Secretary to Sharon. As they work together the couples get many opportunities which bring them together. Both Sharon and Kria slowly start falling for their Partners without being aware of it.

When Ravi Dixit notices that there is no much improvement in the conflicts between the Weaklings and Dazzlings, he appoints Prof Karan Malik (Karan Singh Grover) as the Counselor to the Students. Though, at first, the students try to get rid of him by playing pranks (which fails as he is smarter) on him, soon they get impressed by him. The girls get so impressed by Karan Malik that the Guys start getting an inferiority complex. Karan Mallik understands the insecurities of the Guys and offer them love tips to get closer to their lady loves. Karan Mallick makes the students play a surprise exercise at the class in which they have to lie to the questions answered to them. During another exercise by Mr Mallick, Rey apologizes to Kria for his misbehavior. Kria also apologizes to Rey and tells him that she used the signature blank papers to get Rey into problem. Sharon admits that she is responsible for the slap Kria gave to Rey and that she insulted Kria taking his name. Rey is shocked and angry hearing it and walks out. Swayam confesses that he manipulated the Rose Queen results in favor of Kria and Sharon feels hurt. The Guys reveal that all of them are friends. Kria feels hurt thinking that Swayam hided such an important thing from her. The friendship between Kria-Swayam and Rey-Sharon becomes stained after the revelations. The efforts of Karan Mallik sees results as Rey and Kria become friends after the misunderstandings are cleared. They decide to keep their friendship a secret and disclose it to only Karan Mallik who assumes it even before they tell about it. On Karan Mallick’s advice, Rey and Kria makes up with Sharon and Swayam.

Sharon is unhappy and keeps away from friends because of Rey’s behavior with her. Swayam sees her unhappy and sends a gift to her as her secret admirer, She smiles seeing it and thinks how well her admirer understands her. Her expression then changes to sadness. Swayam is unhappy seeing that Swaron’s mood did not change even after seeing his gift and hopes Rey would do something to make her happy again. Rey tries to get Sharon’s attention and dances to ‘Yeh Dosti’ song along with his gang. He then asks for her forgiveness and makes up with her. Swayam is happy seeing Sharon smiling. Kriya sees it and tells Swayam that nobody can love Sharon more than him. Karan Mallick tells Rey and Kria that since they are now friends they should help him in getting Sharon and Swayam closer. They agree and join the ‘Operation Sharon-Swayam Mission’. They manipulate Swayam and Sharon to take up the responsibility of a Cultural event. Sharon is annoyed but she gets no option other than agreeing. The trio spies on Swayam and Sharon working together and see that no change has happened in the situation. So they come up with the plan of Couple Dance and the trio manipulates Sharon into agreeing to do the dance with Swayam. Swayam and Sharon are given the Spanish Dance Form Paso Doble which is a very passionate dance where the man is characterized as the matador (bullfighter) and his lady as the bull.

The next day Swayam and Sharon practice the dance moves. Sharon gets affected by the closeness and refuses to dance. When the group makes comments on them together Sharon reveals that she already has someone in her life, her secret admirer. Rey and Kria are disappointed hearing it but Swayam is happy as he is the secret admirer. When they find that Sharon would be meeting her secret admirer they make plans to stop her. Sharon is happy that she would be finally meeting her admirer. They manage to manipulate her to go a little late to meet her admirer. Neha admits to the girls that she likes Vicky and Vicky tells the guys that he likes Neha. The girls decides to keep Neha away from Vicky as they believe that a Dazzler and a Weakling cannot date whereas the Guys decide to help Vicky to get closer to Neha. Kriyansh decides to hide at the supposed meeting place of Sharon and her secret admirer to find who the Guy is. While they are at it Kria gets scared by a Pigeon and hugs Rey who was praying for an opportunity to get close with her. Kriyansh is annoyed when they see Swayam in the room and thinks that he has come there to meet the secret admirer himself. They get shocked when Swayam reveals that he is the secret admirer. Rey tells Swayam not to reveal the truth to Sharon as it would be a shock to her while Kria pushes Swayam to reveal the truth. Sharon is waiting for the secret admirer. While Rey and Kria is fighting Swayam runs from there to meet Sharon but finds that she has left after waiting for him. When Kriyansh goes back to the class, they see Swayam there. Sharon’s bracelet falls from her hand and Kriya picks it up. When the class is over she asks Sharon from where she purchased the Initial letter Bracelet and Sharon realizes that she has lost the Bracelet. Sharon runs to the room where she was supposed to meet the secret admirer. Kria gives the bracelet to Swayam and tells that Sharon would be in the room looking for the Bracelet and tells him that it is his chance to reveal his secret to her. When Rey sees that Sharon, Swayam and Kria are not in the class he realizes that Kria is up to some prank.

Swayam reaches the room and Sharon thinks that her secret admirer has come and turns to look at him. She gets disappointed when she sees Swayam. He gives her the Bracelet telling that she dropped it in the class and asks if she was waiting for him. Kria locks the room from outside. Rey comes there and Kria convinces him to let Swayam and Sharon talk while they wait outside the closed door. Sharon and Swayam finds themselves locked. Inside the room Swayam holds Sharon when she is about to fall. Sharon tries to contact Rey but she could not call because of network problem. Swayam tries and manages to connect with Rey who tells him network problem and cuts the call. Sharon is annoyed and Swayam calms her down with his talk. Sharon tells her that she has come there to meet her secret admirer. He asks if she really likes her secret admirer. He tells her to trust her heart and she spats at the word trust. She tells him that he broke her trust by manipulating the results on the Rose Day. Seeing Swayam distressed Sharon apologizes to him for behaving badly with him always. Swayam asks Sharon if they can be a Couple and Sharon gives a negative reply. Swayam gets annoyed and traps Sharon against the wall and demands an answer for her response whenever he is near. When he realizes that he was hurting Sharon, he leaves her hand and punches his hand against the wall in anger. He then tells her that the secret admirer is none other than him. Sharon is shocked and unable to digest it. Sharon then blames Swayam for trying to buy her love with costly gifts and have a spat. Outside the room Kriya starts crying as she has now made things worse for Swayam and Sharon and runs from there. Rey follows her.

In the meanwhile, Neha demonstrates Bollywood Dance moves to Vicky, Nilesh (Macedon D'Mello), Rini (Priyanka Soni) and Simi (Samentha Fernandes). When Vicky tries to get closer with Neha, the girls try to keep them away while the Guys try to bring them together.

In the room Sharon tells Swayam that she hates him and does not want him no matter what. Swayam tells her that their chapter is closed and will remain so till she opens it. He adds that he is sure that she will never open it. He then breaks the door open and walks from there with his hands bleeding. Swayam is sad but soon comes in terms with rejection. When the group asks Sharon if she met her secret admirer, Sharon tells that he was a jerk. At that point Swayam reveals to everyone that he was the secret admirer leaving Sharon surprised. The group admits that only Swayam could be that crazy for Sharon. When Swayam tells Sharon that they should rehearse for the couple dance, Sharon refuses. Swayam tells that in that case they should take the matter to RDX and inform him that they do not want to dance. Ravi Dixit comes there and informs them that he has hired a Ballroom dance teacher to help them out in dancing for the Dance Fest the College is organizing and introduces Nicole. Nilesh starts drooling over Nicole the moment he sees her. The Guys forcefully stops Nilesh from getting closer to the Teacher. Nicole tells the Boys that she needs a Dance Partner and the Boys manipulate Swayam into agreeing to cheer him up. Kriyansh is happy seeing that Sharon is not liking the closeness of Swayam with Nicole and is getting jealous. Rey tries to use the situation to his advantage and dances with Nicole making Kriya annoyed and jealous.

Sharon is shocked when she sees that Swayam featured in the popularity website. Sharon gets astonished by Swayam’s matured and changed behavior during their interaction. During rehersals Nicole changes Partners when she does not see chemistry between the pairs. She pairs Neha with Vicky, Amar with Rini, Kriya with Swayam and Sharon with Rey. After some time Nicole asks them to swap Partners making Swayam -Sharon and Kria-Rey together. Nicole asks Swayam to look into the eyes of the partner and dance. Swayam and Sharon get carried away while dancing and they give a fantastic performance making every one comment about their chemistry. Nicole announces that Sharon and Swayam would be doing the couple dance ‘Paso Doble ‘at the Dance Fest as they have a good chemistry. Sharon is unhappy hearing it and goes from there. While the Guys tease Swayam about his chemistry with Sharon, she reappears and calls Swayam out to talk. Sharon tells him that she is dancing with him does not mean that everything is normal between them. Swayam tells her that the only relationship which exists between them is just being professional and leaves from there. Kriyansh manages to convince Sharon and Swayam go to Colleges to get students for the Dance Fest.

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Swayam is waiting for Sharon and she arrives late. When he points to the watch, she makes fun of him telling that she came late as she thought it would take him a lot of time to reach there in his cycle. Just then Swayam’s driver comes there and gives him the mobile he has forgotten in the Car. Sharon realizes that Swayam is indeed richer than what she thought and her expression changes. She tells him that they could have come together so that they would not have wasted time. Swayam says with attitude that with her and her ego there is no place for a third person and that he does not want to be that third person.

The girl’s overhear Vicky’s plans for proposing Neha and decides to stop Vicky from proposing Neha. But their plans fail when Rey orders Vicky and Neha to go out to arrange for the Catering for the College Fest. Rey tells Kria to pretend to the girls that she is with them when she would actually be supporting Vicky and Neha love affair. The girls tell Kria to show her loyalty and support to them by stopping Neha and Vicky from getting closer. When Neha and Vicky is about to leave for their date, Kria informs them that she is also going with them as she has to get sponsors for the Fest. Rey comes there and joins her telling that she would need his help. Rey and Kria leave the couple at the Restaurant and goes to talk to the Owner regarding Sponsorship. In the meanwhile, Neha and Vicky confess their feelings for each other. Rey and Kria on the way to meet the Owner get trapped in the lift when the power goes off. Kria panics as she has a phobia for darkness. She later thanks Rey for taking good care of her and tells that he has proved that she can trust him.

At the College, Nicole asks Swayam and Sharon to practice the dance moves and goes from there. They do the dance and Sharon gets affected by Swayam’s closeness and hesitates in the middle of the song but continues when he prompts her. Sharon gets hurt while dancing and Swayam supports her and makes her sit on the stool nearby. He then sits by her feet and examines her feet. Sharon kicks him and gets up. When Swayam turns to go she stops him and the pushes him towards the wall as if in anger and frustration for having an effect on her. The song ends with Sharon wrapping her legs around Swayam while he supports her body lift by putting his hands around her waist. Both look into each other intensely. Nicole comes there and compliments about their chemistry and tells them that their performance exceeded her expectations. Sharon walks out of there annoyed by her own response to Swayam.

Rey announces to the group tNeha and Vicky as a couple and they cheer for him. Ravi Dixit comes there and is happy seeing the two group members together. He informs Nilesh that Nicole is so impressed by him that she wants him to give the opening speech at the College Fest in Hindi. Nilesh falls on the feet of the guys asking them to teach Hindi. Sharon comes to Swayam when he is discussing the theme with 2 Guys. She tells Swayam that she wants to talk to Swayam. He asks her to tell for which she replies that it is personal. Swayam ignores her tries to avoid the conversation but the boys them both alone and goes from there. Sharon empties Swayams gifts from a bag to the floor telling that it is all over with them. Swayam tells her that it was over before itself and asks what she is trying to prove. He asks her if she is reminding herself or trying to remind him of something else. He tells her that she is in fact missing him and ask her to throw him gifts to the dustbin. She replies that she does not have the habit of throwing other peoples gifts and he can throw it. Sharon takes the card Sharon is holding and burns it and throws on his gifts leaving Sharon stunned. He walks out of there telling that he will clean up the garbage soon. After he goes Sharon picks up the gifts and holds on to her chest.

Rey tries to make Kria confess that they are more than friends but she stick on to the ‘good friends’ dialogue. Rey decides that he will make her realize that they are beyond friends before the Dance Fest ends.

Dance Fest begins and the Louins are wearing black t-shirts with the word crew behind. All of them have walkies to communicate with each other to ensure that the fest goes on well. Rey finds Kria nervous and tells her that he would be always available for her on line one to help as a good friend. Nilesh reveals that neither Nana nor Sharukh Khan is coming but he has organized for the duplicate SRK. The Crew members keep the students and the duplicate at a distance and no one finds that it is not the real SRK. Nilesh is introduced as the Host and he makes the opening speech without mistakes. The performances start. Kria gets dressed for her dance performance with Rey leaving the walkie switched on. She calls Vishaka and Neha who was earlier there to help with the strings behind her blouse but gets no response. Rey hears her talk and walks into the room and ties the strings with closed eyes after taking permission from her. After that Rey keeps drooling over Kria and compliments on her beauty. Nilesh announces Krianch dance and the crew members try to locate them but Rey and Kria do not hear them as they had taken of their walkies. Kria pushes him out of the locker room and two girls see him. They flirt with him and take him forcefully from there making Kria angry and jealous. Later Kriansh does the Dance performance as Radha and Krishna. After the performance Rey asks Kria if she would be comfortable with anyone else tying the blouse strings or is it just him. Kria runs from there without answering. Rey catch holds of her and demands an answer which she brushes off. Later Rey walks with Kria to drop her home. Swayam finds Sharon in the middle of the road shouting on the mechanic who is fixing up her car. The mechanic tells that he would fix the Car and drop it at her house. Swayam offers Sharon a lift on his cycle. With no option left Swaron sits on the front and he peddles away. As they go Sharon by mistake places her hand on Swayam’s hand and he moves his hand. Sharon is annoyed by Swayam’s indifference and asks him to stop. She gets down and Swayam turns to go. Sharon is annoyed that he did not insist to drop her home or say goodnight to her and stops him. Before she tells anything he tells her that he knows that there is nothing between them and that he is getting bored hearing her dialogue. Sharon tells him that he has changed. Swayam replies that he has changed for good and he is no more the pet she can order around. He tells her that everything is the same including him and his cycle and her and her broken Car, it’s just the attitudes which has changed. He goes from there leaving her baffled.

Rey tries to make Kria jealous by taking Nicole’s name. He tells her that Nicole is the best dancer. Kria tells him that there are girls like her who can dance better. He tells her to prove her point by dancing with him the next day. Kria agrees to give the answers to all his questions after the fest the next day.

Next day Rey tells Swayam that he and Kria want to dance but the name is not on the List. Swayam tells him that he will take care of it and asks Rey not to worry. Swayam asks Sharon if she is ready for their dance. Sharon tells him that she would never be and Swayam immediately cuts their name and informs the guys on the walkie that there is a change. Sharon is stunned and tells him that he has changed. Swayam tells her that he is aware of it and walks from there. He informs Rey that He and Sharon are not dancing and tells them that Kriansh would replace them. Swayam sees Sharon looking at the dance dress and asks if she wants to dance. Sharon replies arrogantly. She tells him that she is sad because for the first time she is not dancing in the dance fest. Swayam tells her that she is not dancing it is because of her ego and nothing else. Rey makes Kria jealous again by complimenting Nicole.

Swayam comes to the stage when Sharon announces the person whose name comes in the chit has to dance. Swayam announces that in order to make it more interesting it would be a couple dance. Swayam manipulates and reads the chits he already had in hand. He announces that Kriansh would dance. Kriansh does a passionate couple dance. After the dance Kria asks Rey if she met his expectations. He replies that his expectations could not match her and demands the answer for his question. Kria asks him, ‘What question?’ and runs off from there. Rey follows her and takes her to the fire exit where she finally admits that Rey is more than a friend to her. Rey is happy and thanks the Universe.

At the last day of the College Fest, Shivam and his Gang get into a tiff with the Louins. Shivam invites the Louins to a Party to make amends. Sharon is impressed by Shivam and deliberately gets closer with Shivam when she sees Swayam ignoring her and Nicole getting closer with him. Swayam is heartbroken when he sees Sharon dancing with Shivam at the Party. Shivam brings Sharon out of the Party and gets closer to her. Swayam sees it and goes from there. However, Sharon runs of when Shivam tries to kiss her. Swayam is shattered and hurts his hand after seeing Shivam and Sharon together. Sharon remembers her moments with Swayam and hates herself for allowing Shivam to come closer to her and hurts her hand and feet.

The Louins Gang decides to celebrate the New year Party at Sharon's House as she is unable to go anywhere. Swayam refuses to go to Sharon's House but is tricked by Rey to arrive at her place in his Car to pick the gang to be dropped at Rey's place. Fate intervenes and the Gang spends the New year Eve at the Forest where all the couples get closer. Swayam carries and injured Sharon and also they have some private moments together. Swayam is about to wish Sharon when Shivam comes there for helping the gang after receiving an sms from Sharon and wishes her. He also shows his closeness with Sharon in front of the Gang which makes Swayam walk away from there.

Swayam decides to leave the College as he is unable to see Sharon with Shivam. The Gang tries to stop him but he stays firm in his decision. The Gang gets Sharon to talk to Swayam from leaving the College. Sharon who understands Swayam well mocks him which makes him change his decision.

Shivam tries to get closer with Sharon by visiting her at the College and inviting her out for Coffee. Kriya is surprised to find Shivam at her house with her mother who informs her that he helped her and dropped her home. Shivam finds out that Kriya's mother is not aware of Kriya's dancing pursuing. Swayam finds out about Shivam visiting Kriya's home and gets suspicious about him. He also shares his concern with Rey.

Shivam succeeds in stealing the dance recordings from Sharon's mobile and informing Kria's mother about dancing. Shivam informs his gang that they would perform the same moves before the Dazzlers Gang. Kria's mother locks her up after finding about Kria's dance group and her relationship with Rey. Amar, Neha and Vishaka reaches Kria's House to pick her up when she does not turn up on the day of the competition. Kria's mother allows her to perform at the competition on condition that Kria would forget Dance and Rey after the competition. Kria agrees to her mother's condition and reaches the venue. The weaklings give a mind blowing performance at the competition. Shivam is angry that his plans to keep Kria and Team from performing at the Competition failed. His friends console him telling that they would definitely be one of the two teams selected. The Dazzlers congratulate the Weaklings on their performance. Sharon too compliments Swayam on his performance and he reminds her that she told him that she would never compliment him in front of everybody. Both of them remember about the RDX Party when she spoke the words. Simi and Rina takes Sharon from there to watch the dance performance of Shivam and Group. Kria avoids talking to Rey. The Dazzlers are shocked to see that Shivam has stolen and copied their dance. The Dazzlers try to perform the same dance but had to withdraw from the stage because of audience humiliating them throwing things at them. The Weaklings and the King Rangers qualify for the competition while the Dazzlers lose. Sharon is blamed by Vicky and Nilesh as responsible for them losing in the competition. Rey shares about Kria's strange behavior to Swayam who advices him to go and meet Kria as it is Valentine's Day also. Upset by the behavior of the team members Sharon messages Rey to meet her. Sharon is angry when she sees Swayam instead of Rey thinking that he is there to make fun of her losing the competition because of her foolishness. Swayam tells her that she is not responsible for losing and not to waste her tears. He tells her to take her feelings out. Sharon tells that she wants to punish Shivam for what he did to her. Swayam tells her that then she should do it and offers his support. Rey reaches Kria's house after sending her mother out by playing a trick. Kria manages to convince Rey who gives her pre Valentines Day Gifts that she only used him and does not have any feelings for him. She tells him that if she has to choose in between him and Swayam, she would choose Swayam. Sharon and Swayam reaches the Coffee Shop where Shivam is sitting with his friends. Swayam points to Shivam and gang and asks Sharon to hit him. Sharon hits Shivam who comes forward to greet her while Swayam stops Shivam's friends from helping him. Sharon insults Shivam at the coffee shop further by throwing coffee on him and hitting him repeatedly. Swayam interferes by lifting Sharon off from behind, she calms down and walks away from there.

RDX informs the Dazzlers and Weaklings that they would be participating in the India Fest in Goa. Swayam and Team succeeds in motivating the Dazzlers who loses their confidence after losing to Shivam's team. Swayam finds about Rey and Kria break up. Swayam and Rey tries to motivate Sharon who vows not to dance again. They succeed in their goal and Sharon dances in India Fest. Sharon's behavior towards Swayam changes drastically but she refuses to admit her liking for Swayam. On the other hand, Rey is heartbroken. The Group finds that Rey and Kria were a couple and Kria dumped him. The team decides to get another girl for Rey despite of objections from Swayam. During the Nicole and RDX marriage, the group sends many girls to Rey. Rey scolds his friends and tells them that he only needs them.

A new girl makes an entry to the College. Rey thinks that his friends send her to him. Swayam informs Rey that Tanni is his cousin from Jodhpur. He requests Rey to show Tanni around the college. The Dazzlers and Weaklings are shocked to see Rey with Tanni and disapprove her as she is not like Kria. They are shocked later when they find that Tanni is Swayam's sister.

Will Tanni be able to make Rey forget Kria? Will she manage to get her prince charming whom she is obsessed with? Will Sharon and Swayam become a couple? To know watch Dil Dosti Dance on V Channel.

What makes Dil Dosti Dance interesting?

The USP of the show is that it about Love, Friendship and Dance. In this Dance based fiction Show the important characters are portrayed by professional dancers. If you are a dance lover like me, then that is more than enough reason to watch it.

Talking of the negatives, there is no doubt that the Actors of D3 are wonderful dancers, but they are not as good in the acting department. Except 1-2 supporting characters, all the actors are newcomers with no prior acting experience. Talking of the love angles, all the characters have someone they love or attracted to (Rey-Kria, Swayam-Sharon, Vicky-Neha, Nilesh-Simi, Amar-Rini and Bharat-Vishaka) in their team or opposite team which does not look very realistic. Is it really essential that all has to be couples? Can’t some of them be unattached or have girlfriend/ boyfriend outside? Personally, I also think that the Swayam and Sharon love story has more spice to it and makes a more enjoyable watch than that of Rey and Kria/Tanni.

Overall, I can say that it is a good Serial with a freshness element.

Shakti Mohan was featured in a Dance based Calender of 2012

Shakti Mohan was featured in a Dance based Calender of 2012

Latest News : Vrushika Mehta replaces Sneha Kapoor

After Shakti Mohan, it is Sneha Kapoor leaving D3. Sneha is said to have quit the show because she is uncomfortable doing intimate scenes with her co-actor Shantanu Maheshwari who plays the role of her boyfriend. Sneha Kapoor is replaced by Vrushika Mehta who is also passionate about dancing.

Prior to this, the creatives brought a logical end to the character of Vishakha played by Vinti Idlani by showing her as re-located to Bangalore and opening her own dance school. Vishaka's place in the Weaklings Team is taken by Aashi played by Sneha Gupta. The Serial also introduced Areez Gandhi as VP and Khushboo Grewal as Assistant Vice Principal Khushboo Meerchandani. In a new turn of events, the viewers would see Rey confessing his love to Taani.

How would you rate the Story of Dil Dosti Dance?


mansi 2 on June 15, 2012:

I like tanni. she is very cute.after going kriya the became boring but now I like it and i have expeted taani and rey is so handsome i had a great crush on him. he is sssssssssuper dddddddduper handsom.sharon is very cute. and whole the d3 cast dance very nicely and specialy rey he is supreb.

SANJANA on June 08, 2012:


taruna on June 03, 2012:

i luv d show d3 bt aftr shakti left it,it seems to be some times boring but still i lyc it.i luv shantanu as swayam in d show he rock d show i really luv him nd i lyc him too.I LUV U SHANTANU I JST LUV U

Tania on May 28, 2012:


dia on May 28, 2012:

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abhigail on May 01, 2012:

taani n rey look like awesom.they are the best pair

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sakshi on April 19, 2012:

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Trusha Patel on April 18, 2012:

I know it will take some time to accept a new pair. i think more twists are coming up in d3 i saw their interview and rey was saying that it will be more interesting. so, wait and watch!

kria's lovely fan on April 18, 2012:

plz kria come back soon with out u it's boring plz i reqest the director that plz bring kria back to the serial plz plz plz plz..............

ciya on April 17, 2012:

Taani is not bad but it is very difficult to accept a new gal for rey[amar],,,as kriya[shakti] is not abla to come,,, taani should be the substi of kriya.....

kriyansh is better............

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on April 17, 2012:

Vrinda definitely shows promise and makes a good pair with Kunwar Amarjeet. If the makers wanted to bring Kria back, they would have done it by now. With Shakti Mohan taking up an International Dance Show and Guest Appearance in Bollywood Movies, I don't see any chances of her returning as of now.

Trusha Patel on April 17, 2012:

I think rey and taani look good together. shakti will not come back guys. because of her dream and i think we should also try to accept taani she's not's just coz she does not dance like shakti that doesn't mean that she is bad. i think tarey will make good pair together.

Tanvi on April 14, 2012:

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Kajal on April 14, 2012:

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sayantani chowdhury. on April 13, 2012:

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Tuba on February 25, 2012:

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Subhas from New Delhi, India on February 10, 2012:

Great article. Both Shakti and Amarjeet are polished professional dancers. I liked their DID show also.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on February 07, 2012:

Thanks Jenny! I am not a teen but I have liked this Show as anything about a female struggling and achieving the goals definitely would have my support. Moreover, I am also passionate about dance and like to watch different dance forms. So I would say that this serial is not just for teens but for anyone.

jenny on February 04, 2012:

i think that d3 is one of the best shows for the teens. the story and the characters are awesome and the dancing part is superb making the show much more fun to watch.

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on January 05, 2012:

D3 is getting more interesting. With the Nicole and Shivam angle introduced and Sharon realizing Swayam's place in her life, I hope she would drop her ego and confess her feelings... Let's see!

disha on January 05, 2012:

love d3 very much especially the characters,and all couples.hope u guys keep going the same

sharan titus on January 01, 2012:

u all are the best stars and are playing the best role hope u all keep up this

Anamika S Jain (author) from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India on December 21, 2011:

Well, Thanks Princess Pitt for the Compliments and comment. You are beautiful too! In fact I am not a fan of Movies or Television Serials. D3 is the only one I am watching at present. I used to watch a Vampire Romance Show earlier which has come to an end. Dancing and Vampire Romance interests me.

Princess Pitt on December 21, 2011:

I miss Indian movies already....few years ago, I stumbled upon my friends package of CDs..first,.I was Idle to watch it. 10 movies in1. I never thought I would be hooked with first I was surprised of the dancings, seems like they are far different from the west! I continued to watch until i get the meaning...and their ways of communicating to the viewer.

I was really moved by the stories....I mean, I dunno...theres something about Indians that makes them different, I begin to search Rithik Roshan..whoever he is...I have to know who that man is!...GOD. Haaaaandddsome!...and OMG...the ladies are hot in heaven! Beauty like those are already goddess here!

Its painful to admit.....ok Indians are beautiful, and we are cute!

Anyway,,Thanks for sharing! Voted awesome! and up up up!