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Did Tupac Shakur Fake His Own Death?

Is Tupac Shakur Alive?

First, I want to say it’s impossible to prove whether or not 2pac is dead. We only have our personal opinions on whether or not he faked his death, and we won't know who's right until (and if) Tupac himself comes back and proves he is still alive.

That said, there are some theories and reasons why people think he's still alive. Let's dig into those.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Think Tupac Faked His Death

When I started looking into whether or not Tupac is still alive, I was surprised to find that there was more evidence online of him faking his death than there was evidence of him being straight up dead. And when you get into all the reasons of how he faked his death, it doesn't even seem like speculation anymore, it just seems like common sense that he's still alive. Here are the top facts I found that prove he's alive.

Fact #1

When Tupac Shakur was in prison, he read a lot of books. In one of his interviews, he mentioned reading a book on Machiavelli. Niccolo Machiavelli was a 15th century Italian politician and advisor who wrote a lot of books about war. In one of them, he advocated faking your own death to fool your enemies. In fact, he himself faked his death and came back 18 years later, baffling his enemies. Many believed that Tupac was going to come back in 2014 to do the same thing that Machiavelli did. While that didn't happen, some think that this is still a possibility.

Fact #2

Shortly before Tupac's death, he changed his stage name to "Makaveli." He would only do this because he either liked the name, or because he was planning on faking his own death.

Fact #3

On the night of Tupac's death, some people say a fan had taken a picture of him with the window rolled down at a red light that showed him and Suge Knight in the car as if they were about to go off and drive, but the thing is . . . there were no keys in the car. Why would there be no keys in the car? Was that a mistake, or did they do it on purpose?


Fact #4

On the night of Tupac's death, there are three different stories of how he arrived at the hospital. Why is this? In the first scenario, Tupac was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. In the second, Suge Knight stated in an interview that he rushed Tupac to the hospital himself. In the third, there was a lady interviewed on the news saying that she saw Tupac going into a helicopter. Why were there three scenarios? Was it done on purpose to create confusion?

Fact #5

Some people brilliantly found out that there is a strange "7" theory surrounding 2pac's "death." He was shot on September 7th and died seven days later. Furthermore, his official time of death was 4:03 AM (4+3=7), he was 25 when he died (2+5=7), and his latest album came out seven months after he died. That album was titled Makaveli The Don Kiluminati: The 7 Day Theory. It goes on and on, so people looked into this theory.

Fact #6

People say that if you rearrange "Makaveli" it forms: K am alive, and if you rearrange "Makaveli The Don Killuminati the 7 Day Theory," it forms: Ok on tha 7th u think I'm dead yet really Im alive. What are the chances of those two things rearranging to that!? Ask any code specialist what the chances are of that being random and you'll find that they're very low.


Fact #7

On Tupac's album it shows him on a cross like Jesus and says "Exit: Tupac Enter: Makaveli." Some people thought this meant he was going to return and predicted the date of that return to be in 2014, 18 years later like Machiavelli.

Also, Tupac said in a song, "Expect me —— like you expect Jesus to come back expect me ———, I'm comin." (Haha can't use profanity.)

Fact #8

One week after Tupac died, a video came out called "I Ain't Mad at Cha" and it shows Tupac in heaven with a short clip at the beginning of him getting shot and dying. Coincidence?

Fact #9

Many celebrities have stated that Tupac is still alive, such as:

  • New Jack, a former professional wrestler of the ECW
  • Treech, someone who was close with Tupac
  • Suge Knight, who shocked people in 2012 by saying that Tupac wasn't really dead
  • Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter, who wrote a note to Tupac, saying she knows he's still alive, and asking him to come back to make her mom happy since Jada and Tupac were close

Fact #10

One week after Tupac was pronounced dead, 1000 people from Haiti called police saying they seen Tupac.

My Take

Like I said at the top, we can speculate, but we can never truly know if Tupac faked his death unless he returns. With all that information, though, I think it's easy to see that he did. This is also just a small chunk of it too. If you want more there is a video at the bottom for you to see and you can do research of your own.

Comment and tell me your take! I would be very interested to hear it.


Listen to the Album and Get Clues Yourself

Proof 2Pac is Alive: Five Extra Reasons

The evidence of Tupac faking his death goes on and on and on. It is really crazy if you get into it. Here are five more reasons for you:

Fact #11

Many artists put secret messages in their songs that you can hear if you play them in reverse. In one of Tupac's songs he says "take time to reverse my songs." When you do this, he says in one song: "Yes Im alive and me missing you."

Fact #12

In the music video for "To Live and Die in LA," Tupac was wearing shoes that hadn't come out until three years after his death.

Fact #13

In Tupac's coroner's report, it says he was 6' tall and weighed 215 pounds. In fact, Tupac was 5'10'' and weighed 165 pounds.

Fact #14

Nobody saw Tupac in the hospital and he was cremated the day after he died, so there was no autopsy, even though it's legally required to have an autopsy after death.

Fact #15

According to Suge Knight, the man who cremated Tupac was paid three million dollars in cash and then he vanished, so there aren't any witnesses to the body.

Chart: Did Tupac Fake His Death?

Reasons for Faking DeathReasons He Could Be DeadReasons for Coming Back if He Did Fake His Death

Tupac had been shot before and his life was in danger

Hospital records show he's dead

To come back after being away from his family and career for a long time

Tupac was on bail for a crime he didn't do

His family says he's dead

To be with his family that he doesn't see much

He didn't want to go back to jail

It's been a long time since he's died and he hasn't come back

To make the greatest comeback ever seen

Video: Tupac is Still Alive

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Timeless on June 01, 2018:

Give your life to Jesus Christ(Yeshua in Hebrew)!

Timeless on May 04, 2017:

Repent for your sins today!!!

Leonard on April 09, 2017:

Research the New World Order agenda!It is not a crazy theory,it is in fact real.

Leonard on March 25, 2017:

Good Riddance Poem

Throw your rocks throw your stones,

sip your wine commit your sins.

Pick your poison,

it won't change how this will end.

Tell that snake I said it,

I fear no evil.

I'll bow before my Lord,

I don't need his people.

Steal kill and destroy,

mission to cause misery.

Won't cry on this shoulder,

fate is sealed for an eternity.

No matter how long the New World Order lasts,The Creator will be the one who gets the last laugh.He is the Alpha and Omega.

Leonard on March 02, 2017:

Dimming Light Poem

The world isn't worth losing your soul.

Temporary fame,maybe a little bit of gold.

Blood oaths keep stars in silence.

Destiny says those stars won't keep shining.

Losing yourself succumbing to the dark.

Wishes have been granted,but it only left your scarred.

So many tears underneath the mask.

Hide the pain with smiles and laughs.

What a price to pay for glitz and glam.

Absolute abomination tied to a demonic trance.

There's nothing holy in Hollywood.

Kabbalah cult must be understood.

Death could be breathing down your neck.

Sins you have yet to confess.

Bare it all as the walls are closing in.

Crushing your figure future is pretty grim.

A godless space to no end.

Predicated off of blasphemy and sin.

Research the Masonic world of "Hollywood".There are many things music artists,actors,actresses,athletes,etc,have done and continue to do to become rich and successful.The things you'll stumble upon will bow your mind!Examples of this are the "Angelina Jolie Leak" and "John Todd Tapes".Truth is stranger than fiction.

changes on December 17, 2016:

Wow almost 2 yrs of no chatter, with all the new evidence that has been raised i must say im suprised, there some new theorys around that make a lot of sense if you check them out, i know links dont work here so its up to your guys to go digging

Heatstroke on October 21, 2016:

Smartphones are the microchip

Leonard on October 20, 2016:

The economy will soon collapse and the only way to buy,sell,or trade is to have the Mark Of The Beast(a mark that binds you to Satan and whoever receives the Mark Of The Beast will also receive full cup of the wrath of the Almighty).A RFID chip(Radio Frequency Identification chip)will be the Mark Of The Beast and that will soon be implemented.The scriptures speak of the Mark Of The Beast...it is written.Accept Jesus Christ(Yeshua in Hebrew)as your personal Lord and savior before it's too late!

Leonard on September 24, 2016:

There will be no mercy on the unrighteous!Watch for the Second Coming!

Leonard on September 07, 2016:

Wake up and see the world for it truly is!Barack Obama is the Antichrist and Pope Francis is The False Prophet!Who is your Lord and savior?!

Leonard on August 21, 2016:

Prepare for an economic collapse and move into the nearest mountain or forest(or any for that matter).

justalilmousey on April 21, 2016:

Tupac's Best Quotes

•Why get mad at the Messenger, get mad at the ones that are the cause of the major problems of the world.

•Don't just bob your head to the music; really listen to the words that are being said.

•Ain't no one man going to stay in one spot forever, that's a sucker; I'm going to come up by double-up, and more double-up.

•Tupac quotes that he lived many places like Los Angeles and other places, but he will always claim 'Oakland.' This is where the Black Panthers resided also in the 60s.

•Tupac quoted "I have no fear, I only have ambitions and I want mine."

•Who can play a Cop in a movie better than someone who seen and experienced the street life, and seen Cop's crooked ways, their compassion, their respect, and their hate?

•All our strengths, gifts, and blessings come from God.

•Tupac says, he will fall in-love with a woman more than she loves herself,' that's how strong his love would be if he had a wife. And he would want the same in return.

•Keep your head up.

•"The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, the darker the flesh the deeper the roots."

•"The media sometimes want to expose music artist, just for their own hidden agenda."

•Through all the rain and the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor.

Additionally, I would like to say ty to another hubposter for some of these Pac quotes, and To live and die in L.A. should also be one of the ones examined too. We already know that all ayez onn me was more personal album as well as songthe man had mad skills the proof is in his tunes and not just facts.

justalilmousey on April 21, 2016:

This is where I am gonna jump in and say; now pay attention, Heatstroke. I have proclivities on the God topic myself. This is the reason for athiests. A persons view is different than what you see and I see it very differently. This can be a theology dicussion too because the media loved to portray Pac as an antichrist. He was a person that sold himself out because he lacked the funds to get by in a materially genated society. Most people would call me paranoid because I refuse to go with mainstream society. I don't go to church but yet I believe their is a higher power. This is a Pac forum so you don't believe that this has any place on this boardd, but it does. You see if you really think about it Pac was paranoid as F*** when he died. There was a reason for it. He was doing what he was supposed to do. He was never fully trusted by them because he was somehow connected with the Black P anthers. The credo of the black Panthers even said at that time to work in accordance with Allah and Natures laws. That sounds like survival of the fittest, but don't kill anybody. Further search states that if someone tries to oppress the black nation then you can retaliate by any and all means possible. This leads me to further speculate that in his confusion that he was defection to go somewhere else than the U.S. If you really think about this, I truly belive that with the references he made of himself a ridah and a souljah and a rebel, he was declaring two things. one, he wasn't taking anyones' crap. Two he wanted change. Most people might misconstrue as in regards to the illuminatis image, because he had been tied to them, but the Black Panthers were to fight oppression of the the white world, and if he was conflicted in his lyrics; then he was at a conflict with both groups too. "life imitates art", and that is what he was conflicted about. Keep in mind he was even interviewed showing his confusion,and then before he dies he doesn't deny hearing of the illuminati. Most people, I hope by now, know that the illuminati stands for white oppression. Beyonce, Jay Z; they are the biggest sellouts known in the industry because the illusion was created to idolize whites. White people by nature , money is there God and who better than to use what they know of will get their attention? Sure eminem raps but he is white, and many white "rappers" have failed. There was a reason Snoop changed his name and pretty much took himself out of the equation.Suge even made a good point of he can't and even if he could he wouldn't; not his job to solve homicides. Well, my theory is even when other people pop up and say, we know what happened; when they clearly do not have a clue at all or are protecting the man himself. All these people that supposedly know are african american and what I have learned through research has implicated Snoop as the leader of this group of Pathers since Pacs death. That was per Pacs order so to speak because I have seen proof that he in fact was the one that was the one to carry the torch so to speak by speaking to te people. What made him torn was he got enveloped by the illuminati is what got him in. They did not know the full score of his influence til he had kids were talking like him, so they tried to snuff him out in 94 when he got shot, and they "tried" again in 1996 and he was even said to be seen since. The inrigue is what keeps him alive even if he isn't. My thought says now more than ever, that he is not dead, but then again I am using actual facts. I just happened to do the research. Mine is part theory and part fact, and with people still remember him; aren't we just immortalizing another illuminati scum. If a normal logical person adds all of this up, when the illuminati tried to silence the lambs they created a lion; this is why I say snoop is their leader. Several videos he backtracks in his videos about Tupac he even refers to tupac as he is instead of was. I am probably one of the few people that actually believe in everything Pac ever stood for. I know he wasn't all violence. His last CD's which attribute to his success he was toned down and seemed to start to come out of his shell and tell the powers that helped make him f*** you. Thats really why all this happened. He was saying I really didn't need you. Suge, helped doom him to death by persuading him to stay at his doomed "DEATH ROW" He even had charges pending prior to his death and then he mysteriously dies, and then everyone against the overzealous jacka**es in realiation to Pacs death suddenly die too. Street rules say kick ass and corporate rules say if you aint got the cash; you ain't shit. Hardly a comparison. Thats even the reason Biggie died he knew what was what and he knew what happened with Pac he even knew if he said sh** he was done too. They were speaking about the illuminati. This is funny too; if the illumminati is to be such a secret society; how come it seems to have such a hold on people , and yet, it has such a hoold on so many people. I have come to realize, that although most of us were from that date, we really don't know the whole story. IF, and this is a huge IF, if Tupac were dead, he really is bigger than he ever realized. I for one have come to realize that he was everything that everyone should be and yet he became a martyr for the cause. I not only run after info I am a critical thinker. I do not first of all believe anyone is insane per say, but when you believe everything we learned and even witnessed was wrong.This just floors me too, as Pac was declared a martyr through through him dying or hiding; either way, the people post their sentiments because they still believe in everything Pac stood for and they miss seeing him in the flesh. I am no exception to this, but why post it if this person is actually dead; we have hop. Even ifd he were to still not make an appearance, I would not lose the hope to seeing him in thte flesh. My beliefs are that , that he isn't dead. He is in fact, in hiding. Somehow, I feel compelled to all of the reseach I have done involving him. I feel as though he is sending me to just the right information from just the right places. I would even make the the assumption that things like Tha Dogg Pound and Mobb can be tied into the Black Panthers as well as Ruffriderz and Owtlawz. I would almost bet that Nwa and Dre were not sellouts. Its like I am having someone else type this crap, like I really know lol. I am saying this though, thats why crap dies out its pushed out. Someone pushes it out. I mean, what a stupid society we are, we sell memorabilia of fallen soldiers; which Pac was, for the almighty dollar bill. When you do that thats like saying your happy the Powers that be murdered sevederal legends over a fallable resource; money. Thats just it, most people see a post by me and they may say omg they are insane because they believe money is bing used against us. Its true, and mst people will even have the proof ight there to say it bue-they do believe because it is easier to believe that money is power. Wow relistening to me against the world; is that a foreshadow to he was dead and he knew it n crooked outlaws and crooked villians wow wish Pac would get his ass out of hiding. Yet it feels like all my questions are being answered too. I am not crazy I think Pac isn't being as cryptic as we once thought not the reverse subliminal message bullshit we have come to know. we need to listen to his music as it was intended. I think honestly he is strategizing to gain more support for all of us to revolt actually. I think I am just going to stop on the preachin here but to say theology does not come iinto play here, you are wrong I believe. Pac was really was about uniting people not the sex drugs and other things personified.

Timeless on January 17, 2016:

REVELATIONS 21:4-"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;and there shall be no more death,neither sorrow,nor crying,neither shall there be any more pain:for the former things are passed away."

Timeless on January 14, 2016:

2 CORINTHIANS 4:4-"In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not,lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ,who is the image of God,should shine unto them."

Heatstroke on January 09, 2016:

I do believe that the end is near and I have repented for my sins but I don't neccessarily agree with your perspective, and my point is that this thread is about whether or not PAC died or not and I've followed it for some time now. However you have gotten way off the topic that was being discussed.

Timeless on January 07, 2016:

Cloning is real,clones are real.There many people in the world that have been cloned.Marshall Mathers(Eminem)has been cloned,possibly more than once.Dr. Dre has been cloned.Soulja Boy has been cloned.Cloning labs exist all around the world and even underground.Clones are called synthetics by the Elite(the government).Some actors,actresses,music artists,comedians,and politicians,etc,have been cloned.This is not an opinion it is factual.Hopefully,anyone who takes the time to read over these words will understand that will live in a world full of mystery and we're in a paradox.The matrix if you will.What's hidden has already started to slowly reveal itself over the years.More will continue to reveal itself as we move towards the end.This world is not what most people across the globe believes it to be.Everything is not always what it appears to be.Please repent for your sins and stop fighting principality.The truth is the truth and nothing will ever change that.The people in hell right now are HOPING no one on this earth that is still breathing will join them!The people in hell right now are HOPING you repent for your sins because they wish they still had that opportunity to do so!I'll pray for you all and I hope you all pray for me.

Timeless on January 06, 2016:

Heatstroke You and anyone else can say or do whatever they desire,but nothing will change how this story is going to end.Nothing will change the horror of humanity's end.Many people didn't believe Noah in the past when he was constantly warning them of the coming flood.They refused to believe him,unfortunately,to their own detriment.They labeled and called him wicked and cruel things despite the fact he was a noble,obedient,and righteous man of The Creator of heaven,hell,the earth,and this entire universe.I understand that I am going to receive harsh treatment just like he did.When destruction came,they all begged to enter into the ark,but they weren't able to.I wish I could you by the hand and show you all the things that are to come.I understand even if I was capable of such there is a strong possibility you still wouldn't believe me.The truth is the truth and it will set you free.The truth is the truth no matter how annoying,irritating,or uncomfortable it may be.

Revolution on January 06, 2016:

The secrets will come out and there will be much bloodshed...the time is coming...

Timeless on January 06, 2016:

LUKE 17:26-"And as it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man."

Heatstroke on January 06, 2016:

You are off your rocker man, this is a PAC thread and you have went way off track.

Timeless on January 06, 2016:

Barack Obama is the Antichrist,who is a powerful figure opposed(the enemy of)to The Creator and Jesus Christ(Yeshua in Hebrew as the letter J did not exist during the time in which the messiah was walking on the earth).The Antichrist is literally possessed and used by Satan himself.The Antichrist is already here.Do not trust man,Barack Obama,Pope Francis(who is the False Prophet spoken of in the bible)or the government under any circumstances and conditions.They are all wolves in sheep clothing,meaning that they only intend to deceive you and drag you to hell.Barack Obama will somehow,possibly through catastrophe(s) that will result in this,be reelected or just simply stay in office for a third term as president.The Antichrist will be revealed in time and that time is very soon.When the Antichrist is revealed,it will be a horrible moment in time.Everything hidden will not remain hidden and everything I tell you will come true because it is written to be so.The world is already falling and it will only get worse.To say it won't would be a lie.All the things I have spoken of must and will happen before the return of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Timeless on January 05, 2016:

DANIEL 12:4-"But thou,O Daniel,shut up the words,and seal the book,even to the time of the end:many shall run to and fro,and knowledge shall be increased."There are people in the world who are becoming more knowledgeable and aware of the signs of the times we are in and headed towards in the not too distant future.Many people in the Elite(Zionist)and/or who work for the Elite have made plans to leave America and some have already left America.They believe they have found their safe haven.They are literally attempting to escape the wrath of The Creator.Leaving America will not change their fate.Get prepared physically,mentally,psychologically,and more importantly spiritually.Do not neglect the time we have been given to return to The Creator and repent for your sins!You will regret it more than you could possibly imagine!

Heatstroke on January 04, 2016:

Maybe u r the antichrist

Timeless on January 03, 2016:

1 JOHN 4:2-3-"By this you know the Spirit of God:Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh of God,and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.And this is the spirit of the Antichrist,which you have heard was coming,and is now already in the world."The Antichrist is Barack Obama and he will be granted a third term in office.Repent for all of your sins brothers and sisters while you still have time to do so!

Timeless on January 03, 2016:

REVELATION 22:13-"I am the Alpha and the Omega,the Beginning and the End,the First and the Last."

Timeless on December 31, 2015:

EPHESIANS 6:12-"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Timeless on December 30, 2015:

REVELATION 13:16-17-"And he causeth all,both small and great,rich and poor,free and bond,to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.And that no man might buy or sell,save he that had the mark,or the name of the beast,or the number of his name.The mark(Mark Of The Beast)is the RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)chip that will one day soon be implemented and it will be mandated.Whatever you do,please do not take the chip!

Timeless on December 29, 2015:

JOHN 6:40-"For this is the will of my Father,that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life,and I will raise him up on the last day."Have faith in The Creator of heaven,hell,the earth,and this entire universe.Faith is more powerful than we can possibly imagine!

Timeless on December 29, 2015:

REVELATION 14:11-"And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever;they have no rest day and night,those who worship the beast and his image,and whoever receives the mark of his name."Please repent and give your life to Jesus Christ(or Yeshua in Hebrew)and accept him as your personal Lord and savior.Brothers and sisters we cannot straddle the fence forever and be "neutral" in this spiritual warfare.Time is nigh!

Timeless on December 25, 2015:

Heatstroke Say whatever you must,do whatever you must.My faith will not waver due to hatred and/or accusations.My faith is stronger than any hatred or hostility anyone may have towards me.I have faith that someone,even if it's just one person,will take heed to these words and their lives can be changed drastically because of it.They can prepare for what is to come and be saved before it is too late.

Timeless on December 24, 2015:

Do not indulge nor follow the works,concepts,principles,practices,teachings,and philosophies man.Man is not The Creator,but simply a creation of The Creator like the rest of mankind.We should not be idolaters.We should stay away from placing human beings on pedestals,if not thrones,of godliness.Pedestals or thrones that aren't meant for human beings on earth.There is one creator and only he warrants and deserves worship,praise,and glorification.The works,concepts,principles,practices,teachings,and philosophies of man contradict the teachings of The Creator,which are not to be dismissed under any circumstances.The Creator has told us not to place our trust in man nor follow man,but to place our trust in him and to follow him,With man nothing is possible,but with The Creator of heaven,hell,the earth,and this entire universe,anything is possible.Our souls are in the hands of The Creator,not man.

Heatstroke on December 21, 2015:

Bruh stay away from the bath salts

Timeless on December 16, 2015:

No human being on earth can or will prevent the New World Order.No human being on earth can or will prevent the Apocalypse.The New World Order agenda will be carried out by the Antichrist.The Apocalypse is the biblical end of days,the end of this particular age,and the beginning of a new age.Out with the old,in with the new.These things are biblical prophecy fulfillment as The Creator is binded by his word.He is not a liar.We've hardened our hearts,which are made of the ashes of hell itself.Continuing to reject him and his counsel as well as mock him and his teachings.Everybody will bow and worship The Creator,and know he is The Creator,including non believers and scoffers.He is The Lord of Lords,king of all kings,Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end,the first and the last.The world is under the belief the abominable ways of man will continue for years,possibly millenniums,to come.The world couldn't be more wrong.Judgment is coming...vengeance is coming.This is a fallen,cursed generation that will meet the horror of its end.

Timeless on December 15, 2015:

The New World Order is promoted in films,animated films,television series,animated televison series,and commercials.The government has spent countless years conditioning the masses,subliminally,for the New World Order.There have been many films and television series,past and present,showing the New World Order agenda and apocalyptic oriented plots and concepts.Showing us right before our eyes what is to come in the not too distant future.The masses have become completely numb to corruption,so the government is blatant with the truth.Throwing us so much satanic symbolism and propaganda until we just accept and soak it all up like a sponge.Society has been severely beaten and worn down by its oppressors.The government continues to suck the life out of society,feeding its depression.The majrity of people around the world will not rebel against the New World Order.They will accept it unfortunately to their own detriment because they will all pay a price beyond their imagination.This is all biblical prophecy fulfillment as opposed to being conspiracy centric,opinionated,theoretical,or simply fear monger.The truth is the only thing constant in this universe and nothing will ever change that.

Timeless on December 15, 2015:

We are on the cusp of the Apocalypse,the biblical end of days.The Creator has told us to watch for the signs of the times.If you take a look around,the signs are here.Most human beings across the world whether it's out of fear and/or due to their trust in the government,will receive the Mark Of The Beast.They will relinquish their own freedom or protection from the government.They won't realize they are carving their own destiny of great suffering and misery on earth and in hell.Do not take the RFID chip(Mark Of The Beast)even if that results in incarceration or death.The military will search for everyone who has not received the chip and kill them.This is part of the New World Order,which is a satanic beast system(one religion,one currency,one government,one leader).Music artists,politicians,congressmen,former presidents,etc,have mentioned the New World Order.Citizens will kill and literally eat each other because they have no food and water or a lack of food and water.When food,water,or any beverages at all are unavailable or limited,people will kill and search for the closest thing to it:human flesh,shoes,clothes,belts,urine,and blood from humans and/or animals.The communities will self destruct.The banks in Greece refused to give citizens their money.The people were in absolute hysteria.That was a test from the government to get an idea of how citizens were going to react when the entire economy collapse.Take your money out of the bank right now and use it to buy survival gear,food,water,weapons,and books on edible plants in you state and city.Get out of the cities and into steep mountains,hopefully with vegetation.A noble,righteous man named Lot(a person in the bible,who lived years ago before us)was told by two archangels to get out of Sodom(a sinful,abominable city destined for destruction by The Creator).The archangels were sent by The Creator to warn Lot ahead of time as he was a noble,righteous man that did not deserve to be annihilated.Lot and his two daughters left Sodom and went to live in the mountains.Sodom was destroyed with fire and brimstone by The Creator by The Creator,while they were leaving.The New World Order is an agenda to regulate,corrupt,and perverse humanity more than it already is.Please surrender yourself holistically to The Creator,live according to his world and only his word,pray and for forgiveness for your sins,believe Jesus Christ died for our sins,believe the price of sin is death in the Lake Of Fire,believe and have faith in The Creator and his son Jesus Christ regardless of circumstances and conditions.Fear no man,evil,or death itself.Read the Book Of Revelation in the bible as reference.I'm praying for you all.Time is nigh!

Timeless on December 06, 2015:

Do not attempt to "open your third eye" or your pineal gland.That teaching,unbeknownst to many,is satanic.Many believe they are opening up their perception of reality to witness and experience things beyond the ordinary sight of man and woman.Also,the belief is you will receive knowledge possibly not known to man and woman due to this mystical third eye.It is a concept and speculative theory intended to deceive and corrupt the mind and soul of anyone willing to partake in meditation,yoga,and/or any form of sorcery.When you indulge in these practices,you are opening portals for demonic spirits to enter into your life.You are literally contacting demonic spirits and this teaching of opening your third eye is not a spiritually righteous practice.Satan and his demons come guise in the form of "stimulation of the mind" "raising consciousness" "discovering inner peace" and "going to my happy place" as some say from these practices.Please do not attempt to "open your third eye" nor indulge or support practices of meditation,yoga,and/or any form of sorcery.It is satanic and none of our great and righteous biblical forefathers ever attempted to "open their third eye".

Timeless on December 05, 2015:

Human beings are so deep into idolatry that we don't even realize it.Idolatry is the worship and glorification of idols and placing human beings on a pedestal of godliness-a pedestal no human being belongs on.The love for music artists,actors,and actresses is nearly the very same love we have for our parents and family relatives,if not more.The music and entertainment industry are not just businesses to produce revenue,while entertaining us at the very same time.We want to believe that,but there's more to it.There is an ever growning legion of people tht make life changing decisions for the opportunity at success.I'm sure some people have heard of "selling out" o "selling your soul" to crossover and make more money,but there also lies a much deeper meaning many won't understand.The people who provide us with entertainment and music that we love so much have done and continue to commit abominable acts.These acts are mostly done in private and mandatory.Also,these acts are the very reason why they have obtained their fame,fortune,and wealth.I'm sorry to tell you that talent and extraordinary gifts,unfortunately,will only lead you to a dead end unless you are willing to enter into masonry.There is a roster of things one must experience in order to become a household name.You must literally sign a contract in your blood,while agreeing to the terms of the oath of the Baphomet,who is Satan.The oath forbids you to speak of the oath and the secrets of the darkness.They are forced to participate in rituals,commit human sacrifices,blood sacrifices,eat hearts from dead babies,drink blood and urine,and eat feces from another human being.They are forced into sexual relations with the same and opposite sex,and even animals(bestiality).

Timeless on December 05, 2015:

Doctors,nurses are profiteers,while pharmacies are profiteering.They recommend paying for excessive medication only intended to hinder your bank account,strengthen bad physical,mental,emotional state,and/or inhibit healing process.Doctors,nurses,and pharmacies are being used as tools,as there are many,to set the stage for the New World Order.They want people to continue paying for treatment their entire lives instead of offering cures because there's more money to be made for treatment.Believe it or not the government has cures for certain diseases.Rather than reveal those cures to the masses,they would prefer to keep it hidden due to their money hungry nature and lack of compassion for humanity's sake.Unfortunately,there is a such thing as pharmaceutical murderers.They slowly kill us over the years without getting a speck of blood on their clothes.

Timeless on December 05, 2015:

The New World Oder will be defeated in the future,but not by the masses.You see,this is spiritual warfare and biblical prophecy.In regards to any potential revolution the masses will not be responsible for it.The revolution will be the government,unfortunately,unleashing an agenda years in the making that covers a new system and order of things,hence the New World Order.It will bring forth a new age that consists of a one world government,currency,and religion.There are dark entities involved within the government.They are the reptilian shape shifting offspring of the fallen angels.Who are the fallen angels you may ask?They are angels turned minions of Satan,who allied and assisted him in his rebellion against The Creator during their time in heaven.They,along with Satan,were casted out of heaven down to the earth.The offspring lead and work within the governemt.They literally live inside humans and physically masquerade as humans.For example:politicians,congressmen,senators,mayors,governors,presidential candidates,former presidents,vice presidents,the current president,news reporters,news anchors,television personalities,music artists,and more.The fallen angels offspring have created and continue to create technology we see today.An example of that is the IPhone and Apple Computers.IPhone=Eye Phone...Cell Phone=loving your phone so much so that you become an actual prisoner of it hence cell phone...SIRI=spelled backwards is IRIS...Apple Computers=The apple logo is literally an apple with a portion of it missing as if an individual took a bite out of it.Symbolic of the days of Adam and Eve in which they both ate forbidden fruit.Eve was persuaded by the serpent,who was Satan,then she decided to persuade Adam to eat the forbidden fruit.Again,the New World Order will be defeated in the future after The Creator allows Satan to have his way with the world for a temporary period time which is called the seven year tribulation period stated in scriptures.Please understand the Apocalypse is near and The Son Of Man will return to the earth seeking vengeance upon all the evildoers and non believers.Please repent for all your sins daily,believe and confess Jesus Christ to be your personal Lord and Savior,live according to the word of The Creator,study the word of The Creator,spread the gospel,prepare yourself physically and more importantly spiritually by developing a relationship and keeping a relationship with The Creator,and watch for the signs of the times.We are headed for such a disturbing and chaotic period of time.I'm praying for you all!

Timeless on December 04, 2015:

The government will intentionally drop the U.S dollar,thus provoking an economic collapse.They will use the economic collapse as reason to implement the RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)chip,otherwise known as The Mark Of The Beast stated in scriptures.The mark is a pledge holistically to the image of the beast and the beast itself.Who or what is the beast?Satan.No one will be able to buy,trade,sell,own a house or even live in house on the grids without having this chip.You can receive the chip in your hand or on your forehead.Also,The Mark Of The Beast will come in a tattoo form to entice teenagers and young men and women to receive it.You are giving Satan your allegiance and accepting him as your Lord if you receive the mark regardless of if you're aware or unaware of the ramifications and consequences.Refuse to receive the chip even if that results in incarceration,torture,and/or death.This is part of The Most High testing our faith in him regardless of circumstances.Stand firm in your faith and do not fear man,evil,or death on this earth!If you receive the chip you will also receive the wrath of The Creator of heaven,hell,the earth,and the entire universe.This will be a part of the seven year tribulation period stated in scriptures.During this time the Antichrist,who is Barack Obama,will be given great power and authority over the world.Most of humanity will marvel at the Antichrist and he will deceive even the very elect.The Antichrist will perform miracles before the very eyes of humanity.Humans' faith in Jesus Christ or Yeshua in Hebrew,will be tested on a much higher intense level than ever before.I ask that you please do not choose to receive The Mark Of The Beast.Again,if you receive the chip you will experience absolute torment on earth and in hell for your decision(s).If you believe in him and faith,The Most High will give the strength to endure this extremely difficult,taxing times.

Heatstroke on November 01, 2015:

Timeless but running out of time?

Timeless on October 30, 2015:

Folosophy I've seen a part of the future...I'm living on borrowed time.So is this age we're currently in.

Folosophy on October 16, 2015:

Timeless why dont you have much time left?

Timeless on October 14, 2015:

Most,if not all,of the technology in the world today has been created by Demigods,who are the fallen angels offspring.They are the sons and daughters of Satan and have been giving ideas and technology to humans for so many years in exchange for complying with their demands.Many things in this world are not man made.In simplistic terms,you can call Demigods employers and minions of Satan.Many politicians,presidential candidates,congressmen,white house representatives,news reporters,and news anchors are Demigods(entities living inside these human beings).They sometimes even shape shift before our very eyes in person and on television,yet most individuals deem it bad lighting or camera distortion or some form of it.It's not about who they it's about what they are.Satan is the Lord of this world currently and Demigods(being under the command of their master,their father Satan)are the rulers of the darkness of the world.These reptilian creatures make up the majority of the government itself...this is spiritual warfare.I'm telling you this because I don't have much time left to speak on these very important things.Please listen to me...I do not have very much time left!

show on October 12, 2015:

PAC z alive for real

Yana N Maya on October 05, 2015:

Yana-Tupac Is Live N He's Living In Cuba

Maya- I Believe Tupacs Alive

justalilmousey on August 07, 2015:

Lol no one cares huh? And jay z was here just startin b4 pac dissappeared like a fart in the wind. Wake up people ive been doing the research i dont have all the answers but im gonna call on my help.


justalilmousey on August 07, 2015:

Holla @ me...... niggas out here jealous cuz we be bailin' with death row they be player hatin they cant fade us though with the funky sound we be throwing down .........got to be careful cant let evil of the money trap ya so when you c see me ya better holla at me. Hes talking about suge has to be and diddy to go against the illuminati. This this this makes all kinds of sense the fakes poppin up in post. The hook line which i just wrote. Pac was a casualty of the "system". Same thing with me against the world..........he was talking about the government.trading war stories he called him himself an outlaw and then his father figure was machiavelli. In the song when we ride he says.....outlaw immortals bow down to so something GREATER THAN YOURSELF trick. A trick elaboration is plain and simply ho. He wasnt talkin bout edi or hussein or kadafi,etc. He was talking about everyone involved........suge,diddy,ashantis man at the time and the illuminati. Jay z was just startin out at that time but he sold out 2. All eyez on me....... the whole song says it he wanted it but he wanted it onhis terms not theirs.is there another way? He wanted to defect thats why his music changed he had 2 they said. Why do you think these recordings mysteriously appeared. But this is why i say hes not dead. He said im not goin back tto jail they must be on their dope but im no one. Why does he say that? You see everything is wrong clues are all over in his all eyez on me but the eyez were the people involved in this conspiracy. He said im a boss he really believed that but he forgot who helped him but while he thought he was gettin back at them suge,diddy, and the other one actually helped tupacs downfall. But bosses dont really completly lose everything. Diddy really didnt lose anything but another "titan" came forward. That man was none other than Jay Z. Diddys still in it but hes like a puppeteer. Look at all they have they suck. Btw thats why death row thats why it went bankrupt people suge was too much in the public eye so they took away when he screwed up killin pac. The illuminati are a global mafia. Very powerful but not overthrowable. I believe pac was tryin but was too far involved. Same thing with one of their own he defected talkin bout kennedy and they are part of the ruling bodies. Look at cali now a kennedy still is in control of it. For those that dont know maria shriver is a kennedy cousin but still part of the family. Arnod schwarzenneger became part when he married into it same thing with beyonce. Oh forgot that only god can judge me says so much there he aint talkin bout whites and blacks hes talking about the illuminati. No gang war. Think that was implanted due to when the firatbfight started. Maybe ot was over a girl maybe it was over turf but either way it wouldnt have escalated because of that. The media portraus the black panther movement as negative. Who can say they were there when assata supposedly shot that trooper. When tupac supposedly died the bullets but 1 were gone?! Ovviously planted! Only 1 witness 2 tupacs death? Planted! So where are real witnesses at? Scared possibly. But the real qitnesses my bet would be got paid off to say they saw nothing. Anything for a buck right illuminati? Oh ill prove this assumption cuz me as a true pac fan will not rest til this is proven. The unenlightened might not listen or they may. Im not a mind reader but what i do knoqw im not the only one thinking this way either. I have global backing. Do i need to give the enlightened a lesson in murphys law? Or any other law for that matter because you broke a law of nature and im gonna prove it!!!! Thi is the reason why i dont believe anything that worked works has ever made any decision over anyone. Unless you say why and prove why none of you are so enlightened theres more of us than you think! All this research i found out it dont make me happy.and thats i wont rest util yall get yours. Im a nobody but all it takes is just one hmmmmmmmm thought pac said that guess what im smarter than ur brainwashing. You have screqed me since day 1 so you kill me oh fuckin well im pissed right now and im gonna prove further im not crazy either. Well neither was pac. Thats why im getting my crew so to speak alerted to my plans. If i show up dead amd they say so you did this and they prove it cuz ur media isabout to get ugly!

justalilmousey on August 02, 2015:

Exactly its pacs choice but he was even hinting around to plastic surgury b4 his so called "death" why does it feel like im the only one who studies this so much and yes king paul you r right about pac on all counts although eminem said he was the goat too!

King paul on August 02, 2015:

I still believe that pac is alive! its his choice if he would come back or not. But whatever his choice is, i would accept it! #GOAT #RapGod #MissingYou #Idol #TupacShakur #tupac #2pac #Number1Fan #StillHopingYoullBeBack #Makavelli

justalilmousey on July 30, 2015:

And that was tupac idk wtf bumbum?! But admit all snickered; I know I did! Lol

justalilmousey on July 30, 2015:

Mr Leland Michael lee while we are on this subject where is your name on the coroners report. You said yolo county? I hate to inform you bubums shakur resided in Los Angeles . they have coroners too. Further investigation said from 1989 till 1993. Pac didn't supposedly die. My theory is you are a glory hound.and retire after 4 years?! Please sir check yourself b4 u make an outrageous comment like that.

justalilmousey on July 26, 2015:

Ask and you shall receive pac aint dead 4 real. In 2009 he was still rappin under one alias at least. The one someone in an earlier post said wasnt pac i beg to differ go look up Hennessey by kasinova tha don supposedly he geys asked what his m$#&^£=* f#^#&!& name is and he answers big ballin a#^ pac. Now why for the love of Dear Mama and Hail mary did Kasinova supposedly say that?! The album is loyal to the game. Hmmm I'd say almost checkmate doubters. Need more proof?

justalilmousey on July 26, 2015:

I still say tupac never left. Everyone assumes tupac is in cuba. This cant be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The thing that i have questions on is why he would have tried to trick everyone as loki would. Its almost as if hes laughing at everyone too. What ive seen is a bunch of sleight of hand by pac. He seems to be proving it through kasinova and black haze and it seems another artist comes out with pacs voice. I agree it is possible to fake but i still think boils down to the timeline and his lyrics. There is no way anyone with new found talent unless it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they made these songs with no help yes im investigating this with a fine tooth comb but i still want more questions about this answered. As i have seen by most of you yes pac is or no he isnt but there are answers there that nobody is either seeing or dont wanna see. I dont think its hes dead/alive or cuba/wherever else but it all goes back to his lyrics. More specifically the ones that say;"you're blind if you cant see me" im sorry i just think theres more than what the illuminati or cops whatnot led everyone to believe is all!

Jamaal Ford on July 26, 2015:

It's obvious from the evidence tupac is alive or should i say makaveli i think he changed his name to makaveli so he could come back and nobody would recognize him and tupac is probably enjoying life in cuba

justalilmousey on July 26, 2015:

About the 7 theory prince also claims 2 b influenced by that # and if you read between the lines 7 stands for the illuminati very first line would tell you that.......oh 7 and we'll watch them fall stand in the way of love and we'll smoke them all with their Intellect and their savoire faire.........artists besides prunce sing of this and pac was no exception!!!!!!!!! This aint no love song uts about the illuminati!

justalilmousey on July 23, 2015:

Nobodys seen the autopsy photo lets think here. All this wild mysticism around pacs death. My own proclivities on this topc has compelled me to read it and now right on it. First up yall forgettin the fact pac was no dummy. Nobody can get their fasts straight here. It all goes back to the illuminati the same people that murdered michael and whitney. The question should not be about the number 7 or whether or not he will or wont return. The illuminati wants you to think hes really dead. No mass funeral how you explain that? Now ive never seen any post mortem pics cept what the news wanted yall to c. Any person in their right mind can see their fake. Even the assumption right down to how well the crime scene was investigated. You say you saw 2pac but was it really? Its a classic case of yall got duped. Pac pulled a keyser souse on you people that believe hes dead. Now does anyone know who the one that cremated him? NO!!!!!! All of a sudden cuba and u.s. are allies again. I ask you why? I dont think he even left. Biggest message listen i mean every word of 2pac song you cant c me. He even says your blind if you cant c me. He isnt dead. Its illogical to think that pac did not even come back already. Think about this on the tracks that sound like pac with blac haze and kasinova true it would be easy to fake cept how many people have seen blac haze or kasinova perform i mean all up in yo face no you tube bs or at a concert i mean acapella by himself? It is possible to make it sound like pac but then this leads me to this. The song only god can judge me. In it he said the govt was after him and so was the media. I mean hello killuminati you dont just stumble on that title. I feel when pacs gonna show himself he will. The 7 theory dont work for me becuz that seriously sounds hokey at best. But whats gettin me is the fact hes been called gee idk b4 his time. All the illuminati knew that 2pac was gettin too big too fast.he wanted out smh refresher watch 2pacs mom afeni talk. Shes very cryptic as to not let the cat outta the bag so to speak. I believe that she had seen him and not a ghost and no i think he dont look like the same pac we know. But hes already here thats why theres so much controversy with his death. Another point obama is the illuminatis patsy but hes also pacs patsy. The reason i say that hes sorta provin that now. History lesson listen to changes everything pac said came true but how would he know? Its just as he said then people get jealous when they c u with your mobile phone way more phones now but e1 has to get bigger and better. Let me leave you with this one last thing just saying you were there and actually proving it are different things. Let me elaborate the coroner that says that was 2pac r u absolutely sure it was him? Anyone can say that i could say i was too but when that was announced that i knew of it i was in school at the time thousand of miles away and the more "evidence" i see on 2pacs supposed conspiracy death the more i think he is alive. Just once though i would like to hear blac haze or kasinova up close because in my mind its like milli vanilli all over again sorta. As far as a comment above can anyone prove with any amount of certainty he didnt talk to his mom. He was an actor she knew how to act 2 black panthers hello. That was directed at you crunch! Did you study the topic ive spent several years on it the good and. The bad. I do not believe in this 7 theory though i will reiterate that. A true fan believes no matter what. Ive said my peace now I'll just be the lil mousey i am and just watch quietly and smh! Lol

MRK on July 22, 2015:

Leland Michael Lee.

Why don't you share this original autopsy photo with us?

LELAND MICHAEL LEE on July 20, 2015:


Evolution on July 18, 2015:

"Mortal" Poem

Soul without attachments to personal achievements and legacy

This world so temporary,I decided to walk in Christ's blood and glory

Ultimately becoming a sacrifice in an attempt to raise humanity

In the last days,experienced the expected as my body was destroyed

I tell you now my spirit was just a dweller inside

A child of a greater force,instead of burning flames I heard angels singing

Truly fulfilled I am,so please Yeshua by the hand

He is the Son of Man stand behind him in the last war

Follow the narrow gate into the temple

Rather than the wide leading into the Lake of Fire

Occupied by many,screams of terror and echoes of unbridled pain

Unrelenting unimaginable agony thrust upon their very core

I came to you simply as a mortal being

Born into sin,yet willing to allow my own flesh to penetrated out of love

Evolution on July 17, 2015:

"Come Save Us" Poem

The government goes to war against our people

Thought they're our protection,yet things get deeper

See there are not any limitations on the realm of evil

Personified by the media proven to be deceitful

As corruption grows stronger we slowly grow weaker

If ever capable they would even poison our prayers

This is the reality and we can only live in it

Government is against us,yet should worry about terrorists

Or any possible incoming disease or global threat

They have crisis' lined up to put in debt

Innocently walking a thin line and we're right on the edge

A painful visual of every single soul that's bled

Illuminati,The Elite,whatever name they give themselves

Realize these demons have led us into hell

Some of us have realized some of us haven't

I'm telling you now the burning flames are apparent

Evolution on July 16, 2015:

"Soul's Roots" Poem

We're stuck beneath their feet

Our bodies ache and our souls bleed

Will we continue to dream of peace?

Or will demons continue to feast

Casting doubt and poisoning minds

Of the youth,the generation next in line

Let me remind you of the lost hope

We still searching for,but found a way to cope

Glimmers of light that illuminate shadows

A leader will rise and the nation will follow

Who will it be remains to be seen

Though not appearance,but the soul that screams

Of pain and agony,yet strength and power

An elusive force,light carrier of the darkest hour

Not the world,but within the universe

Praying for a cure to break this filthy curse

Evolution on July 16, 2015:

"Inside This Dark Cage" Poem

At a moment in time,I was living in total darkness

Nothing around me existed except me

Little by little I became more and more heartless

Stuck in a dark cage where I only found misery

Not familiar with life nor recognized my blessings

How could I have peace when I'm at war with myself?

This is all I knew while there was something missing

Sunk in the lowest point not realizing I'm in need of help

Ashamed,I tuned out the Heavenly Father,yet he was the very answer

Just steady in my own world and this became the norm

Of a decline I'm blind to while I was my own cancer

Truly had impressions of death in a separate form

Evolution on July 15, 2015:

"Time For Change" Poem

Through so much rain I can barely imagine the sunshine

Everyday struggles of life witnessed convince you to ask why

A question never answered why me,why you,why us?

Seeing through deceitful images will eventually damage your trust

Very same images attempted to painted into our brains

Of the government with intentions of good,strengthening our pain

Once you begin to realize what's going on you're labeled insane

But really you've noticed the evil at work,so you're begging for change

The corrupt want to kill the existence of Yahweh and Yeshua

Because they even know they don't have much time

Any truthful hope that's out there don't want us to find

There's a war coming and you must choose a side

The reason being is because the time has finally come

It will be scary moment,but understand it must be done

Liberator on July 04, 2015:

It will be biblical...believe that.

Lala on June 13, 2015:

Not sure if 7.7.2014 is right cause 2+0+1+4 =7....

Maybe 7.7.2017 ??

Timeless on May 31, 2015:

Individuals who have sold their soul to the Devil(who absolutely exist along with demons and fallen angels)are HAUNTED behind close doors in private.They have come to the realization the fame,fortune,and wealth simply...isn't worth,nor wasn't ever worth the torment.When they are alone they hear,feel the presence of,and actually see demons.That's why they always have such a strong desire for company regardless of where they go(from staying in hotels overnight to their actual home).Behind closed doors these individuals are LOSING THEIR MINDS(attempting to cope and control their depression,suicidal thoughts,demon attacks,shame,and the fact they sold their actual soul to the Devil himself for temporary fame,fortune,and wealth on this temporary earth).Men and young men who have been molested and sodomized get a plethora of tattoos in an attempt to regain their manhood that had been taking from them.Many music artists have lyrics that vaguely or blatantly refer,allude,hint,or simply state they have sold their soul and are experiencing torment as we speak.Don't be surprised if many music artists,and/or celebrities in general,in the near future begin to DIE astronomically as the Heavenly Father cast judgment upon them for what they have done.He will pour his rage and wrath upon them for rejecting him and living so fast and so large,while leaving him behind.Many of them are relying and depending on "Death Bed Confessions" to escape from being sent to hell(a place that also exist).Some of them,as they are on the cusp of death,will confess to the sinful,wicked,satanic life they lived on earth.PLEASE LISTEN TO ME AND PRAY FOR THEM AS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER,THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH,IS NOT ON THIS WALK WITH THEM RIGHT NOW!PRAY THEY TURN BACK TO GOD(YAHWEH)BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE;HE WANTS HIS CHILDREN TO RETURN TO HIM!

Timeless on May 29, 2015:

People want to know about the music industry.People ask why do many music artists appear to be so depressed and unhappy...even suicidal...more music artists than you would think.For fame and fortune one must sell their very own soul to the Devil by signing the proposed contract(s) in their very own blood.Signing the contract(s) in blood in a pact,or pledge holistically by submitting your mind,soul,and body to the Devil,or preferably Satan or Lucifer.Participating in rituals,sodomy,molestation,homosexuality,drinking blood and urine,eating parasites and individuals' feces,etc.It is absolutely demonic what they are forced to do weekly and daily behind close doors,behind the scenes,when the cameras and flashy lights are off.They wanted to be rich and famous so much,as they themselves admit before entering into the music industry,or rather Satan's Kingdom.,that they would do anything to get that fame,fortune,and wealth.They were STILL UNAWARE of how much their lives would change from that moment forward...remember many of them,not all of them,got their first big break at a young age like Miley Cyrus,Bow wow,Gary Coleman,etc.So many of their parents FORCED their children to sign their name in blood because they FANTASIES,DREAMED,WISHED,and even PRAYED to live a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.Hypothetically speaking,if music artists,or celebrities in general who sign their name in blood as well,started to tell the secrets to the masses...one by one they would be SLAUGHTERED.If you dare to leave or tell the secrets(after signing your name in blood)you will be murdered.There are terms in the contract(s)that states if you ever tell the secrets,or break the oath,they are allowed to cut out your eyes,cut off your ears,nose,lips,and cut your throat.The reason music artists are depressed and suicidal is because they are absolutely ashamed of what they have done;with some believing the only way to escape is by death itself.Truly,the only way to escape is repenting,confessing to what music artists(including actors,actresses,deacons,pastors,entrepreneurs)have to do and continue to do to keep their fame and fortune,turning your life to Jesus Christ,and prepare yourselves(any individual that sign their name in blood selling their soul to the Devil,who exist)for the ultimate...YOU HAVE TO PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!

Evolution on May 16, 2015:

All will be revealed.......

Pac4President on May 12, 2015:

He's waiting to until the presidential campaign, he's running for president!!!

Dylan on May 12, 2015:

Revolution do you care to elaborate? What temple...

angryfan on May 10, 2015:

Pac if you're alive than why waste time?! Come out oredy!! C'mon,don't keep your fans waiting.

Or maybe during your hiding the illumanity have caught up with you and f*#*d you up. That was because you went into hiding for too long. C'mon be real and show up soon!

Ps: the world is waiting,Pac!

Revolution on April 30, 2015:

The temple will fall...

Jae on April 19, 2015:

I think he did fake his death and was ment to come back, but the question is when and where? It could be possible that throughout the years of faking his death he probably died I dunno

cant say my name but listen on April 17, 2015:

Ooh and also l.a was the perfect place the government wanted him dead its the biggest payoff city ever PAC new what was coming even he said in his songs ' pay off the blocks, evade the cops because I know they coming for me' he knew wat they were going to do stop letting them mind control ur head of what u have herd it was all set up the block was pays off to shut there mouths cops lawyers solicitors doctors ambulance crew news reporters media and papers t.v series were all set up and played to make it look like gang related to confuse us about so many things like suge knight Orlando Anderson biggie smalls even the theory that hr is alive they are very smart but so am I underdog is correct to but he isn't alive the government illuminati want us to think he is alive and to confuse us Orlando was played to be there that night of the fight and make sure it was on camera wen Orlando went called into jail fr questioning , ten minutes later he left and was never called again frank Alexander knew too much about it and government wouldn't let him publish his book he wrote with the truth in it tupacs best friend was the only witness he was seen speaking to a police officer and two weeks later he got shot no one was charged because it was government they are trying to get everyone to forget bout no one will ever be charged tupac and biggie will never be a name mentioned in 100 years because there mind controlling us FUCK GOVERMENT U CANT FUCK WAY MY HEAD tupac knew about it tried to tell us what they were at aka KILLUMINATI y do u think he put killuminati in his cover before he died because illuminati killed him the don't , plus they put on media after he died that tuoac wanted to leave death two so people would think it was suge Knight that killed him yet again mind controlling making us think different tupac never said in any off his interviews or news interviews live on t.v or in any off his songs but the government made the media say that all so people would yet again be confusedbiggie had nothing to do with his murder either they want us to tthink he is more alive than dead so people wouldn't have a clue it was all goverment sure suge said he took him to hospital the news said he was rushed in an ambulance then another said he was away in a helicopter that's again to confuse us them news reporters were set up that day to say this all on t.v to fuck with are heads no one has caught on yet bout only underdog has put a comment up there about the government he is right its the truth if u think different and think he is alive well seen the government has ur head twisted the wrong way if u think different then there winning ur letting them win please stop and realise what they are doing let's take control off them KILLUMINATI for once let them no we are not stupid and change this world look what they did 9/11 it was them but again news reporters media made it look like bin ladin he had nothing to do with it sure there after someone from Argentina for having video evidence that 9/11 was a lie everyone think it was a plane that went in the building b10 minutes before 9/11 happened there was coinsedently fire crew news reporters out already y did they no something was Gina happen the witnesses speaking on the news were weren't witnesses the government set them up to say all the stuff like they deffanately seen planes was all set up the news saying 10 minutes after 9/11 happened that it was 100% bin ladin to yet again make us all think it be as terriost attacked that was ball a challenge for them to see how much they can control all off us and they won but they didn't etvmeband a very few other people if u look close on evidence videos u see a we plane flying towards the twin towers but wen its slowed down before they actually enter into the building an exploding goes off there was bombs planted in the buildings that's y it fell so straight they wanted it to fall straight away so no one would see the top of the buildings but some people captured a picture that there was no whole were the plane crashed into that's because it was bombed there was no planes used and if there was they would of either crashed before smashing up against the steel like the twin towers were made off complete steel or even the speed of the planes they might of even went bright through the buildingbwich on some evidence u see the did and flew away after in the back round through the smoke and when the plane flew away the bombs were set off because ethereal is no way a plane going super fast would crash into a building and stop dead center and make the buildings fall the planes went straight through and the bombs were set off to make us think the plane made the building fall and it was twerriost attacked sure wen the rubble and stuff after it happened they showed no more footage of the building after it fell down they had the whole story told in ten minutes they didn't want us to seen it because there was no planes or plane parts found through the building so they made us believed it and that's it the videos we seen on the news that day are all edited to make us thing they were proper terriost planes and cut out the bits when the planes went out the other side of the building no one can stop they're powerbut we need to come together and realize what there doing start protest fuck media fuck ggovernment fuck illuminati fuck the news that feed are head full off shit and fuck school teachers who show us and learn us about twin towers and show us edited clips of what happened when it wasn't true because we are so young and believed anything web would believed it the govwrmwnt use teachers as a weapon to controlled us to we would be olive the lovely teachers that reach us all these lies and about the wars that happened telling us that they were because of this and that haha pile of balls the government illuminati started it ,even study the titanic the goverment didn't want the biggest ship in the world to he built by students anol engineers in Liverpool so they destroyed the ship knowing it would sink right down and no one would reach it everyone died but there was no iceberg teachers news media were all told to tell us it was accidental even they made a movie about it that it was took by an iceberg and the people that did live were PAYE or convinced that it was accident , no way it was government control as pure usual I fell for it to at the start but now I realize what's the truth they will planned another big attack probably a nuke bomb and make it look like it was Russia or something put it on the papers and the news and make a movie about it so us as kids will belilieve what we hear as we do then we believe it our while lives until u figure it out use will think I'm mad but one day u will think wow that crazy dude writing this comment is actually real like fuck it

Fuck teachers feeding our minds as kids

Fuck l.a illuminati played off city which will never be attacked because its king off the illuminati celebrity shit haha fuck media fuck news reporters there was lots of clues in cartoons about 9/11 look it up on youtube called 9/11 cartoon predictions u should start to believed what I'm saying like who would put a picture in a cartoon made in 1996 with 2 buildings in fire and says coming soon like and the time in plane attacked movies there is like 10 movies with the clock pointing to 9 and 11 and in rugrats chucky says nine eleven like y can it not be two four like he is only a kid couldn't count to 5 haha and then when they are coming back from Paris the plane is flying in a certain direction towards the twin towers there is so many more they put it in cartoons because it children stuff and as children we wouldn't catch on also in the Simpsons made in 1997 Lisa holds up a book which says new York with the number nine beside it and then perfectly beside the number 9 u see the twin towers and wen u look at it it says new York 9 11,the twin towers look like the number 11 and its a bit weird that 9/11 is the number of the police 911 beware look for more hints and clues in any movies or cartoons of what they are gonna do next see if we can find it out and stop them killing innocen

cant say my name but listen on April 17, 2015:

Tupac is dead let him rest in piece , the government wanted him dead for knowing to much (illuminati) and they wanted him dead because of who he was the lyrics he was singing him in songs so they assissanted him and made it look like a gang related death they are so smart they're mind controlling us they control everything around u , the news ,news reporters, MEDIA, everything on T.V its all government control no is in jail or ever will because of tupacs murder because no one did it it was government they can do what they want and the same with biggie smalls to make it look like it was gang related east coast v west coast wasn't bad bad it was a fued between biggie and PAC but the government media made it look like it was a whole war against each other so we believe it just because its on t.v them news reporters are all set up to say all this and the conspiracys to confuse us they didn't want him living making bad lyrical content in songs and doing what he does and saying things the government wanted us to hear use are all stupid thinking he was alive PAC was planning of doing the whole fake death thing but didn't get a chance they government didn't want that to happened y don't people ask jay-z what happened PAC don't believed anything u hear trust nobody the governments everywhere finding out everything controlling everything and are trying to control the world be aware people this is serious look at what they did in 9/11 the put clues in cartoons before 9/11 happened about planes going into the twin towers and blowing it up the twin towers were bombed down that's y they went down so straight look it on YouTube type (9/11 predictions in cartoons) but anyway forget that for a minute this is tupacs page let him rest in peace he is dead don't let the government illuminati control ur mind like they are already doing be aware honestly PAC wanted to give us a message but didn't speak to broad because he knew he couldn't them they killed him be aware guys let's respect him and killumanti ,note : tupac was a good person but the way he was treated he gave back the worst which we don't blame him fuck the police killumati , please get the message out to be aware now!!!!!!r.I.p tupac

Biggie r.I.p

Easy E r.I.p

Tupacs body guard frank Alexander , r.I.p

Kaffi tupacs beat friend , r.I.p

Everyone who died in the so called gang shooting rest in peace illuminati government will finally vurrupt and stop trying to over take everything use have killed millions of innocent people

Fuck u jay-z u illuminati bum licking dick

Everyone else who worships the beast with ur we triangles round your eyes well its middle fingers up use are very smart but didn't am I , I no what is going to happen , r use going to track me down and kill me and make it look like I was murdered by a farmer or something get the news and media to say that I was one hundred percent murdered by a farmer or something haha fuck u I can say a lot more please share and be aware listen to me

Dylan on April 16, 2015:

What do you mean timeless?

Nkosinathi Ncala from Midrand Johannesburg South Africa on April 11, 2015:

pac is resting in Peace

07/27/97 Jose SWOD on April 09, 2015:

TUPAC IS ALIVE!!! look up black haze. you just need to listen to ONE of his songs and right off the back you can tell its him. his voice and his style of rapping says it all.

D.R.R. on April 09, 2015:

Man i think something will happend on the 2nd of May. Big fight at MGM in Vegas. 50 cent is in the house (betting a lot of money). Lots of sh** is going on with suga at the moment. This sh** is going to get crazy!

Timeless on April 05, 2015:

Every ear will hear,every eye will see.......

2pac forever on March 30, 2015:

Did somebody thougt about that?

2pac R.I.P on March 30, 2015:

I think tupac is dead bicouse why would you leave your famalie i understand you want to escape de fame and de thug life but leave your famalie no man he could not do that so how bad i miss him i think he is dead R.I.P TUPAC

padddy on March 27, 2015:

I beilive hes not dead he fake his death because of biggie

keyz on March 13, 2015:

Wow... just wow. Dead or alive rip pac

Moe 423 on March 13, 2015:

He is Alive I know

777 on March 10, 2015:

7 theory

PUSSY EATER 97 on March 09, 2015:


tupac is is alive on February 27, 2015:

tupac is still alive and theres proof he left the fightthat night and there was three diff senarios

dont fuckking worry bout it on February 27, 2015:

tupac is dead there is no way hes alive

hater 101 on February 27, 2015:

tupac has to be alive the proof is there he is waiting im tellen all yall be ready

Mofasa on February 21, 2015:

I feel yall ..man I just wana know when pacs movie will be out ?

yep the truth on February 13, 2015:

Yep doodie the truth is he will be back in 2023 everyone thinks it was 2014 its not its 2023 cuz 2+0+2+3=7 and that would make him 52 he die wen he was 25 and comes back wen he is 52 so if u get the age that he died which is 25 and switch that number around u u get 52 which is the age he returns the numbers switch because PAC wanted to switch his life around faked his death to fool his enimies he wasnt in that car with suge knight that was his plan tupac was in the car behind wen PAC got shot at suge knight turned the car around and went back up the street so the police would follow suge so that gives PAC in his bodyguards car get a chance to get away because if it was really PAC that got shot the bodyguards would follow suge to see if he was OK plus PACs bodyguard frank Alexander would of been in the back seat if suge knights car to protect PAC at all times like that was his job and half an hour before the shooting PAC was wearing a white suit as seen on CCTV but wen the picture was took half an hour later PAC was magically wearing a vest top and jeans plus in the photo there is a tattoo on PACs arm which is not on the real tupacs arm plus there was no keys in the car which was weird I don't no or have a reason for explaining that maybe its another clue maybe he hided the keys which could have a date on his return I bet u its 2023 PACs plan went brilliant he did I the will return as makaveli wait an see ask suge knight he gave a lot of clues he is still hear watch suge,s interviews the reporter asked is PAC alive and he goes no comment but what I will say is 7 day theory it came out of suges mounth

doodie on February 13, 2015:

I personally feel that tupac is alive. I've watched just about every conspiracy theory video about it. I think that yes he faked his death that night and left for cuba. Then people picked up on and and said he'd be back in 2014 just made him wait a little longer to throw us off. Then maybe he saw they mad a biggie movie and was like I about to make somebody make a movie about me and who knows, when the movie comes out he might be right there watching and comes back that same or next day

Dylan on February 02, 2015:

Every bone in my body wants him to come back, it's good to hear about his biopic being in full swing now! And suge killing someone... At the NWA biopic's shooting, hopefully with the pac biopic new music will be released alike the ressurection movie, hopefully they're will be more clues we can analyze when the movie/new music comes out. I don't give up hope that he's still out there honestly with all the gaps in the story it would be shocking if he wasn't to me. The worlds coming more and more corrupt and pac could save it. He was so influential in an interview he said at his concerts he felt as if he was a god and the crowd was his followers and would ride and die for him. The world needs a change and I think pac will lead it. Time to end the racism the hunger and all the lying the goverment does..

Mg Aquilla on January 16, 2015:

I've seen a video of Nat dogg in his coffin, that was him "R.I.P Nathan"

I've never, never seen Pac`s one, I'm sure everybody would love to see him for for the last time.

Dead or Alive! no buddy knows.

Well done Shakur you did what you'd to

Truth on January 15, 2015:

I've been gone for a long time. A lot of shit has been going on in my life. But 2014 has passed and no return. I'm pretty certain as far as the theories are concerned that there will never be a return. If people don't want to believe he is dead and he's just away not wanting to come back to this. Then there's really no way to prove for a fact that they're wrong or that they're right. I say if those of you want to continue the search then people shouldn't be upset at that. It only keeps his memory alive even more and allows for more discussion to be had on him. Do I think personally that he's still alive.. At this point, I'm still not sure. How can you be certain with all the confusion that went on in those 7 days and all the inconsistencies. Too many coincidences to say either way and people, please don't speak for his mother acting like you know exactly word for word what she said. If you wanna speak on this using her words then use her words not your own. I might be back, I might not, but I'll be checking up and watching every now and then. Keep discussing though, discussing is very interesting and important.

The Boze on January 12, 2015:

From what we saw, Tupac was shot on the 7th Sept and died six dayz later. He was not our savior like Jesus after all he asked for God to open heaven's doors and to forgive him he is insane.

Revolution on January 08, 2015:

A crack of light can break down a wall of darkness...that day is quickly approaching....#AncientBloodline