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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Spoiled Girls

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Spoiled Teen Acts Like She Owns The World, She Instantly Regrets It


Morgan's mom is a single parent. Not only does she have to pay the bills and provide for the household, but she has to cook, clean, wash the dishes and do the laundry.

The sad part is that Morgan, the daughter, is spoiled and lazy. She is demanding and does not do anything for the household. She treats her mom like a maid.

Morgan visits her sister Simone and vents her frustration. Simone suggests that Morgan try to take care of her niece Riley so she can see how hard it is to be a mom. Morgan agrees and thinks that it would be easy.

Riley proves to be a handful. Morgan has to cook for her and also wash the dishes. Riley also makes quite a mess on the table as well as her clothes.

When Morgan tries to get some juice, she could not drink as there are no clean glasses.

Riley then comes back and says she is hungry.

Morgan realizes how hard it was.

She then apologizes the her mom for her behavior and promises to help around the house more.

The lesson of the story is "You really don’t know how hard it is being a mom until you become one."

Spoiled Teen Hates Her B Day Gift, Until She Learns Shocking Truth


Jenna's parents throw her a simple birthday party and give her several presents including clothes and a car.

Jenna becomes pissed when she sees that the car is a Honda and not a BMW. Jenna's dad drives a BMW and Jenna wants one just like her dad.

She then heads out to her friend Britney.

On her way, she sees a father and daughter. It so happens that the daughter, Chrystal, also had her birthday the same day as Jenna. Her dad did not have much money so all he could afford to give her was a cupcake and bus pass.

Chrystal was so grateful that she did not have to walk anymore.

The dad promised to buy her a car when he could afford it.

Jenna realizes how ungrateful she has been. She apologizes to her parents and thanks them for all the gifts they have given her. She even refuses to get her dad's BMW and is happy with the Honda she was given.

The lesson of the story is "Always be grateful for everything you have."

A Spoiled Girl Demands Cash From Poor Dad, Instantly Regrets It

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Carla arrives home upset.

She brings home a Chanel bag and a pair of Chanel shoes. She had planned to buy two pairs of Chanel shoes but she could only buy one as her dad's credit card got declined.

Since the card was maxed out, she then asks her dad for money to pay for dinner with her friends. Her dad hands her eighty six dollars.

Carla is not happy on how little she got.

Her dad tries to make it up by giving her an iPhone 11 with 64 gigabytes. Carla already had an iPhone 10 with 256 gigabytes and was concerned she could not store her pictures since the phone had significantly less memory.

Carla goes to her room and her mom tries to explain to her how much Carla's dad sacrifices for her. He won't buy new clothes, he would eat the same dinner and would not upgrade his phone in order for her to get what she wanted.

Carla realized the error of her ways.

She decides to give her dad her new iPhone as she already had a pretty good phone whereas his phone was outdated.

The lesson of the story is "Parents often sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness of their children. So always appreciate them."

Spoiled Teen Sick Of Quarantine, Stranger Teaches Her A Lesson


Grace's mom prepares her her favorite sandwich - a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Grace becomes upset as she is tired of sandwiches.

Her mom suggests pasta, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a salad.

Grace is apalled and would rather eat restaurant food. Because of the pandemic, restaurants were closed and this would not be possible.

She was also bored.

Her mom would suggest a movie, book or board game.

Grace leaves the house.

She then sees a mom and child.

They do not have much food and live in a car.

Yet instead of complaining, the daughter is grateful.

Grace realizes the error of her ways and apologizes for being ungrateful for what she had.

The lesson of the story is "It's not stuck at home, it's safe at home."

Spoiled Wife Fires Housekeeper, Instantly Regrets It


Tracy comes home from a long day of shopping.

She is upset that her son Matthew is not yet ready for dinner and that there is no dinner prepared yet.

She goes and takes a bath.

When Tracy comes back, she talks to her husband Ron.

Valentina, the maid, approaches the table with three plates of chicken and vegetables. Ron tries to help her but Tracy prevents it. Tracy is not happy with the food and tells Valentina to cook something else.

Ron reprimands Tracy for her poor behavior and Tracy brags that Valentina's job is easy.

After dinner, Valentina ends up dropping one of the plates. She apologizes to Tracy and offers to pay for it.Tracy fires her instead.

Ron then tells Tracy that she must do all of the household chores.

Tracy realizes how hard cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and taking care of Matthew are.

Valentina drops by to replace the plate she broke. Tracy apologizes to her and offers her her job back with a hefty increase. She also promises to help Valentina out in doing the household chores.

The lesson of the story is "You'll never know how hard someone's job is until you do it yourself."

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