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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Mean Girls

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Poor Girl Shamed For Her School Lunch, Instantly Regrets It


Becky is the leader of the three "mean girls" from school. The two other girls never get named though.

Heather tries to get lunch from the cafeteria but is out of credit so she is given the free lunch instead.

The free lunch is a sandwich.

The three mean girls apparently are from well-to-do families. They brag about their catered lunches and tease Heather as "Homeless Heather."

Heather runs into Becky and her friends on her way to the bus stop. They tease her for taking public transportation. Becky then
flexes her mom's brand new Tesla.

Heather comes out of the thrift store and bumps into Becky. Becky then verbally abuses Heather and Becky's mom hears it. She then revokes all of her daughter's privileges. No more catered lunches, Tesla rides and designer clothes shopping.

Becky's friend turn on her and she is treated as badly as Heather. Nobody wants to be friends with Becky anymore. She is labeled as "Broke Becky."

Heather joins Becky for lunch and the two become friends.

Becky learns her lesson and becomes nicer from now on.

The moral lesson of the story is "You should never judge others before walking in their shoes."

Mean Girls Shame YouTuber ft. Cole Labrant


Kehlani is practicing dancing with her dad for the upcoming talent show.

Her dad then gets a call and excuses himself.

Three mean girls approach Kehlani and make fun of her for having no friends and for dancing with her dad. The three girls formed a dance group called Pink Velvet.They claimed that Kehlani and her dad have no chance against them.

They also make fun of her sweater with the Labrant Fam in it. Kehlani defends the Labrant Fam and s he says that the daughter Everleigh dances with Cole, the dad. She thinks it's cool and she wants to have a YouTube channel like the Labrant Fam.

Kehlani begins vlogging backstage. She bumps into the mean girls and they grab her camera. The camera ends up getting broken. Instead of apologizing, the mean girls taunt her even more.

Kehlani gets discouraged and goes out of the venue. There she bumps into Cole Labrant, the patriarch of the Labrant Fam.

Cole encourages Kehlani and gives her hope by handing her his camera for her to use on her vlogs.

Kehlani decides to go on with the talent show. The lady introduces them as Kehlani and her dad but Kehlani decides that they should be called the Rodriguez Fam instead.

The audience goes wild and the Rodriguez Fam handily win.

Kehlani and her dad would gain YouTube fame and hit one million subscribers.

Pink Velvet has a change of heart and decides to collaborate with Kehlani and her dad. She politely declines their offer.

The moral lesson of the story is that "how many or how few friends friends are does not tell how much your worth is."


Angela is the captain of the cheer leading team and she wants the quarterback. Noah. to take her to the prom.

She and her friend encounter a girl named Wendy, who is wheelchair-bound. Angela calls her "Wheelchair Wendy."

Angela tries to make a move on Noah and tries to ask him out to the prom. Before she can finish though, they are interrupted by Wendy dropping her books.

Angela gets annoyed and refuses to help Wendy. Noah, though, feels sorry for Wendy and helps her.

Wendy asks Noah out to the prom but before Noah could respond, Angela insults her and this causes her to go away.

Noah explains that he too was wheelchair-bound after sustaining a football-related injury.

Wendy realizes the error of her ways and apologizes to Noah.

On the day of the prom, Angela approaches Wendy and apologizes to her.

Noah asks Wendy to the prom and even volunteers to push her wheelchair.

The moral of the story is "you never know how other people feel unless you have been there."

Mean Girls On TikTok Shame Mom, They Instantly Regret It

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Three girls are performing a dance routine for TikTok.

The mom wants to join in the fun and her daughter is pissed and embarassed.

The girls want to be famous like Allison Day, a known TikToker, but could only muster a few thousand views per video.

The mom is disheartened that her daughter does not want to dance with her and cries to her mom.

The grandma encourages the daughter and tells her that she is never too old to go after her dreams.

In fact, she just started painting recently and is doing well.

The mom is encouraged and becomes TikTok famous.

She easily gets millions of views.

Her daughter then realizes the error of her ways and invites her mom to collaborate with them.

The moral of the story is "You’re never too old to go after your dreams!"

Mean Girls Reject Teen From TikTok Dance Group, They Live To Regret Their Decision


"The Rockstar" is a popular dance on TikTok and Laura and her friends were practicing the move.

Laura couldn't get it and this leaves her friends frustrated. They throw her out of their group.

The dad feels sorry for his daughter and learn the dance so they can perform together.

Laura and her father become a good pairing and eventually become TikTok famous with millions of views.

Laura's friends ask her back into the group but she declines and sticks with her dad instead.

The moral lesson is "Never give up on something you really care about."

© 2021 Jan Michael Ong


Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on April 17, 2021:

Thank you for your feedback. The stories are more of the mean girls learning a lesson in the story.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on April 16, 2021:

I wish girls weren't mean in the first place, but I am always happy to read a mean girl story where the mean girl learns a lesson.

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