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Dhar Mann Video Review: Spotlight on Judging People

Dhar Mann is a popular You Tuber and motivational speaker. His videos not only tell stories but change lives as well.

Car Salesman Humiliates Poor Man, Instantly Regrets It!


The salesman, Jake, and saleswoman talk about the car they are trying to sell - the Rolls-Royce 2020 Dawn.

The commission for selling this car is $10,000.

The salesman acts as if he is all that and says he can easily sell the car and become the sales manager.

They see an ordinary looking gentleman with a bag approach them and inquire about the car.

Jake brushes him off as he thinks the gentleman cannot afford the car. He refuses to help him.

The saleswoman on the other hand, is more than willing to help the prospective customer.

She goes to the office to fetch the keys so he can see the inside of the car.

While she is retrieving the keys, a rather rich-looking fellow, Paul, swoops in and tries to buy the car.

However, Pau's credit is declined.

Jake goes back to the parking lot and is annoyed.

The poor-lloking gentleman volunteers to buy the car.

He pays with a bagfull of cash.

It turns out that he is a multi-millionaire.

He then proceeds to say that he will vouch for the saleswoman to become the manager as he knows the owner.

He also says he will report the salesman's poor behavior to the owner as well.

The lesson of the story is "Never judge a book by it's cover."

Realtor Judges Poorly Dressed House Buyer, He Lives to Regret It


Tabitha is a newbie in the realty business and she is talking to a veteran realtor.

The condominium unit they are trying to sell is a two million dollar property which would yield them a sixty thousand dollar commission.

Tabitha is excited as this would help her pay her student loans.

An ordinarily-dressed man with a bag comes to the condo and wants one of the realtors to show him around.

The veteran realtor thinks the guy is broke and is a waste of time and cannot afford to buy the condo.

Despite this, Tabitha still tries to help the man and offers him a sandwich.

He pulls Tabitha aside and tells her to not waste her time. The man is only there for the free food.

A rather rich looking lady soon comes to the condominium.

The veteran realtor then welcomes her with open arms and offers her a sandwich.

The two try to close the deal but the rich woman's credit was declined.

The poor-looking gentleman offered to buy the condo and it turns out that he is a real estate investor with a lot of properties.

He also offers Tabitha an opportunity to work for him.

The veteran realtor then realizes his mistake.

The lesson of the story is "You should never judge people by their appearance."

Bank Teller Poor Shames Black Customer, Instantly Regrets It


The story opens with John Doe, a Caucasian gentleman, trying to cash a check for two thousand five hundred dollars.

Karen, the teller, is very nice to him and says that his employer, DM Capital is one of their biggest clients.

The man offers to show her his driver's license but she says that it is not needed.

She then tanks the customer and sends him off his merry way.

Daniel Moore, an African-American gentleman goes to the teller and declares that he wants to make a deposit.

Karen racially profiles the gentleman and thinks he is just an ordinary customer and says that the regular line is outside her office and her office is for business clientele only.

Daniel then says that he is in the right place.He then proceeds to empty out his bag and gives the tells cash and checks.

The teller becomes suspicious of Daniel and asks for some I.D.

Daniel presents a driver's license.

Karen is not satisfied and asks for another form of I.D.

Daniel then presents her with his I.D. from Stanford University.

She is not believing that Daniel's Stanford I.D. is legitimate. She tries to ask for a passport or a more official form of identification.

Daniel says he does not have anymore I.D.'s on him.

Karen calls Mary and asks her to verify the authenticity of the driver's license.

Mary says it is genuine.The teller then begins to count the money.

Daniel proceeds to add another check to his deposits.

The teller suspects the check of being fraudulent for no good reason.

Daniel challenges her to call DM Capital and confirm the authenticity of the check.

The two have a heated argument and the teller calls for security.

She tells the security guard that the customer tried to present fake I.D., lied about his job and tried to deposit a fraudulent check. She accuses him of being a criminal.

Daniel then explains that he was the valedictorian of his class in Stanford and that he is the C.E.O. of DM Capital.

The teller still does not believe him and calls the company.

She asks for the owner and Daniel's phone begins ringing and he picks up the phone and answers her.

Karen is perplexed and then John, bank manager, appears.

He recognizes Daniel and greets him. He tells Karen that Daniel Moore is the owner of DM Capital, their biggest client.

Daniel then tells John how Karen mistreated him.

Karen is fired and John assists Daniel in his private office.

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The lesson of the story is "Never judge a book by it's cover."

Doctor Shames High School Dropout, Instantly Regrets It


The story opens with the gallery curator talking to Chris Crawil about an certain abstract painting known as Composition X.

She encourages him to make a bid.

Chris hangs out near the painting and admires it.

Dr. Ramsen approaches the area where Chris is at to get a better look at the painting.

Ramsen and Chris soon have a conversation. Chris extends his hand to shake Dr. Ramsen's but Ramsen does not extend his.

Ramsen then proceeds to flex his accomplishments and begins to belittle Chris as he never went to college. He brags about his masters degree from the University of Stanford and the his well-paying job at C Squared Capital.

Chris and Dr. Ramsen both make a bid for the painting and Chris wins.

Chris then explains that he is the C.E.O. of C Squared Capital, he knows a lot about vintage champagne and that his fifty dollar sneakers are actually ten thousand dollar shoes.

It turns out that Chris Crawil is Dr. Ramsen's boss.

The lesson of the story is "Things aren't always what they seem."

Girl Denies Roommate Based on Her Looks, Instantly Regrets It


Natalie is looking for a roommate to help her shoulder the cost of her apartment.

She is seen at the beginning of the story talking to Amy. She thinks Amy has money as she is dressed well and has a Gucci bag.

Kyra drops in and also inquires about the apartment.

Natalie racially profiles her and thinks she is on welfare as Kyra is not dressed well.

While Natalie is nice and lenient towards Amy, she is very rude and strict towards Kyra.

Natalie decides to get Amy as a roommate and tears Kyra's application in front of her.

It turns out that Amy was a poser. She did not have a job, have any money to pay for rent and her Gucci bag was fake.

Natalie soon gets evicted from the apartment as she did not have enough money to pay the whole rent.

She soon tries to find a new room.

She sees a room for rent and discovers that Kyra is renting it. Kyra then explains to her that she never had trouble paying for rent

but she had trouble finding a place because she was always profiled. Kyra owns n accounting firm and makes good money.

She refuses Natalie's request to be roommates and threatens to call the cops on her if she does not leave.

The lesson is "You really shouldn’t judge someone before you get to know them."

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